Tula Pink Block Party FPP Pattern

Mix and match your fave Tula Pink fabric scraps with these fun block designs that'll help you perfect your points and piecing


Tula lovers, unite! These funky Foundation Paper Pieced blocks by Lynne Goldsworthy are a great way to use up your tiniest Tula Pink fabric scraps. We wouldn’t want those precious prints to go to waste, now, would we? You can contrast small-scale prints against solids to allow your Tula fabrics to shine, or stick to specific colours to achieve a striking two-tone effect. The world is your oyster! With these delicate paper pieced makes, you’ll be able to build your skills and practise your tiny piecing to perfection. Read on to explore these two show-stopping FPP block designs. Plus, you can use the free FPP templates that go with this project to help make sewing small Half-square Triangles easy work!

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Things to know before you start sewing

  • The seam allowances are ¼in, unless otherwise noted.
  • Press seams to one side, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Wash and press all fabrics well before cutting.
  • Shorten your stitch length to 1.5 for Foundation Paper Piecing.
  • All fabrics throughout are by Tula Pink for FreeSpirit Fabrics.

What you need to make your FPP block 1 

  • Print fabric ¼yd
  • Solid fabric: 5in square 
  • White fabric ¼yd
  • Four (4) copies of the Economy Block template
  • Two (2) copies of the 2in HST template 

What you need to make your FPP block 2

  • Print fabric: one (1) fat eighth
  • Solid fabric: one (1) fat eighth
  • White fabric: one (1) fat quarter
  • Three (3) copies of the 2¼in HST template

Free FPP Templates: Block Party templates from Love Patchwork & Quilting issue 90

How big will your finished block be?

Your finished Tula Pink block will be a 12½in square (12in finished)

Tula Pink Block Party FPP Pattern – Block one


You Will Need

For FPP block 1
  • Print fabric (¼yd)
  • Solid fabric (5in square)
  • White fabric (¼yd)
  • Economy Block template (4)
  • HST template (2)
For FPP block 2
  • Print fabric (1)
  • White fabric (1 fat quarter)
  • 2¼in HST template (3)

Step 1

From the print fabric cut:

Two (2) 8in x 10in.

Four (4) 2½in squares, cut each into two (2) Half Square Triangle (HST) by cutting along one diagonal (for Economy Block template Section 2 and Section 4).


Step 2

From the solid fabric cut:

Four (4) 2½in squares, cut each into two (2) HSTs by cutting along one diagonal (for Economy Block template Sections 3 and 5).

Step 3

From the white fabric cut:

Two (2) 8in x 10in.

Four (4) 2in squares (for Unit A).

Four (4) 2½in squares (for Economy Block template Section 1).

One (1) 3½in square (for Unit C).


Step 4

To Foundation Paper Piece the Economy Block templates, first place a 2½in square of white fabric on the reverse side of one of the templates with the wrong side facing the back of the paper. Ensure that the fabric square covers the whole of Section 1 plus at least ¼in around all sides. 

Step 5

 Pin one of the print fabric 2½in HSTs RST with the white 2in square (Fig 1) so that, when flipped over at the seam line, the HST will cover Section 2 plus at least ¼in all round. 

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 13.12.02

Step 6

Flip the template so that the paper is uppermost and sew along the seam line between Sections 1 and 2, extending the seam line approximately ¼in beyond each end. Fig 2 shows the seam as it appears from the back of the template. 

Step 7

Fold then press the triangle of print fabric over so that it covers Section 2 (Fig 3). Repeat to add a solid HST for Section 3 (Fig 4), a print HST for Section 4 and
a solid HST for Section 5 (Fig 5). 

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 13.12.13

Step 8

Trim excess fabric along the dashed line on the templates as shown. Then you will need to patiently repeat to piece all four templates.  

Step 9

 To piece the HSTs, place one print 8in x 10in rectangle and one white 8in x 10in rectangle RST and pin to the back of the HST template, making sure that the white fabric rectangle is next to the paper and that the fabrics completely cover the printed area of the template. 

Step 10

Sew along the red lines then cut through all the black lines to give yourself twenty four triangles. Carefully trim off the corners of each unit along the green lines. Press the HST units open. Now repeat with the second copy of the template to make the remaining HST units. You will need forty HST units – so you can discard eight.

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 13.12.41

Step 11

Remove papers from economy blocks and HSTs by tearing along the seam lines. Assemble the economy blocks and Half-square Triangles into units.  

Unit A is pieced by joining two rows of three HSTs and one row of two HSTs and one 2in square (Fig 6). Make four.

Unit B is pieced by first piecing together two HSTs then sewing those to one of the economy blocks (Fig 7). Make a total of four Unit B.

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 13.12.46

Step 12

Arrange Units A and B as shown in the Layout Diagram. Unit C is the remaining white 3½in square. Sew the units together into three rows of three units.

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 13.13.04

Step 13

Now sew the three rows together to make the finished block, taking care to align seams neatly. Press the block and check it is 12½in square.

Tula Pink Block Party FPP Pattern – Block two

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 13.09.00


Step 14

From the print fabric cut:

-Two (2) 5¾in x 8¼in.

-Sixteen (16) 1in x 2¼in.

Four (4) 1in squares.

Step 15

From the solid fabric cut:

One (1) 5¾in x 8¼in.

One (1) 4½in square.

Step 16

Cut the white fabric as follows:

Three (3) 5¾in x 8¼in. 

Sixteen (16) 1in x 2¼in.

Four (4) 1in squares.


Step 17

 Pin one white 5¾4in x 8¼in and one print 5¾in x 8¼in to the back of one of the paper templates with the fabrics RST and the white fabric next to the paper.    

Step 18

 Shorten your machine stitch to 1.5 and sew along all of the red lines. Cut the template and fabric along all the black lines using a rotary cutter. Trim off the corners on each triangle along the green lines. Press each HST unit open.    

Step 19

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 13.05.34

Remove papers from each unit. Repeat with one white and one print rectangle and with one white and one solid rectangle. You will need twelve solid/white HSTs and twenty white/print HSTs in total, so you can discard four white/print HSTs as they won’t be needed.

Step 20

You will need to make four small blocks with a white background and four small blocks with a print/solid background. First sew the HST units, the 1in x 2¼in strips and the 1in squares into three rows of three pieces, pressing the seams in the direction of the arrows (Fig 1). Sew the three rows of each small block together, pressing seams in the direction of the arrows (Fig 2). 

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 13.05.38

Step 21

 Sew the eight small blocks and the centre square into three rows, as shown in the Layout Diagram. Press the seams away from the centre block in the top and bottom rows and towards the centre in the middle row, so that they nest together when sewn into a block (Fig 3). 

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 13.09.11

Step 22

Sew the three rows together to finish the block, carefully matching seams. Press the block and check that it is 12½in square to finish.


Use your fabric scraps to make beautiful blocks!

Save the planet (and your stash space) by sewing these FPP blocks from scrap materials. Scraps and offcuts are not only cost-effective but also produce unique results.

Mix and match your scraps, experimenting with colour and pattern to make a block which is customised to you. You could even use sentimental fabrics to give your block a personalised feel!

Grab your fabrics and sewing machine and sew your very own FPP blocks.

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