Series 9 of The Great British Sewing Bee was such a brilliant series and we can't wait for series 10 in 2024! We love the Sewing Bee and the chance to enjoy the sewists' highs and lows.


From outlandish made to measures to trickier-than-ever transformations, the Great British Sewing Bee offers lashings of sewing room drama with the eagle-eyed judging we've grown to love from Patrick and Esme.

The 2023 Sewing Bee has now finished but we will be updating this article with interviews from this year's Bees, any 2024 information and upcoming festive specials.

Each week while the show is on the air, we'll be sharing episode highlights as well as pattern recommendations for you to try at home. We've even got a free printable Sewing Bee sweepstake card for you to download!

Read on to discover the latest Sewing Bee 2024 news…

Photos: BBC/Love Productions/James Stack

Everything you need to know about the Great British Sewing Bee 2024

Who is the new presenter of the Great British Sewing Bee 2024?

Image credit: @britishsewingbee on Instagram

There's a new presenter in the Sewing Bee studio! The lovely Sara Pascoe is going on maternity leave (congratulations Sara!) so the incredibly talented Kiell Smith-Bynoe will be taking over the reins.

Kiell will be hosting the 2023 Sewing Bee Christmas special as well as the upcoming series 10.

We got a new chum! The brilliantly hilarious KS-B, comin atcha for Series 10 (yes its true!) and this year's super lolz Christmas spesh. Enjoy.
Judge Patrick Grant on his Instagram

Kiell is a brilliant actor and you may recognise him from shows such as Ghosts, Stath Lets Flats and Taskmaster.

Keen Sewing Bee fans may remember he appeared on the 2021 Christmas special as a contestant. He was one of our favourite contestants and we will never forget him opting to use the fleece fabric the wrong way around... so he could stroke it!

We can't wait to see him present series 10 of the Great British Sewing Bee. Welcome to the Sewing Bee family Kiell!

When is the Great British Sewing Bee 2023 Christmas special on TV?

It's been confirmed there will be a Great British Sewing Bee Christmas special this December!

New presenter Kiell Smith-Bynoe will be hosting the show alongside judges Esme and Patrick.

We don't yet know what date and time the special will be on, or which celebrities will be taking to their sewing machines, but we will update this article as soon as we know.

When is the Great British Sewing Bee 2024 on?

We don't know The Great British Sewing Bee 2024 dates yet but we know they will air on BBC One in spring.

We will update this page as soon as we know!

What channel is the Great British Sewing Bee on 2024?

The Great British Sewing Bee is shown on BBC One.

Where can I stream the Great British Sewing Bee?

All the past Sewing Bee 2023 episodes are available on iPlayer shortly after they've aired. The show can also be streamed on the Sky Go app.

The BBC has made all of the past eight series of the Great British Sewing Bee available on iPlayer, so you can catch up on any series that you've missed.

Watch the Great British Sewing Bee.

Where is the Great British Sewing Bee filmed in 2023?

The Great British Sewing Bee is located in a former textile mill called Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley, Leeds. This was the filming location for the 2022 series too.

Sunny Bank Mills was founded in 1829 and was a working textile mill right up until 2008. It's now a business space and is home to a wide range of companies – there's even a sewing school!

The Great British Sewing Bee was previously filmed at The Chainstore on Trinity Buoy Wharf for series 7 in 2021, which is just across the Thames from the O2 Arena.

The show's former warehouse setting for the 2020 series was located in London’s Bermondsey, in the heart of the capital's historical textiles quarter. For the truly geeky among you (we include ourselves in this category), the 2019 series was filmed at 47/49 Tanner Street (also the location of Dragon’s Den!), near Tower Bridge.

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Who won the Great British Sewing Bee in 2023?

The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 winner Asmaa@1x_1-1

The incredible Asmaa won The Great British Sewing Bee 2023. She wowed the judges throughout the competition with her skill, passion and creativity.

In the final of the Sewing Bee 2023, Asmaa's stunning two-in-one dress won her the trophy and we think she's a very worthy winner.

Read our interview with Asmaa over in our Meet the 2023 Great British Sewing Bee winner article. She shares all her thoughts and feelings on this year's show with us.

2023 Sewing Bee episode guide

Catch up with each episode of the Sewing Bee with our guide! We're going to be sharing our thoughts, feelings and favourites from each episode every single week.

We'd love to know what you thought of each episode too! Chat with us over on Simply Sewing or Gathered's Instagram. If you want to learn who left this week's episode of the Sewing Bee scroll down to our 'Who left the Sewing Bee' section.

