How to make a jewellery roll

This cunning little jewellery roll is perfect for keeping your favourite necklaces, earrings and bracelets safe and sound – ideal for weekends away.

Jewellery roll pattern

Make your own stylish jewellery roll with this free DIY pattern from Simply Sewing Magazine. Whether you’re looking for a safe place to keep your favourite accessories when you’re travelling or looking to tidy up your dressing table, this jewellery wrap is the perfect place to store your trinkets.

Read on to learn how to make a jewellery roll…

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Use a 1cm (38in) seam allowance throughout.


You Will Need

  • Fabric, two fat quarters
  • Fleece, iron-on fleece: 10x28cm (4x11in)
  • Plastic poppers
  • Large lobster clasps, x3
  • Marker, erasable marker pen

Total time:

Step 1

Draw around the jewellery roll pattern template – available here – and on your outer and lining fabrics. Cut out, leaving a 1cm (38in) seam allowance.

How to make a jewellery roll step 1

Step 2

Copy the markings for the clasps and poppers from the template to the lining fabric.

How to make a jewellery roll step 2

Step 3

Using the jewellery roll template, cut a piece of iron-on fleece to size but without any seam allowance. Iron it onto the wrong side of the outer fabric.

How to make a jewellery roll step 3

Step 4

Use the template to cut the pocket piece from the lining fabric. Turn the short edges over by 1cm (38in) to the WS and stitch down to hem.

Step 5

Sandwich the pocket piece (raw edges facing the lining) between the outer and lining fabrics.

How to make a jewellery roll step 4

Step 6

Pin and sew all the way around the edges using the fleece as a guide. Remember to leave a small gap to turn it through.

How to make a jewellery roll step 4

Step 7

Snip around the corners. This will reduce bulk when turning RS out.

Step 8

Turn it right side out, making sure the pockets are on the lining side. Pin and sew the line which creates the bottom of the pockets.

How to make a jewellery roll step 7

Step 9

Attach or sew the poppers to the inside and outside of the jewellery case.

How to make a jewellery roll step 8

Step 10

Sew the clasps in place to hold your necklace chains and prevent them getting tangled.

How to make a jewellery roll step 9

You’ve finished making the jewellery roll pattern! Enjoy using your new jewellery roll to store all of your accessories.

5 jewellery rolls to buy

Don’t have time to make a jewellery roll? Here are some beautiful jewellery rolls which you can buy…

1. Pink embroidery roll from Paperchase

Keep your jewellery safe and tidy in this lovely pink jewellery roll from Paperchase. Thread your rings onto the poppers or use the handy zipped pockets to store your necklaces and earrings.

Pink embroidered jewellery roll from Paperchase

2. Embroidered stars khaki jewellery roll from Oliver Bonas

This space-themed jewellery roll from Oliver Bonas is an elegant way to store your necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. It includes handy sections for necklaces, studs and drop earrings.

Embroidered star khaki jewellery roll from Oliver Bonas

3. Teal velvet star jewellery roll from Etsy

Looking for a handmade jewellery roll? We love this luxurious velvet jewellery roll from Etsy – it contains a popper section for storing rings and hoop earrings as well as zipped pockets to protect your favourite accessories.

Teal velvet jewellery roll on Etsy

4. Handmade jewellery roll from Etsy

This beautiful hand-sewn jewellery roll is lined with soft grey satin. If you buy this jewellery roll, you’re also supporting a good cause: it’s made by a fair trade project based in Vietnam. This jewellery roll has a popper section as well as three little zipped pockets. It’s wrapped up in a ribbon to keep everything safe too.

Handmade jewellery roll on Etsy

5. Velvet jewellery roll from Etsy

This stunning handmade jewellery roll is super-soft and comes in an array of beautiful colours. It’s lined with satin, which provides extra protection for your jewellery.

Velvet jewellery roll from Etsy