How to sew baby harem pants

Welcome a newborn into the world with this free baby harem pants pattern and tutorial, designed by Jessica Entwistle and sewn in super-soft flannel or knit fabrics.

Free baby harem pants pattern sewing

You will need

  • Main knit fabric: 40x60cm (16x24in), cut with the stretch on the short side
  • Contrast knit fabric 25x45cm (10x18in), cut with the stretch on the long side
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Erasable fabric pen
  • Basic sewing kit

We’ve used…

Fabrics from Field Day by Elizabeth Olwen for Cloud9 Fabrics, available from Hantex stockists here in the UK. Main fabric: Nesting. Ref: C9FD102801. Contrast fabric: Light Sprout, Citron. Ref: C9FD102902.


To make this project, you will need our free baby harem pants sewing pattern, – this PDF set of free sewing patterns was originally created for issue 39 of Simply Sewing magazine.

Use a 1cm (38in) seam allowance.

Free baby harem pants pattern

Step by step: how to sew baby harem pants

Cutting out

Step one

Download our free baby harem pants sewing pattern and print, then cut out the pattern.

Step two

From the main fabric, cut two pieces using the template for the front and back of the harem pants.

Step three

From the contrast fabric cut:

  • Waistband: 12x42cm (4¾x16½in) (cut with the stretch on the long side).
  • Leg cuffs: two pieces 12x18cm (4¾x718in) (cut with the stretch on the long side).

Stitching the main body

Step one

Place the front and back of the harem pants right side (RS) facing and pin together down both outside legs and all around the inside leg.

Baby harem pants pattern pdf free step 1

Step two

Sew together along the outside legs and inside curved leg.

Step three

Turn RS out and press. You won’t need to clip any curves as the knit fabric will stretch around the seam .

Making the waistband and cuffs

Step one

Take one of the leg cuffs and fold it in half lengthways RS facing. Pin then sew the two short ends together to create a fabric loop.

Step two

Finger press the seam open.

Step three

Fold the loop in half wrong sides (WS) together with seams matching to create
a double loop that is now 6cm (238in) deep.

Step four

Repeat this for the other leg cuff and the waistband.

Harem pants pattern baby step 2

Attaching the cuffs

Step one

Place one of the cuffs over the bottom of one leg, so that the raw edges of the cuff line up with the raw edges of the harem pants. Make sure the cuff seam is laying against the inside leg seam.

Step two

Pin together all the way around. You will need to stretch the cuff slightly to match the width of the pants leg.

Step three

Sew together then remove the pins and tuck the seam under.

Step four

Repeat this step for the other leg and cuff piece.

Free baby harem pants pattern step 3

Attaching the waistband

Step one

Attach the waistband in the same way as the cuffs, but mark the quarter points on both the waistband and pants top edges to make them easier to pin. The waistband seam needs to be positioned in the centre of the back of the pants.

Baby Harem pants pattern free step 4

Step two

Pin together all the way around, matching these quarter points and stretching the waistband to fit as you go.


Step three

Stitch together as for the cuffs.