When you first start out making your own clothes, choosing a sewing machine can be a daunting task. What do all the knobs and settings do? What's the difference between 50 stitch settings and two?


Don't buy the first sewing machine you see on offer. If you do your research, you'll find a sewing machine that suits your needs.

When you're shopping for a sewing machine, it can be hard to know which brands and models to buy. We've researched the best sewing machines for beginners to learn the ropes on for you below.

In this guide, we'll help you find the best starter sewing machines to buy, based on the types of sewing projects you enjoy and your level of experience. You can also find more information on how to choose the right machine for you in our complete guide to sewing machines.

If you're just starting out, we've also added some beginner's guides to help you get to know your new machine. Head to our beginner tutorials for How to use a sewing machine or stock up on threads with our Beginner's guide to sewing machine threads.

Best sewing machine for beginners 2023: at a glance

Best rated sewing machines for beginners in 2023, under £100

Whether you're an absolute beginner or simply looking to upgrade your sewing machine, read on to discover our pick of the best sewing machines for beginners. Many of the sewing machines in this guide have been reviewed by our team of experienced crafters, so make sure you read the full reviews to help you make your decision. Find out how we test, review and feature products on Gathered.

There are lots of great sewing machines on the market which cost less than £100. These affordable sewing machines are perfect for beginners on a tight budget.

1. Brother L14S

  • Best for: best value
  • Best qualities: lightweight, easy to use, LED sewing light, 3 year warranty
  • RRP £115

The Brother L14S really easy to use and has just the one dial so you're not overwhelmed with options. The L14s is ideal for beginners and is the perfect choice for basic alterations and repairs.

It's lightweight and portable for easy storage with a strong metal chassis, easy operation and smooth quiet sewing (handy if you're working in a room with family members who want to watch the TV!). It comes with 14 stitches, an LED Sewing light, top loading bobbin and a 3 year warranty.

Brother L14S sewing machine

2. Liheya Portable Household Sewing Machine

  • Best for: price
  • Best qualities: handheld, 2 speeds, very small and light
  • RRP

This handheld sewing machine will still offer you a fair few features for the price – choose between two speeds and 12 built-in stitches. At 2.7kg it's lightweight, portable and space-saving.

It comes with 4 needles, 1 needle threader, 4 bobbins, a foot pedal, and a buttonhole presser.

Portable Sewing Machine for Beginners

3. Silver 12 Stitch Mini Sewing Machine

  • Best for: mini size
  • Best qualities: Affordable, small, 12 stitch options, buttonhole function
  • Buy now from Abkhan (£55)

Completely new to sewing and want to have a dabble without committing major funds? Go for a mini machine! This is a nifty little starter machine and comes with a couple of thread spools, bobbins, needle threader and needle.

It's not suitable for heavyweight dressmaking, but you can use it to sew lightweight fabrics and it comes with 12 stitch options (including embroidery), a reverse button for strengthening your stitches, electric foot speed control and an automatic buttonhole function. It's got enough features so you can learn the basics.

Plus it's small size and lightweight mean you can keep it as a travel machine if you catch the bug and decide to treat yourself to a more heavyweight model!

Silver 12 Stitch Mini Sewing Machine

Best rated sewing machines for beginners, under £200

4. Janome 219 S

  • Best for: value for money on a small budget
  • Best qualities: Good manual machine, front-loading bobbin, great value for money

The Janome 219 S is a seriously handy machine that's perfect for beginners. It's a good all-rounder making it ideal for a variety of sewing projects – you can confidently tackle an array of makes using this machine from quilts to simple garments. It's much less intimidating for beginners than many of the sewing machines on the market, with lots of great features that make it easy to use. There's a front-loading bobbin, which is easy to load, threading is a breeze and you can adjust the lengths and tension using the dials at the front.

