How to make headbands

Slick back your tresses with these DIY two-way hairband made in eight simple steps. We'll talk you through everything you need to know for how to make your own headbands in this quick and easy tutorial.

Make your own headbands

This free sewing project for beginners is part of our Fast Fat Quarter series of  guides to stash-busting makes that you can whip up in an evening. These quick-sew headscarves, designed by Jennie Jones, use just one or two fat quarters of fabric and are a great first sewing project if you’re new to making your own clothes and accessories. Sew that stash and pick a couple of your favourite prints to make these pretty and practical headscarves!


You will need

  • Fabric, light to medium weight cotton, two fat quarters
  • Elastic, 1.2cm wide, 12cm long
  • Basic sewing kit


Seam allowances are 1.5cm, unless otherwise noted.

How to make headbands tutorial

Easy headbands DIY

Step one

For the top, cut two pieces of fabric to 43x12cm each, using two different prints. For the back, cut one piece of fabric to 28x7cm, using either of the prints already chosen.

Step two

Place the top pieces right sides together and pin. Sew along both long side edges. Turn right side out and topstitch down the long edges, approx 0.5cm from the edge. Leave the raw short ends open. Image shows the piece folded in half so the two short ends meet.

How to make headbands step 1

Step three

Gather up one short raw edge, folding the fabric neatly so it measures approx 3cm. Pin in place and repeat on the other short edge. Make sure the gathers are placed in the same way. Baste stitch along each of the gathered sides.

How to make headbands step 2

Step four

Pin your elastic to one of the short ends, as shown. Sew in place, making a few reverse stitches. Do not repeat on the other side.

How to make headbands step 3

Step five

Take the back piece and fold the short ends to the wrong side by 0.5cm and pin. Fold the piece in half lengthways, right sides together, and pin. Stitch across the long raw edge, catching down the sides of the short ends. Turn right side out.

How to make headbands step 4

Step six

Attach a safety pin to the loose end of the elastic and insert it into one open end of the tube. Feed them through the tube. Locate where the elastic is attached to the top panel and insert this inside the tube to hide the raw edges. Pin.

Make your own headbands step 5

Step seven

Make sure the elastic is not twisted inside the tube. Remove the safety pin and pin the elastic to the short end of the top piece, as in step four. Sew in place. Insert this gathered end inside the tube as well, to hide the raw edges. Pin.

Make your own headbands step 7

Step eight

Topstitch over the pinned seams. Don’t sew through the elastic itself. Pull the elastic taut as you sew for a nice straight seam.

Make your own headbands step 8