Episode 10: The final!

The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 finalist_

Glitz, glamour and Gala-inspired, the Sewing Bee 2023 final was certainly one to remember! The judges really put the contestants to the test for the final with three tricky challenges.

The Sewing Bee started with 12, and now just three remain...
Sara Pascoe

First up the Bees created Victoriana-style evening dresses. This style of dress has become hugely popular recently, worn by both celebrities and royalty alike.

Next Mia, Asmaa and Tony transformed a shirt and trousers into opulent men's outfits. Inspired by the likes of Timothée Chalamet and Billy Porter, all three outfits really stood out. As Esme said, "We want everyone to say oh my gosh that is fabulous!"

For the last 2023 Made to Measure challenge, our finalists created gorgeous two-in-one dresses for a loved one. They had five and a half hours to create a showstopping dress which starts as one garment and is released into another.

Highlights: All three Bee's created fantastic evening dresses and totally transformed the plain menswear items. Tony's shimmy reveal dress was so fun. Esme suggesting Mia's model tucks the fabric in her knickers was a bit wild even for Esme!

Lowlights: The luxurious fabrics gave the Bees grief causing Asmaa's dress to have rips and Tony's material to fray. Mia sewed her reveal pouch on backwards and her garment didn't work.

Our favourite designs of the episode: Mia's luxe evening dress. Tony's 70's inspired transformation. Asmaa's stunning blue to glamourous green reveal dress.

Best quote of the episode:

Sewing Bee has completely broken me... in a good way!

Patterns similar to those in the episode:

Episode 9: Utilitarian week

The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 episode 9 semi finals

It's the semi-finals! Oh, how time has flown. This week was all about workwear and it truly put the Bees to the test.

Who knew sewing could be so much fun!
You don't have to tell us that Sara!

For the Pattern challenge, the Bee's created men's trench coats. A notoriously tricky item to sew! They all did a brilliant job juggling so many technical elements.

Next up the semi-finalists, we're tasked with transforming cleaning products into stylish garments. It was all about making the most unique piece they could think of and boy did they live up to the task.

Finally, our contestants created boiler suits. Originally designed for men who worked with coal, we think boiler suits were the perfect semi-final Made to Measure challenge.

Highlights: Watching those cleaning items transform into creative outfits and Esme's reactions always make us laugh. The studio was filled with beautiful boiler suits that we would wear in an instant!

Lowlights: Vicki's trench coat was quite messy thanks to her difficult fabric, Tony's cleaning dress wasn't quite imaginative enough and the crotch of the boiler suits caused lots of worry.

Our favourite designs of the episode: Mia's pink trench coat, Vicki's woven fan top and Asmaa's sparkly rock boiler suit.

Best quote of the episode:

They'll be fetishist watching this saying I can't wait to do that with a glove...
Sara has no filter...

Patterns similar to those in the episode:

Episode 8: It's all about fashion icons!

The Great British Sewing Bee S9,12-07-2023,8,Sara Pascoe, Vicki,**STRICTLY EMBARGOED NOT FOR PUBLICATION UNTIL 22:00 HRS ON WEDNESDAY 5TH JULY**,Love Productions,Production

It's giving elegance, glitz, and glamour! Oh, and a furry visitor apparently...

This week's theme was fashion icons and we kicked off the Pattern challenge with Audrey Hepburn-inspired dresses. There's nothing quite as iconic as her Breakfast at Tiffany's dress.

A challenge inspired by our own fashion icon, Esme Young!
Patrick Grant

Then the Bees transformed shower curtains into a high fashion outfit. The challenge was inspired by the incredible shower curtain dresses Esme's brand Swanky Modes created!

For the Made to Measure challenge, the contestants made, as Patrick put it, 'dressing gowns but posh'. They created some incredible luxe smoking jackets which had James Bond vibes.

Highlights: All the talk of the burrito method made us hungry and the Bees did a great job sewing an Audry dress in just five hours! Those shower curtain outfits were so creative and the smoking jackets looked great despite being so hard to sew.

Lowlights: The pressure was on for the quarter-finals. Lauren's seam ripper became her best friend and the Bee's struggled with sleeves.

Our favourite designs of the episode: Asmaa's striking blue dress and Vicki's bold yellow curtain dress. Asmaa's smoking jacket for luxury and Mia's smoking jacket for style!

