We’ve Made It episode 10: Crafting on TV and film

In the latest We've Made It podcast, Sarah and Zoe chat about crafting in TV and film covering Harry Potter, Audrey Hepburn and more.

Woman watching TV on a laptop

We love it when crafting makes an appearance in our favourite TV shows and movies, so we were very excited to talk about this theme on the podcast.


In this episode, Sarah and Zoe explore the meaning of crafting in the movies covering everything from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves to Bridgerton and Wallace and Gromit.

You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast or wherever you get your podcasts. Alternatively, you can use the player below to listen to the episode online.

Projects of the week

This week, Sarah and Zoe are both preparing for spring with two different paper flower projects! Zoe’s feeling inspired by Holly Spanner’s incredible how to make a paper rose tutorial. This stunning project includes a video tutorial to help you make your own paper blooms.

Sarah’s project of the week is a fun how to make paper daffodils tutorial. These cheerful paper daffodils are made with soft crepe paper, which makes them look surprisingly natural. This project is a great way to brighten up your home!

One good thing

Zoe is celebrating small pleasures this week. Tired of watching TV in the lounge every night, she broke with her normal routine and read a book in the bath, then played Animal Crossing in bed. This small break in her routine gave her mood a real boost.

Meanwhile, Sarah has been perfecting her bread baking in lockdown and has mastered the art of baking cinnamon twists using a BBC Good Food recipe. She finds it immensely satisfying and is always looking for new bread recipes to try.

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And finally, watch Audrey Hepburn knitting in Breakfast at Tiffany’s!


Featured image by Pexels/Sam Lion.