More like this

There are a few disadvantages with the Janome 219 S that you should consider before you buy: you can't lower the feed dogs, there is no needle cutter and only a basic cover. That said, this is good manual machine for new sewers that won't break the bank.

Read our full Janome 219 S review to learn more about this machine's pros and cons.

janome sewing machine

5. Singer Start 1306

  • Best for: easy to use
  • Best qualities: simple to use, basic features, designed for beginners
  • RRP £129

The Singer 1306 has been designed for beginners. It is very simple, so don't expect it to jump for joy at heavyweight fabrics and intensive sewing sessions, but it has all the basic features you need to begin sewing. It comes with 6 built in stitches plus a four-step buttonhole.

This machine is a good choice if you want to dabble with some simple sewing and have a tight budget. The controls are clear and simple so it's a welcoming option if you're not confident about where to begin.

Singer Start 1306 Sewing machine

Best rated sewing machines for beginners, under £300

6. Husqvarna H Class E20

  • Best for: beginners who aren't tech-savvy
  • Best qualities: easy to set up, good selection of functions, 32 stitches

The Husqvarna H Class E20 is a very accessible machine for sewing novices who struggle with technology. It's very simple to set up, sturdy and lightweight enough to take out and about with you (for example, if you want to go to a sewing class). There are 32 stitches available, plus a one-step buttonhole feature, adjustable foot pressure, built-in needle threader, twin needle sewing and more.

This is a good option for absolute beginners, but you may wish to upgrade to a new sewing machine when you become more proficient. Read our full Husqvarna H Class E20 review to find out more.

Husqvarna HClass E20 sewing machine review

7. Pfaff Smarter 160S

  • Best for: quality entry-level machine
  • Best qualities: stylish, very quiet to use, 22 stitch settings
  • RRP £279

The Pfaff Smarter 160S is a stylish machine for beginners – it's straightforward to use and will bring a pop of colour to your crafting space. Unlike many sewing machines, it's nice and quiet – so it's ideal for anyone wants to sew in a communal area without disturbing those around them. It sews quickly and the dials make very simple to use.

There are 22 stitch settings to explore and this sewing machine includes a built-in needle threader and thread cutter. We found that the needle threading snagged a little for us, so you'll need to pay attention to your tension when using this machine. This is a great machine for beginners, but you may need to upgrade to a more sophisticated sewing machine as you become more experienced. Read our full Pfaff Smarter 160S review.

Pfaff Smarter 160s sewing machine review

8. Brother Innovis Electronic Sewing Machine

  • Best for: budget computerised
  • Best qualities: beginner-friendly, LCD screen, professional results
  • RRP £289

This beginner-friendly computerised sewing machine won't overwhelm you with options but also introduces you to home sewing with a few chances to level up once you've gained your confidence. It comes with 16 stitches, an LCD screen so you can see your stitch length and width, easy automatic threading and lots of extra functionality.

Enjoy the chance to practise 3 different eyelets for professional results, speedy project work with the automatic threader and automatic reinforcement stitch.

Brother Innovis sewing machine

9. Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

  • Best for sewing thicker fabrics
  • Best qualities: sturdy build, fast stitching, perfect for dressmaking
  • RRP £255

The Singer 4411 is a heavy duty sewing machine which is capable of sewing through multiple layers of fabrics, or thicker fabrics like denim or even leather. This is thanks to its strong motor and extra foot height option. It has 11 stitch patterns plus a 4-step buttonhole, and with a potential stitch speed of over 1100 stitches per minute, this should help you speed up your sewing and avoid those 2am sewing sessions!

This is a great beginner machine if you have plans of doing a lot of garment sewing and have dreams of making your own jeans or bags. It is also suitable mending or altering clothes you already have. So if you are trying to buy less and make the most of what you already have, this could be the sewing machine for you.

Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Best rated sewing machines for beginners, under £400

10. Janome 230DC

  • Best for: portability
  • Best qualities: lightweight, 30 stitches, top-loading bobbin, lots of extras!
  • RRP £439

This fabulous sewing machine may be a lightweight (it weighs just 6kg), but it certainly punches above its weight with an array of brilliant features. It has 30 stitches with adjustable length and width, a top-loading bobbin and lots of features and accessories. It also includes a powerful light, which can be really useful if you have poor sight or need to sew in a dimly lit room (check out our favourite daylight craft lamps for separate desk accessories).

Its compact size and light weight makes this one of the most portable machines we've come across – it's easy to store and can be easily transported if you want to take it anywhere. This handy sewing machine has few downsides, but we found it was fairly noisy and it only has a small harp space. Read our Janome 230DC sewing machine review to find out more.

Janome 230DC Sewing machine

11. Elna Experience 450

  • Best for: small projects
  • Best qualities: simple, sturdy, ideal for occasional sewers
  • RRP £339
  • Buy now from Sewing Machines Direct Black Friday offer: now £319

This is a simple machine that's suitable for most sewing projects. It has 30 stitches (including three buttonholes) and is a sturdy machine. This capable machine is perfect for occasional sewers, but may be too basic for more ambitious crafters.

There are other brands with a similar price range that may offer you greater functionality, but this is a great introductory sewing machine for those taking their first steps into dressmaking.

Read our Elna Experience 450 review to find out more about the pros and cons of this sewing machine.

Elna Experience 450 review

12. Janome J423-S

  • Best for: quality
  • Best qualities: 24 stitch options, reliable, good for freehand embroidery

Stretch your skills with this trusted Janome sewing machine. The Janome J423-S comes with 24 built-in stitch choices, automatic 1-step buttonhole, variable stitch width & length and a robust metal body and hard cover.

When you're ready to try new things, you can play around with the drop feed for freehand embroidery.

Janome 423S Sewing Machine

13. Brother FS70WT

  • Best for: quilting
  • Best qualities: advanced features, 70 stitches, speed control

This is a feature-packed electronic sewing and quilting machine, which has way more functionality than you need as a beginner, but will give you lots of options as you tackle different sewing projects. It’s particularly suited for quilters as it comes with an extension table, which makes sewing larger projects like quilts easier as the fabric sits flatter on the larger surface area.

There are a whopping 70 different stitches that can be changed at the touch of a button using the electronic controls (no need to turn dials like on the mechanical sewing machines). As an added bonus, it has an integrated needle threader.

This machine has a speed control, which is perfect for beginners as you can set it to go slower, then increase the speed as you become more confident.

Brother FS70WT sewing machine

14. Janome 7025

  • Best for: easy to set up
  • Best qualities: reasonably priced, reliable, doesn't vibrate!
  • Buy now from John Lewis (£239.20)

Looking for a reliable sewing machine? The Janome 7025 is sturdy, dependable and reasonably priced. It's very easy to set up (so it's perfect for beginners!) with a good selection of 24 stitches to choose from. It won't vibrate while you're stitching, which is always a bonus! This is a great machine to buy for home décor projects, quilting and for making your own clothes.

However, we did find that the sewing machine could be noisy at times and the needle can sometimes unthread when you start sewing. Read our full Janome 7025 review to learn more.

Janome 7025 Sewing machine review

Best rated sewing machines for beginners, treat yourself

15. Brother Innov-is A60SE

  • Best for: high quality features
  • Best qualities: compact, portable, 60 stitches, ideal for small projects
  • RRP £469

The Brother Innov-is A60SE has lots of impressive features including 60 built-in stitches, six buttonhole styles, an ergonomic jog dial, lockstitch function and much more.

This sewing machine is both lightweight and portable. It weighs just 6.5kg, so it's an ideal machine to buy if you need to travel anywhere to craft (to a sewing class, for example). Its compact size makes it easy to store away – particularly if you don't have lots of storage space.

