Get jazzy with it – free harem pants pattern

Stop, it’s hammer time! Choose a jazzy print and let the fabric do the talking with Jennie Jones’ comfy quick-sew guide to how to make harem pants.

Free harem pants pattern

Grab your favourite pair of jeans as a template for your measurements and some stretch fabric and whip up your very own pair of harem pants in a few hours. We’ll talk you through how it’s done with our free harem trousers pattern, step by step.

Harem trousers pattern

Harem trousers pattern – step by step


You Will Need

  • Fabric (Stretch fabric – 1.5m (13/4yds))
  • A pair of jeans
  • Elastic (7.5cm (3in) wide, for the waist)
  • Elastic (12mm (½in) wide, for the ankles)
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

Cutting out

Step 1

Fold the fabric right sides (RS) together as shown, to make two equal halves.

Step 2

To make your own harem pants pattern lay your jeans over one section, folded along the folded edge of the fabric.   

Step 3

Trace around but drop the gusset and extend the waist by 15-20cm (6-8in). Add 2.5cm (1in) to the leg length for a hem.

How to make harem pants step 1

Step 4

Repeat this process to trace and extend the other leg.

Step 5

Cut out along the drawn lines.

Stitching the legs

Step 6

Sew the inner leg seam for each leg, leaving the gusset unstitched.

Step 7

Put one leg into the other with RS facing and pin then sew the gusset closed.

How to make harem pants step 2

Making the waistband

Step 8

Measure your waist and cut the elastic to size, adding a seam allowance.

Step 9

Cut a strip of fabric 20cm (8in) deep and 2cm (¾in) longer than the elastic.

Step 10

Join the short ends of the elastic together then repeat with the fabric.

Step 11

Place the elastic inside the fabric loop and fold it over wrong sides together.

Step 12

Sew the open raw edges closed to complete the waistband.   

How to make harem pants step 3

Attaching the waistband

Step 13

Create a box pleat at the front of your trousers at the centre of one leg then repeat on the other leg. Make sure the pleats are evenly gathered and spaced and fit across the front half of the waistband.   

Step 14

Gather the fabric evenly at the back of the trousers to fit the back of the waistband.

How to make harem pants step 4

Step 15

Place the trousers RS together with the raw edges of the waistband then stitch.   

How to make harem pants step 5

Hemming the legs

Step 16

Measure your ankle. Cut the elastic to this length, adding a seam allowance. 

Step 17

Join the short ends together.

Step 18

Fold then stitch the bottom of one leg over twice with the loop of elastic inside.

Step 19

Repeat this for the other leg. Harem pants complete!

How to make harem pants step 6

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