Introducing We’ve Made It – a new podcast brought to you by Gathered

We're excited to reveal our new podcast, We've Made It, which launches on 18th January!

We've Made It podcast artwork

We’ve Made It is an exciting new podcast brought to you by Gathered! We’ve Made It is hosted by keen crafters Zoe Williams and Sarah Orme. In each episode, we chat about crafting ideas, tackle common crafting problems and share expert advice.


Our tone is friendly and relaxed, so it’s the perfect podcast to listen to while you craft. Upcoming episode themes include crafting disasters, vintage fashion inspiration and craft storage hacks. We have some exciting guests lined up for our first series who we’ll be revealing soon – so watch this space!

“There is officially no greater combination in life than crafting and podcasts!” Zoe says. “We’ve Made It is your new craft companion to keep you company when you’re at your sewing machine or knitting a pair of socks.

“We’re passionate about making and the craft community and we’ve made our new podcast for all those people who love to craft as a place to share experiences, swap tips and recommend projects to try. So basically, we’re your crafty best friend!”

At the end of each episode, we’ll share our top projects of the week and what we’re loving right now (TV recommendations, recipes we love and much more).


We’ve Made It is a weekly podcast launching on 18th January. You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast or wherever you get your podcasts. Listen to our trailer below…