Best quote of the episode:

There's something quite naughty about a waterproof pant
Oo la la Patrick!

Patterns similar to those in the episode:

Bonus patterns!

  • Be inspired by Mia's modern fashion icon, Harry Styles, by making his infamous crochet cardigan
  • Get your hands on your own overlocker with our round-up

Episode 7: 90's nostaliga

The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 episode 7

This week was all about celebrating the crazy clothes of the 90s! For the Pattern Challenge, the contestants were challenged to make the ever-so-iconic cargo pants. Poor Mia wasn't even alive when cargo pants were in fashion... she's making us feel old.

Then the Bee's turned household textiles into fancy dress outfits inspired by a 90's celebrity. There were tributes to Madonna, JLO, Gerrie Halliwell and many more. We also loved Patrick's little rave dance –go Patrick go!

Finally for the Made to Measure challenge the contestants made dresses inspired by supermodels. Think bodycon, the little black dress and anything tight and expensive.

A time where memorising phone numbers was a thing, houses cost £1 and all it took to be a health guru was knowing the ingredients to a Caesar salad
Ah we remember the days Sara!

Highlights: Firstly, the soundtrack for the episode took us on a trip down memory lane! Vicki created some fantastic cargo pants and the judges loved Lauren's Scary Spice outfit.

Lowlights: The sewers struggled with bellow pockets and tricky fabrics. It was tight on time as the Bees rushed to get their 90s dresses finished.

Our favourite designs of the episode: We'd wear Lauren's Scary Spice outfit! Vicki's red boning dress and Asmaa's fitted bra dress are our standout garments of the episode.

Best quote of the episode:

No bum cracks on BB1 please
We agree Sara!

Patterns similar to those in the episode:

Episode 6: Kid's week!

434597,The Great British Sewing Bee S9

Things are getting mini in the sewing bee studio! It's kid's week and the sewists were challenged to make three unique children's outfits.

I feel like I'm in the hunger games
Sewing is an extreme sport Mia!

For the Pattern Challenge, the sewists were tasked with turning cotton towelling into an adorable dragon dressing gown. Perhaps the cutest dressing gowns we've ever seen at the Sewing Bee HQ.

Then the Bee's gave denim jackets a fun makeover with hand-me-down fabric. Applique, fringing, tulle – it was up to their imagination!

Finally, for the Made to Measure challenge, the contestants created special, party outfits. We spent the entire episode 'awwwing' – those little models were the sweetest.

Highlights: One has to be the size difference between Patrick and those mini models! Fauve's continued obsession with tin foil Patrick and we loved the creativity behind all the upcycled denim jackets. We also want adult versions of those party dresses.

Lowlights: Bias binding got the better of everyone this week, especially Fauve and Tony. The endless ruffles and gathers causes Lizzie, Vicki and Assma stress and meant they didn't get their dresses finished to the standard they wanted.

Our favourite designs of the episode: Vicki's dragon dressing gown (we loved the colours!) and Tony's cool dinosaur jacket. Mia's cute festive dress and Assma's mermaid dress was technically brilliant.

Best quote of the episode:

So what you're making is a sausage roll...
Patrick Grant

Patterns similar to those in the episode:

Episode five: Art week

The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 Episode 5 Sara

Prepare for an episode full of artistic inspiration! This week the sewers tackled a Modernist-inspired Pattern Challenge, transformed painted canvases into sculptural garments and made stunning Surrealist outfits in the Made to Measure.

This was such a fun theme and it really pushed the contestants to be bold and creative.

If I even come top three in this challenge then I'm running through a canvas

Highlights: There were some dream-like makes in the Made to Measure, including Asmaa's snake dress which was inspired by a childhood dream.

Lowlights: For the Transformation Challenge, the contestants had to cut up canvases provided by art students to make dramatic garments. They struggled to stitch the tough fabric!

Our favourite designs of the episode: Asmaa's nautilus shell-inspired transformation impressed the judges. We also loved Mia's cloud dress in the Made to Measure, which was made using giant fabric pom poms!

Best quote of the episode:

I like to choose colours that make people's eyes explode a little bit

Patterns similar to those in the episode:

Episode four: Reduce, re-use, recycle week

The Great British Sewing Bee S9,14/06/2023,4,Presenter Sara Pascoe and judges Esme Young and Patrick Grant,Sara Pascoe, Esme Young, Patrick Grant,Love Productions,Production
Love Productions, James Stack

It's eco-week! This week is all about going green, with the contestants making the world a better place through the fabric.

