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Resiners® AirLess Resin Bubble Removal Machine review

Our expert Sarah Jackman Read reviews the Resiners® AirLess Resin Bubble Removal Machine. Find out everything you need to know with our in-depth guide.

Our rating 
4.6 out of 5 star rating 4.6
Resiners® AirLess Bubble Removal Machine-main

Our review

This clever machine left the mixed resin almost crystal clear and very easy to use.
Value for money
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Easy to use
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
Pros: Very easy to use

Compact machine so takes up little room

Leaves resin almost completely clear

Makes very little noise

On trend colour and design
Cons: The amount of resin that can be put in the machine is limited to 500ml

The amount of time it takes to use the machine means that there is less time to use the resin before it starts to cure

About this expert: Sarah Jackman Read

Sarah Jackman Read is a freelance designer within the craft industry. She also creates resin jewellery and gifts.

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I have been making resin jewellery for over four years. When using resin on such a small scale it’s important to try and keep air bubbles to a minimum as they really show up in the finished design.
Sarah Jackman Read

Resiners® AirLess Resin Bubble Removal Machine review

What does the Resiners® AirLess Resin Bubble Removal Machine do?

The machine creates a vacuum to effectively remove air bubbles from mixed resin prior to use.

Key features

  • Removes 99% of air bubbles in resin in just 5-9 minutes
  • Full touch screen and one-button operation
  • Compact and easy to store, suitable for home or office use
  • Made from high-strength PC material so safe to use
  • Can fit all standard mixing cups up to 500ml.

How much is Resiners® AirLess Resin Bubble Removal Machine?

The machine is $149.99 from the official website.

Or you can purchase it from Amazon:

Everything you need to know about the Resiners® AirLess Resin Bubble Removal Machine

Is the machine good value for money?

If you are making resin items to sell that require a crystal clear finish then it’s definitely a machine worth having. Although the initial expenditure is quite high it claims to have a working life of over 1000 hours so it should last for years.

What replacement parts will be needed?

More mixing cups will be required after the ten within the box are used up.

Is it noisy?

No! It has an internal noise reduction structure to keep the noise level to less than 56 decibels.

What does the machine look like?

The modern, compact design makes it perfect for storing at home or in an office. The LED touchscreen is very easy to use and understand. It shows real-time vacuum levels and countdowns.

The main body of the machine is transparent, allowing you to see the vacuuming process clearly.

Anything else cool to share about the machine?

The machine is a cute, round shape with a pretty mint green lid. It comes gift-boxed with ten mixing cups, making it the perfect gift for resin enthusiasts!

Taking the Resiners® AirLess Resin Bubble Removal Machine for a test!

Is Resiners® AirLess Resin Bubble Removal Machine easy to use?

I found the machine very easy to use. The lid needs to be attached to the base, it’s plugged in, then it’s ready to go.

Step 1

I experimented with approximately 60ml of resin. Before putting it in the machine, it was mixed thoroughly which looked like this:

Resiners® AirLess Bubble Removal Machine-1

Step 2

The resin was then placed in the container, the head is replaced on top, and then it was plugged in. To ensure the vacuum works, the small silicone cover must be placed in the hole at the back of the head.

Resiners® AirLess Bubble Removal Machine-1 2

Step 3

I tapped the power button on then selected 5 minutes using the AI button. The machine then starts working after three seconds.

Resiners® AirLess Bubble Removal Machine-2

Step 4

The machine takes approximately a minute to reach the optimum pressure to start to eliminate the bubbles. (-95kPa).

Once the first 5 minutes in the machine were up I removed the cover over the hole to release the pressure.

It looked as if half the bubbles had been removed.

Resiners® AirLess Bubble Removal Machine-3

Step 5

I decided to put the machine on for another 5-minute setting. This was enough time to virtually remove all the bubbles. The result is a crystal clear, smooth resin, ready to use!

Resiners® AirLess Bubble Removal Machine-4

Step 6

I used the resin in some open-backed jewellery bezels. I chose a very simple design as I knew any bubbles would show up easily.

Resiners® AirLess Bubble Removal Machine-5

I was really impressed with the final results. Each piece looked completely bubble-free and very smooth and shiny once set.

Resiners® AirLess Bubble Removal Machine-final

Our verdict: Should you buy the Resiners® AirLess Resin Bubble Removal Machine?

The quality of the resin, when it comes out of the machine, looks really smooth and shiny and will ensure a professional finish every time.

If you sell your resin products then I would definitely recommend you buy this machine, especially if you make delicate jewellery.

The machine is $149.99 from the official website.

Or you can purchase it from Amazon:

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Make use of your machine!

If you want a smooth, shiny and bubble-free finish to your resin creations then this easy-to-use machine is a must-have. Try it out with our top resin projects for lots of inspiration!