How to make a scrunchie

Bring the 90s back into your wardrobe by making your own scrunchie collection! Learn how to make a scrunchie with Jessica Entwistle's step-by-step guide

How to make a bow scrunchie

This easy scrunchie sewing pattern is so simple that you’ll want to make one in every colour! Jessica Entwistle’s design is very straightforward to make, even if you’re new to sewing.

These scrunchies make great gifts for all ages and are quick to sew.

Read on to learn how to make a bow scrunchie with this useful guide.

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Fabrics used

The fabrics used are from the Les Petits collection by Amy Sinibaldi.

  • Petits Strokes, Coral.
  • Petits Strokes, Sun.
  • Petits Checks, Sky.



You Will Need

  • Main fabric (45x25cm (18x10in))
  • Elastic (12mm (1/2in) width x 20cm (8in))
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

Cutting out

Step 1

Cut the fabric as follows:

  • Band: 7x40cm (234x1534in).
  • Bow: two 7x28cm (234x11in).

Making the band and bow

Step 1

Fold the band strip in half lengthways with right sides (RS) facing and sew together down the length but leaving 4cm (158in) unsewn at both ends.

Step 2

Cut out the bow template then draw around it on the centre of the wrong side (WS) of one of the bow pieces.

Step 3

Place this RS facing with the other bow piece and sew together along the drawn line, leaving the turning gap unstitched.

Step 4

Trim off the excess fabric.

How to make a scrunchie step one

Adding the elastic

Step 1

Turn the band strip RS out, pin the two raw edges RS facing and stitch.

How to make a scrunchie step two

Step 2

Thread the elastic through the band, overlap the short ends and oversew.

Step 3

Slipstitch the turning gap closed.

Finishing off

Step 1

Turn the bow RS out and press, then slip stitch the turning gap closed.

Step 2

Tie the bow around the band.