The Pattern Challenge was all about making zero-waste trousers! Then they moved on to transforming tote bags into tops in just 90 minutes.

For the Made to Measure challenge, the judges tasked the Bees with turning crochet blankets into something beautiful. It was a summer vibe!

Oh my gosh the hem is all over the place
Esme Young

Highlights: The gorgeous trouser pattern and tote top by Asmaa – who doesn't love a tote transformation? We also loved all the crochet creations – it's our two favourite crafts combined!

Lowlights: The Bees struggled with the fabric, and Lauren battled with style.

Our favourite designs of the episode: Mia's two-piece crochet set and Fauve chic-looking crochet dress.

Best quote of the episode:

May the crochet Gods be ever in our favour

Patterns similar to those in the episode:

Episode three: A Celebration of West Africa

The Great British Sewing Bee S9,07/06/2023,3,Lizzie, Patrick Grant, Esme Young, Banke Kuku,Sewer Lizzie with judges Patrick Grant & Esme Young and guest judge Banke Kuku **EMBARGOED UNTIL EP2 HAS TX'D**,Love Productions,Production
Love Productions, James Stack

Welcome to West Africa Week! Home to incredible music, film and culture, the challenges this week were based upon garments from the 16 countries making up West Africa.

This week also had a very special guest judge. Nigerian fashion designer, Banke Kuku was in the studio, sharing her wisdom and helping Esme and Patrick to make tough decisions.

Starting in Ghana, the Pattern challenge was inspired by the beautiful batakari. Made by sewing strips of handwoven deboya fabric, the Bees created a simplified version of this glorious garment.

For the Transformation challenge, the sewists were asked to drape traditional Nigerian hand-dyed adire fabric. Finally, for the Made to Measure challenge, the contestants created their own striking boubous.

Highlights: We loved learning the history of each of the incredible garments. From learning how batakaris are assembled to the symbolic meaning of adire fabric, we learnt so much about West African fashion. We also loved the idea of telling a story through sewing, it made the boubous all the more special.

Lowlights: There were a lot of pockets at odd heights and untidy edges in the first challenge. Tony R got himself into a bit of a flap and Maria had problems with her delicate fabric. Working with that much fabric for their boubous seemed stressful!

Our favourite designs of the episode: Lizzie's draped dress and Mia's voluminous boubous.

Best quote of the episode:

I just plonk and pin
Yeah us too Matthew!

Techniques similar to those in the episode:

Episode two: It's travel week!

The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 episode 2
Credit: Love Productions, James Stack

Welcome to busy bee airlines! This week the Sewing Bee had the contestants jetting off abroad with challenges to get us all in the holiday spirit.

There was a first in the studio with this week's Pattern challenge. The Bees had 3 hours and 15 minutes to create a fun travel rucksack.

For the transformation challenge, the contestants were asked to turn windbreakers into emergency rainwear.

Finally, they took on an especially difficult Made to Measure – sewing a swimsuit in just 4 hours but as usual, the contestants smashed it. Is there anything they can't sew?

Swimwear! It's the underwear of the underwater
Presenter Sara Pascoe

Highlights: Vicki was the colourful rucksack champion and we loved all the sculptural creations! We especially loved Mia's statement bow top and Asmaa's catwalk windbreaker outfit. All the swimsuits were amazing!

Lowlights: There were a lot of backward straps on the rucksacks – unpicking tools were the Bee's best friends. The age-old struggle of sewing with stretch fabrics returns to the studio... we've all been there.

Our favourite designs of the episode: Vicki's cool, checkered backpack and Mia's statement swimming costume (those sleeves were incredible!)

Best quote of the episode:

Well Esme what's the best thing to ever happen to you behind a windbreak?
You can't ask a lady that Patrick!

Patterns similar to those in the episode:

Episode one: Classics with a twist

Credit: Love Productions,James Stack
Credit: Love Productions, James Stack

The Sewing Bee is officially back and what a first episode it was! There were nerves, excitement and 12 eager sewists ready to show the judges what they can make.

The first theme of 2023 is classic with a twist – we love it! There's nothing quite like giving a staple piece a modern update.

This week the contestants were challenged to make a statement twist top, transform a corporate uniform and create a cutout dress for their model.

We absolutely loved the episode and cannot wait for next week already. Here are some of our best bits...

Highlights: Asmaa smashed the first challenge, we loved Mia's dreamy Cinderella dress, and the teamwork throughout the episode made us well up! We loved Mia and Vicki's transformation challenges. All the cutout dresses were our highlight of the show – the creativity!!

