Free DIY storage baskets pattern

Stitch some sweet sewing room DIY storage baskets to keep your notions safe and sound


You can never have enough storage solutions, and these DIY storage baskets by Sarah Ashford are a great way of keeping all your sewing supplies looking neat and tidy. This free storage basket pattern also includes instructions for how to make a smaller basket as well as the larger one, which is prefect for keeping all your little odds and ends safe.

You will need

Large basket:

  • Main fabric: two (2) 11in x 7in pieces
  • Lining fabric: two (2) 11in x 7in pieces
  • Medium weight interfacing: two (2) 11in x 7in pieces
  • Batting: two (2) 11in x 7in pieces
  • Pompom trim: 1yd

Small basket:

  • Main fabric: two (2) 51/2in x 31/2in pieces
  • Lining fabric: two (2) 51/2in x 31/2in pieces
  • Medium weight interfacing: two (2) 51/2in x 31/2in pieces
  • Batting: two (2) 51/2in x 31/2in pieces
  • Pompom trim: 1/2yd


Seam allowances are 1⁄4in, unless otherwise noted.

  • Press seams to one side, unless otherwise instructed.
  • RST = right sides together.

Fabrics used

All fabrics are Kona Cotton Solids by Robert Kaufman in Pond, Banana, Punch and Bubblegum.

Free storage baskets pattern


You Will Need

  • Cotton fabric
  • Lining fabric
  • Interfacing
  • Batting
  • Pom pom trim

Step 1

Making the baskets

Fuse the interfacing to the main fabric pieces, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Then fuse to the batting pieces. Quilt as desired. Sarah quilted straight lines across her panels, spaced approx. 1in apart.



Step 2

Place the lining pieces RST and stitch 5 down each short side using a 58 in seam. Sew along the bottom edge, leaving a 3 in gap for turning.


Step 3

Place the exterior pieces RST and sew down each short side and along the bottom, using a ½ in seam.


Step 4

Cut a 2in square in the two bottom corners on both the lining and exterior pieces. Pull the corners apart and match up the seams on the sides and the bottom, aligning raw edges. Stitch along the raw edges of each corner using a 1⁄4in seam allowance.



Step 5

Insert the exterior panel inside the lining panel, RST. Secure around the top edge with binding clips.


Step 6

Sew in place using a ½ in seam allowance. Turn the basket right side out through the gap in the lining, and slipstitch the turning gap closed.

Step 7

Push the lining down into the basket and press well along the top edge. Carefully roll the seam between your fingers as you work your way around, so the lining doesn’t show on the outside. Topstitch in place.


Step 8

Clip the pompom trim around the edge of the basket, and slipstitch in place to finish, using small stitches and
a coordinating thread.


Making the small basket

Assemble the small basket following the same instructions as the large basket, but in step 4, cut a 1½ in square from the two bottom corners, rather than a 2 in square.


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