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Introducing our Home Sweet Home Block of the month

Are you sewing along with our new Home Sweet Home Block of the Month series by Jo Hart? Here's a sneak peek of the first block – out this week with the brand new issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine.


Starting from issue 99, every issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine features a new quilt block from the Home Sweet Home Block of the Month series by Jo Hart. Each month we’ll show off a cute new Foundation Paper Pieced design to make a fun throw quilt, block by block. Inspired by the year of staying at home and all the things that bring us joy, the six-part series features sewing machines, books, pets and more! We started things off in issue 99 with our first block – an on-trend house plant design in two colourways.


This post is especially for you quilters sewing along in your own home-sweet-homes. Continue reading to see how much fabric you’ll need for the quilt, see the finished quilt diagram and find the exact shades that Jo used for her version. Why not buy the kit to make the quilt? Our friends at Sew Hot have put all the fabrics together to make it quick and easy for you!

So, what’s the story?

This Foundation Paper Pieced quilt will be made up of six cute blocks, giving you the chance to get well and truly FPP confident over the next six months. Each block has two different colour combinations, so you can mix and match your fabrics to put your own twist on the design! In the last issue of the series (104), Jo will talk us through sewing the blocks together to make the finished quilt!

If you’d like to sew along with us for this series, show us how you’re getting on! Share your finished blocks using the hashtag #HomeSweetHomeBOM. 

What does the finished quilt look like?

Below you will find the finished Layout Diagram – follow Jo’s layout or mix and match your 10in blocks as you please. The finished quilt measures 38in x 491/2in. You can always sew one block and turn into a cushion or tote bag… or make more blocks to piece into a larger quilt! The simple block layout makes it easy to size up or down.

Home Sweet Home Quilt Layout Diagram

You will need

To make the entire quilt:

  • Fabric A (KONA Charcoal): ½yd
  • Fabric B (KONA Slate): ½yd
  • Fabric C (KONA Ash): one (1) fat quarter
  • Fabric D (KONA Peridot): one (1) fat quarter
  • Fabric E (KONA Zucchini): one (1) fat quarter
  • Fabric F (KONA Olive): one (1) fat quarter
  • Fabric G (KONA Pickle): one (1) fat quarter
  • Fabric H (KONA Woodrose): ½yd
  • Fabric I (KONA Punch): one (1) fat eighth
  • Fabric J (KONA Stratosphere): ½yd
  • Fabric K (KONA Blueberry): one (1) fat quarter
  • Fabric L (KONA Black): one (1) fat eighth
  • Fabric M (KONA White, includes sashing and borders): 1yd
  • Fabric N (KONA Aqua): one (1) fat quarter
  • Background fabric (KONA Eggshell): 3yds
  • Backing fabric: 2½yds
  • Binding fabric: 38yd
  • Batting: 46in x 58in

Need a refresher on Foundation Paper Piecing?

Find our in-depth guide on the technique in this Foundation paper piecing tutorial.

Catch up on the series so far…

Missed a month and want to catch up? Each month we’ll update this post to include the latest blocks so you can use it as a design library. Find all the blocks and get the instructions for the months you’ve missed from our past issues (which you can buy digitally or from our online store!).

Quilt block – issue 99 

Love Patchwork and Quilting Home Sweet Home Block of the month

Quilt block 2 – issue 100 


Quilt block 3 – issue 1o1