Lowlights: Matthew added his French seam a little too fast and Catherine added her sleeve upside down. Tony R used too many scraps for his shorts and the sewists struggled with elastic.

Our favourite designs of the episode: Asmaa and Tony W's elegant cutout dresses. Both looked professional, flowed beautifully and we want to wear them!

Best quote of the episode: 'I had a dream last night someone stole my sewing machine and Esme took me to her drinks cabinet.' – are you sure it was a dream, Lizzie?

Patterns similar to those in the episode:

Sewing Bee patterns

Want to make garments like the ones you've seen on the show? Each week we'll be updating our Sewing Bee patterns roundup with projects inspired by the episode's theme.

The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 themes

Here's all the brilliant themes featured on the 2023 Sewing Bee.

Episode one: Classics with a twist! The sewist we're challenged to take classic patterns and give them a modern twist.

Episode two: Travel Week. All three challenges were designed to be perfect for holidays abroad.

Episode three: West Africa week. The sewers celebrate West Africa over three challenges with batakari, adire fabric and boubous.

Episode four: Reduce, reuse and recycle week. The contestants were challenged to make zero-waste trousers, turn totes into tops and transform crochet blankets into wearable garments.

Episode five: Art week. This week the sewers transformed canvases into sculptural garments and made striking Surrealist outfits.

Episode six: Kid's week. The Bee's created dragon dressing gowns, jazzy jackets and special partywear.

Episode seven: 90's week! There were cargo pants, celebrity fancy dress and catwalk-ready dresses.

Episode eight: Fashion icons. It was Hollywood glamour in the studio with little black dresses, curtain transformations and smoking jackets!

Episode nine: Utilitarian week. This workwear-focused week saw the Bees create trench coats, garments from cleaning items and women's boiler suits.

Episode ten: The final! For the final, the Bees created Victoriana-style evening dresses, created men's outfits fit for the Meta Gala and elegant two in one dresses.

Download our free Sewing Bee sweepstake printable!

The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 free printable sweepstake bingo card

If you're a Sewing Bee lover like us then you'll love our free printable sweepstake card. It brings a little friendly competition into your life and will have you rooting for the contestants more than ever.

Simply print out the PDF below, cut the card along the dotted lines and dish out the contestants to your friends, family or colleagues. All that's left is to tune into the Sewing Bee each week and let the sweepstake commence!

Meet the Great British Sewing Bee 2023 contestants!

This year's series has the most talented bunch of sewers yet! They range in age from 20 to 73 and are from all walks of life and from across the nation. To help you get to know them more, here's a mini fact file on each contestant.

The Great British Sewing Bee S9,PORTRAIT,Sewers Maria, Tony W, Lauren, Lizzie, Vicki, Catherine, Fauve, Matthew, Gillie, Mia, Tony R, Asmaa ,Love Productions,James Stack
Sewers Maria, Tony W, Lauren, Lizzie, Vicki, Catherine, Fauve, Matthew, Gillie, Mia, Tony R, Asmaa Photo credit: Love Productions/James Stack

Meet Asmaa

The Great British Sewing Bee S9,PORTRAIT,Asmaa ,Sewer Asmaa ,Love Productions,James Stack
Asmaa Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 46
  • Cardiff
  • Consultant Breast Surgeon
  • Favourite things to sew: feminine, modest and classic clothing

Asmaa lives in Cardiff but was born in Iraq where she learnt her love of sewing. During the Iraq and Iran War she would spend her time sewing the most fabulous wardrobe for her dolls using scraps she could find. That's creativity!

After finally escaping Iraq, age 14, she and her family moved to Durham, eventually moving to Cardiff to study medicine.

Now she works as a consultant breast surgeon at a cancer centre and loves creating brightly coloured modesty clothing to match her designer shoes!

She specialises in stitching underwear, creating sets to coordinate with her outfits and has even created post-op bras for her patients.

Meet Catherine

Catherine Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Catherine Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 34
  • West Sussex
  • Senior Games Designer
  • Favourite things to sew: Unique and sustainable clothing

Catherine is a motorbiking, BAFTA award-winning video games designer! How cool is that? When Catherine bought her first home, she invested in a sewing machine and has been sewing ever since.

Catherine repurposes day dresses into underwear and other garments in an effort to be more sustainable. She also loves making Edwardian-influenced outfits and accessories!

