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Skimming Stones subscription box review

Our expert tester tries out a Skimming Stones subscription box so you know what to expect and whether our reviewer thinks it is worth the money

Our rating 
4.6 out of 5 star rating 4.6
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Our review

With both the fabrics and the design patterns created by founder Laura Tulloch, you know you have everything you need to make these luxurious accessories. The fabrics are just lovely and even as a novice sewer, I was able to produce some reality sophisticated items.
Easy to make?
3.5 out of 5 rating 3.5
Supplies quality
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Delivery options
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Easy instructions?
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Value for money
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Pros: Plastic free packaging

Video and written instructions go hand in hand

Flexible subscription options discount longer subscription terms

Quality and sophisticated products are made that would be ideal for gifting

Unique outer fabric patterns only from Skimming Stones
Cons: Written and photographic walkthrough could have more information for novice sewers

Pins supplied are beautiful but not in quantity to use only these pins in the makes

Plain white lining fabric was underwhelming compared to the lovely outer fabric

What is Skimming Stones?

Skimming Stones is the fabric company owned and operated by designs Laura Tulloch. Laura designs the fabrics and creates the templates and projects for the Skimming Stones subscription boxes, which are aimed towards  machine sewers, but could at a push be enjoyed with hand sewing, too.


Skimming Stones typical craft projects

The projects are all designed to showcase the bespoke Skimming Stones fabrics. Past boxes have included lavender heart sachets, a tote bag, a  fabric roll and pincushions. We tested the December 2021 subscription box, which was for a clasped purse and glasses case.

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How much is a Skimming Stones craft box subscription?

The cost of the Skimming Stones craft box subscription depends on your length of subscription. The basic price is £26.95 including delivery, but that is the single box prize. You can save on that using the different subscriptions terms.

What are the subscription terms?

Opt for a subscription of 3 months and pay £25.95 per box as an upfront sum of £77.85. 6 months brings the per-box prize to £25.70 as un upfront payment of £154.20. You can cancel at any time, but the subscriptions will auto renew if you do not cancel them.

Is a Skimming Stones box good value for money?

Based on the quality of the materials, the little extras and the professional results you can achieve as a novice sewer, this box is worth the money.

Skimming Stones; What is in the box?

Our box contained 2 pieces of Skimming Stones project fabric, lining fabric, pattern templates, pins, embroidery thread skein, sewing machine thread reel, button, ribbon, written instructions with photos.

Are the projects supplies of good quality?

Apart from the embroidery thread from brand Trebla which we had not seen before, materials were all from tried and trusted needlework brands. The purse clasp was diamanté for an added flourish, the button was decorated and the pins had a pearl finish. The Skimming Stones fabric was thick with a lovely linen-esque finish and we were very impressed with the quality. The biscuits were delicious!

What are the delivery options? If you weren’t in during the time of delivery, was it left in a safe place?

The box is too big to fit through a letter box, so it will need to be delivered to and address where someone is home. The boxes are shipped  on the 12th of each month via Royal Mail, so you can expect to receive them on the 14th-16th of that month. Because of the plastic-free packaging, we would not recommend the box being left outside.

Are the boxes available nationwide in the UK?

The cost includes UK delivery. Skimming Stones will ship internationally, but at an additional cost.

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How much packaging is there?

The materials were enclosed in tissue paper and packed with shredded paper inside a cardboard box. The only plastic was in the purse clasp from a different manufacturer – Skimming Stones’ packaging was plastic free. The shipping box is sturdy and could be reused, as could the shredded paper.

How easy are the projects to make?

As a novice sewer, I managed to complete both projects to quite a high standard, but I did make some mistakes along the way. My first mistake was cutting all the fabric lining pieces for my first project (the purse) along the long edge so there was not a large enough area left for lining my second project (the glasses case). I also stitched my glasses case with right side out first time round, so I had to rip it out and start again.

skimming stones subscription box review mistake2

Are the instructions clear?

More experienced sewers would not have made my mistakes, or novice sewers who had watched the enclosed video guide and not relied entirely on the written instructions as I did would have been fine. Next time I am going to start with tea and biscuits in front of the video, and then move on to some screen-free making with the written instructions to prompt me on what I have already learned with the video. That would ensure clear direction and easy crafting. Despite or maybe because of my mistakes, I learned a lot completing these projects.

What are the finished projects like?

skimming stone subscription box finished2

I’m really pleased with the quality of the finished projects. I love the decoration on the  button and the diamanté clasp on the purse which elevates them.


What other craft stash did you need to make the project?

I had to use additional pins from my supplies, and scissors for the cutting out. Because of my mistake, I had to use different lining fabric to make the glasses case, but I could have avoided this if I had watched the included video tutorial or used more of my common sense. I used my sewing machine, but at a push, these projects could be hand-sewn.

Who would these subs boxes be most useful for?

The Skimming Stones subscription boxes are ideals for people looking for inspiration for things to make with their sewing machine, or guided tutorials to increase their confidence at machine sewing. They’d also suit crafters who like to make items that can be gifted, as all the boxes we have seen build items that make brilliant home gifts.

What’s your favourite thing about this product?

The fabrics are just lovely and produce top-quality finished items.

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