Be aware that this sewing machine is quite small, so it's unsuitable for making quilts or larger projects. In time, you may find that you outgrow it and need to upgrade your machine, but it is likely to suit your needs if you mostly work on smaller sewing projects.

Read our full Brother Innov-is A60SE review to learn more.

Brother Innov-is A60SE review

16. Pfaff Passport 3.0

  • Best for: stitch options
  • Best qualities: portable, amazing features, excellent lighting

This compact machine is perfect if you only have a small sewing space or like to take your machine out and about with you to classes, groups or weekend sewing retreats. What it lacks in size it makes up for with features – including 100 stitches from the basics to buttonholes, decorative, quilt and and needlework stitches.

Press the start/stop button to sew without foot control, making sewing long seams, free-motion and buttonholes easy. The feed dog drop has been especially created for ease of stippling, free-motion embroidery or darning, while snazzy lighting means your sewing will be shadow-free all year round. If you're a quilter you can get an optional extension table to support larger projects and it comes with a zipper foot too.

If you're also in the market for some fabric markers check out our guide which will tell you which markers to use on which fabrics.

Pfaff passport-3-0 sewing machine

17. Brother Innov-is F420

  • Best for: crafters of all abilities
  • Best qualities: advanced features, easy to use, create and save your own designs

This is a brilliant sewing machine for stitchers of all levels, from absolute beginners to experienced sewers. If you've got a bigger budget, this is an excellent machine to invest in because you're unlikely to outgrow it as you become more experienced. It has lots of advanced features with 140 stitches (including 10 buttonholes), five styles of lettering, an advanced needle threader and much more.

It has an easy-to-use interface and the My Custom Stitch software means that you can even create and save your own designs. The only real downside is that this is a heavy sewing machine weighing in at a hefty 8.5kg, so it's not very portable. Read our full Brother Innov-is F420 review.

18. Husqvarna Opal 650

  • Best for: time-saving features
  • Best qualities: 160 stitches, handy graphic screen, comes with Sewing Advisor software
  • RRP £799

This fabulous sewing machine is packed with time-saving features to make your life easier! It has an impressive 160 stitches to explore, including three fonts and seven one-step buttonholes. It is suitable for a wide range of projects, so it's bound to suit your crafting needs.

It's intuitive to use with a handy graphic screen which you can use to set up the machine. However, if you're not particularly tech-savvy, you may find that this machine is challenging to use, but it's well-worth taking the time to familiarise yourself with this machine's brilliant features. For example, this machine comes preloaded with Husqvarna's Sewing Advisor software which selects an appropriate stitch for you to use based on the fabric and technique you're using.

Want to learn more about this sewing machine? Read the full Husqvarna Opal 650 review to find out more.

Husqvarna Opal 650 sewing machine review

Best second hand and vintage sewing machines

There are lots of second hand sewing machines on websites like eBay and Gumtree. They can be very cheap, or even free in some cases so it is worth having a look. You need to be cautious as sewing machines need to be maintained and serviced to keep them sewing well, so you could end up with a machine riddled with issues. If you do buy a second hand sewing machine, be prepared to have it serviced before you start using it, and ask to see it working before committing to buying.

Although they can be incredibly beautiful, vintage sewing machines often have problems that are expensive and difficult to fix. They also don’t have the same easy-to-use features as modern machines, for example: changing a bobbin can be quite fiddly, and the range of stitches they do can be limited. Getting parts like feet can also be difficult for older models so you might have a better time buying a new machine that comes with a manual, a guarantee and after sales support.

Find the best sewing machine for you

There's so many sewing machines on the market it can be hard to know which one to choose. All the machines we've featured are perfect for beginners and range in style, size and price.

If you're a beginner, you need to buy a reliable sewing machine with limited features. If you buy a sewing machine with too many features, you'll just end up feeling overwhelmed! Take your time picking your machine and refer back to this article to find a machine to suit you.


Explore sewing machines with Gathered

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