Meet Fauve

Fauve Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Fauve Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 26
  • Swansea
  • Trainee Solicitor
  • Favourite things to sew: feminine dresses, puff-sleeves!

Fauve is a trainee solicitor living, top golfer and keen sewer!

Fauve started sewing 5 years ago after attending a sewing class where she learnt how to make a peg bag. Now she sews in the evenings from her “sewing cupboard” where she creates her handmade wardrobe of puff-sleeved feminine dresses.

The family’s 3 pedigree Kerry Blue dogs keep her company while she sews, usually lying down on the fabric she’s neatly laid out.

Meet Gillie

Gillie Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Gillie Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 73
  • Nottingham
  • Retired secretary and HR manager
  • Favourite things to sew: French inspired clothing, elegant pieces inspired by designer brands

Gillie lives in Nottingham and is a huge fan of both sewing and football. Go Nottingham Forest Football Club!

Born in Nottingham, Gillie started sewing at age 7 after her mother taught her how to thread a needle. She attended the Sorbonne in Paris to study French and had a Saturday job at a fashion house where she folded, modelled and sold silk scarves.

She has made menswear too such as waistcoats and other garments for her husband and sons.

Meet Lauren

Lauren Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Lauren Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 30
  • Walsall
  • Sales Assistant for a home furnishings company
  • Favourite things to sew: Classic and neutral pieces, linen clothing

A keen baker and crafter, Lauren's love for sewing began when she created a quilted memory blanket, using her children’s baby clothes.

She then moved on to children’s wear and taught herself to sew through online tutorials (much like ours here at Gathered!). She also creates classic clothing for herself often in a neutral colour palette. Her favourite fabric is linen.

Meet Lizzie

Lizzie Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Lizzie Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 49
  • Bristol
  • Graphic Design Creative Director
  • Favourite things to sew: Activewear, workwear, classic clothing

Lizzie is the creative director of her own graphics and animation company in Bristol. When she's not being a CEO, she's sewing!

Sewing has always been a big part of Lizzie’s life. She was taught to sew by her mum on their family holidays in Wales. Lizzie’s mum passed away when she was young so it has been a way for her to stay connected to her.

Meet Maria

Maria Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Maria Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 34
  • Fife
  • A&E Nurse
  • Favourite things to sew: Practical clothing, handbags, sewing with leather

Living in Fife, Scotland, Maria is an A&E nurse and uses sewing to help her to unwind after a stressful shift.

Maria is mostly self-taught (with a little help from mum!) and enjoys making clothes that fit her well. She has a passion for making handbags and purses which has led to her dabbling with leatherwork.

Maria is also venturing into sewing with waterproof fabrics to make cushions for her garden furniture.

Meet Matthew

Matthew Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Matthew Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 30
  • Peterborough
  • Dancer and Teaching Assistant
  • Favourite things to sew: Bright, bold and edgy clothing

Matthew's nan was a tailoress and she taught him how to sew when he was young. When he sews he feels connected to her and keeps her tailoring certificate above his sewing space!

Matthew was a professional dancer and it has inspired much of his clothing style. He loves wearing sparkly shoes and showing his authentic style in the school he works.

His style is influenced by Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and fashions from the drag scene.

Meet Mia

Mia Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Mia Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 20
  • Surrey
  • Student
  • Favourite things to sew: Costume clothing, pieces for her family

Mia is this year’s youngest sewer! She started sewing during lockdown after her mum bought a sewing machine. She fell in love with sewing straight away!

She would love to sew professionally and so she applied to study costume design and is due to start after The Sewing Bee.

Mia lives with her family in Surrey and loves all things creative. She enjoys crocheting, stained glass art and pottery.

Meet Tony R

Tony R Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Tony R Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 53
  • Cornwall
  • Postman
  • Favourite things to sew: Cycling gear, 90's fashion

Tony R is a popular figure around the Cornish coast! When he's not delivering post, skateboarding or cycling, he's crafting.

He used to enjoy crocheting and knitting but fell in love with sewing after making a bag for his knitting.

He has since made himself lots of activewear and has stitched an entire wardrobe for himself inspired by 90’s skater fashion.

Meet Tony W

Sewer Tony W Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Sewer Tony W Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 33
  • Essex
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Favourite things to sew: Clothing using vintage patterns, unique pieces, bold shirts

Tony W started sewing after watching the first Sewing Bee! He started hand sewing and then bought himself a second-hand pattern for a woman’s halter neck waistcoat.

