Sew along with our Floral Appliqué: Quilt Block of the Month series

Hello hand-stitchers! Introducing our new Block of the Month series by Yasmeen K Branton, Blomma! Each month we'll hand sew a floral appliqué design to make a stunning Scandi-style quilt, block by block.

Love Patchwork and Quilting issue 91 Block of the Month

Starting from issue 86, every issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine is featuring a new quilt block from the Blomma Block of the Month series by Yasmeen K Branton. We kicked off the appliqué festivities in issue 86 with our Forsta block – a Scandi-style tulip, and this month (issue 90) we’re continuing with Femte – a beautiful modern blooms design.


This post is for all of you quilters joining in at home. Read on to find out how much fabric you’ll need to make the whole quilt, see the finished quilt diagram and find the exact shades that Yasmeen used for her version.

Love Patchwork & Quilting issue 91

So, what’s the story?

This appliqué quilt will be made up of twelve floral appliqué quilt blocks, giving you the opportunity to brush up on your hand quilting over the next year. Each block will have several colour combos, so you can put your own spin on how your finished quilt will look. In the last issue of the series (issue 97), Yasmeen will talk us through how to piece all the blocks together.

If you’d like to sew along with us for this series, show us how you’re getting on! Share your finished blocks using the hashtag #BlommaBOM.

What does the finished quilt look like?

Below you can see a finished Layout Diagram to envision what your finished quilt will look like. Follow Yasmeen’s layout, or mix and match your own 12in blocks as you please. The finished quilt measures 60in x 72in, the perfect size to snuggle under on the sofa!

Blomma Layout Diagram

You will need

To make the entire quilt:

  • White fabric (KONA Snow): 1½yds
  • Peach fabric (KONA Dusty Peach): 1¼yds
  • Mid purple fabric (KONA Lupine): 1½yds
  • Dark purple fabric (KONA Hibiscus): ¾yd
  • Navy fabric (KONA Nautical): 1½yds
  • Dark blue fabric (KONA Cadet): 1¼yds
  • Light blue fabric (KONA Dresden Blue): 2yds
  • Light green fabric (KONA Seafoam): ¾yd
  • Mid green (KONA Sage): 1yd
  • Backing fabric: 5½yds
  • Batting: 70in x 82in
  • Binding fabric: 5/8yd

Need a refresher on hand appliqué?

Find our in-depth guide on the technique in this hand appliqué tutorial 

Catch up on the series so far…

Missed a month and want to catch up? Each month we’ll add the latest blocks to this post so you can refer to this as a design library to find all the blocks featured and grab the instructions for the ones you’ve missed from our past issues (you can buy past issues in our online store).

Blomma Block of the Month Block 1
Forsta block, issue 86
Blomma Floral Applique Block 2
Andra block, issue 87
Blomma Floral Applique Block 3
Sew a unique contrast leaf design with four different colour variations.

Tredje block, issue 88

Love Patchwork and Quilting Quilt block of the month

Fjärde quilt block, issue 89

Applique flower quilt block
Appliqué modern petals and leaves with issue 90’s Femte quilt block.
Floral appliqué block of the month

Sjätte quilt block, issue 91