He continued to teach himself using vintage ‘easy sew’ patterns moving on to more complex patterns. On a Victorian Day, he created a 3-piece suit with a fun lining to wear!

Now, Tony mainly sews for himself. He picks bold fabric and fun patterns and creates colourful shirts and tailored waistcoats.

Tony also runs a sewing club for children in the primary school he works at. He believes it is an important life skill and we have to agree!

Meet Vicki

Sewer Vicki Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Sewer Vicki Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
  • 30
  • Lincolnshire
  • Police Dispatcher
  • Favourite things to sew: Children's clothing, body positive clothing, form-flattering pieces

Vicki is a police dispatcher and uses sewing to relax after a stressful day. Her love for sewing began as a child when her gran taught her to thread a machine and sew a straight line.

After that, she was hooked and even attempted to make her own wedding dress. When she fell pregnant, Vicki was inspired to start sewing handmade children's clothing so the whole family could have a self-made wardrobe!

A great advocate of body positivity, sewing has helped Vicki create clothes in her own style and fit. Sewing has enabled her to express that one size does not fit all – which we totally agree with.

She is also a keen crafter and loves knitting, crocheting, drawing, and painting. She recently created a huge mural on her son’s bedroom wall.

What can we expect from this year's Great British Sewing Bee?

Series 9 of The Great British Sewing Bee sees 12 enthusiastic amateur sewers will enter the sewing room to take part in a series of fiendish challenges, which will be judged by industry experts Patrick Grant and Esme Young (no pressure!).

Each episode has three challenges: the Pattern Challenge, the Transformation Challenge and the Made to Measure.

In the Pattern Challenge, they are assigned a specific pattern to make. For the Transformation Challenge, the sewers are given some secondhand clothes which they have to turn into a creative outfit. Finally, the Made to Measure puts their tailoring skills to the test, as they have to make a garment to fit a model.

Patrick and Esme set the sewing challenges as the sewers explore clothes inspired by art, travel, fashion icons, utilitarian clothing, West Africa as well as some old favourites such as – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Week and Children’s Week.

The theme of Classics with a Twist Week kicks off the series, and the first Pattern Challenge is a top with a twist. The Transformation Challenge asks sewers to put their twist on a classic pencil skirt and blouse and the made-to-measure is an on-trend cut-out dress.

Ever wondered who composed the music for the Sewing Bee? Find out more about the Sewing Bee soundtrack with

Who left the Sewing Bee? Spoilers!

If you don't want to know who has left the show, skip this bit! We'll be talking about who has left the Sewing Bee each week while it's on the air here.

Episode nine

Sewer Vicki Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack
Sewer Vicki Photo credit: Love Production/James Stack

Sadly we said goodbye to the lovely Vicki. She has been wonderful throughout the competition and her cleaning transformation was so inventive! We can't wait to see what she makes next.

Describe your experience on first walking into the sewing room and which challenge were you fearing the most?

It was such an amazing magical feeling but also very surreal, I’m not sure when it’s going to fully sink in.

I was most nervous about the transformation challenge.

What is your favourite garment to sew/or your speciality?

Quilted garments and pattern matching.

Is there anything that's a pet hate to sew?

Very delicate slippery fabrics!

Do you feel you have progressed now as a sewer?

I’ve definitely progressed as a sewer. I’ve had a go at things I didn’t think I’d have the confidence to try, learnt lessons and tips from the judges, and gained inspiration from the other sewers, the challenges and the crew.

What will you take away from your experience of being on The Great British Sewing Bee?

For me the Sewing Bee has given me the opportunity to try new things I might never have tried without it. It has pushed me out of my sewing comfort zone and taught me new skills.

It has also pushed me out of my own personal comfort zones. I’ve learnt a lot about myself as a person, and also really tried to work on my self-confidence.

It has allowed me to do something ‘just for me’ which isn’t really something you get to do once having children, and most importantly I’ve met some absolutely wonderful people.

I’m taking away friends for life. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Episode eight: Lauren left the Sewing Bee in the quarter-finals. She did such a fantastic job throughout the series and we loved her shower curtain transformation! She will be missed.

Episode seven: The incredible Lizzie left in episode 7. Her 90s outfits weren't quite up to scratch but she's been an incredible contestant throughout. Remember her adorable kid's roller disco jacket? We know you've made your mum proud Lizzie.

Episode six: We said goodbye to Fauve in episode six and we will certainly miss her funny remarks! Her loose-fitting kid's playsuit wasn't quite up to scratch but we loved the design. Her love for miniature tin foil Patrick will live on forever.

Episode five: Art Week saw Tony W leave the Sewing Bee studio. We loved his firey, velvet red dress in the Made for Measure challenge but his other designs just weren't bold enough for Esme and Patrick. We can't wait to see what Tony does next, we know he'll continue to inspire the kids he teaches!

Episode four: Matthew was sadly sent home in episode four, reduce, reuse, recycle week. We've loved watching him be his true self throughout the series. He has a truly unique style which both us and Esme loved!

Episode three: Maria left the show in episode three. She struggled with the Transformation challenge and couldn't finish her garments to the judge's standards. We loved her boubous though!

Episode two: Gillie struggled with her rucksack fabrics and her swimsuit just wasn't daring enough. Sadly it sent her home in week two and we will miss her fun stories and classy designs!

Episode one: Catherine was sadly the first person to leave the Sewing Bee. She struggled with time and was unable to get her garments finished to the judge's standards. We loved her transformation challenge piece though! Here's what she had to say about her time on the show:

Who won the Great British Sewing Bee in 2022?

It's Annie! Read our interview with the Great British Sewing Bee 2022 winner Annie to get to know the new sewing champion. You can also read our interview with the Sewing Bee 2022 finalists.

The celebrity Christmas special winner was Johannes Radebe.

Who won the Great British Sewing Bee in 2021?

Last year's winner was 21-year-old Serena Baker, who was a trainee doctor from Edinburgh. She was the youngest sewer of the series and produced some impressive makes during her time on the show.

What sewing machines are used on the Sewing Bee?

If you've been eyeing up the machines on the show, discover the exact make and model with our what sewing machines are used on the Sewing Bee guide.

What happens to the clothes made on the Sewing Bee?

All the clothes on the Sewing Bee are returned to the contestants after filming. There's no waste in Sewing Bee studio!

Past contestant, Chinelo Bally also helped to clear up this mystery for us when she appeared on our We've Made It podcast. She also revealed that contestants receive a budget to buy the fabric needed for the show.

In the episode, Chinelo talked about her experiences on the show and shared some great tips for novice sewers. You can find We've Made It on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

What does the winner of the Sewing Bee get?

The winner of the Sewing Bee receives a golden mannequin award and the title of Britain's best amateur sewer. There's no cash prize, but many previous winners have gone on to write their own sewing books or set up their own craft businesses.

Do Sewing Bee contestants get paid?

No, Sewing Bee contestants do not get paid. They just do it for the honour of taking part and the chance to be the Sewing Bee champion!

Is the Sewing Bee filmed in one day?

No, Sewing Bee contestants have to commit to taking part in 20 days of filming spread over four months when they apply to be on the show.

Has a man ever won the Great British Sewing Bee?

Yes! Matt Chapple was the first male winner of the Sewing Bee in 2015. In recent years, we've seen more men taking part in the show such as Raph Dilhan who was a finalist in 2021.

Who are the judges on Sewing Bee?

The judges on the Sewing Bee are Patrick Grant and Esme Young, who are both respected fashion industry experts. Read on to find out more about Patrick and Esme…

Patrick Grant

Patrick Grant, 49, is a Scottish fashion designer and famous within the industry. He's worked with multiple bespoke tailors including Norton & Sons of Savile Row and has a keen eye for sharp lines and crisp suits. He was awarded the Menswear Designer award at the British Fashion Awards in 2010 which means he is more than qualified to judge the Sewing Bee's contestants.

He bought ailing Blackburn clothing manufacturer Cookson & Clegg in 2015, saving the factory from closure, and launched social enterprise Community Clothing to champion UK-made quality, affordable and sustainable fashion. He's judged The Great British Sewing Bee since its start in 2013. He lives in London.

Read our interview with Patrick Grant.

Sewing Bee judge Patrick Grant

Esme Young

Esme Young is the powerhouse on Sewing Bee. She began her sewing career in Camden with her brand Swanky Modes and has been sewing ever since. Their most famous creation, the Amorphous dress, is in The V&A Museum.

What does Esme Young from the Sewing Bee do? As well as being a Sewing Bee judge and TV presenter, Esme also teaches at Central Saint Martins art school in London.

Fun fact: did you know that Esme has worked on a lot of movies including Bridget Jones and Romeo and Juliet? She had to make lots of identical Hawaiian shirts for Leonardo Di Caprio to wear in the movie. She was also responsible for Renée Zellweger's bunny costume in the first Bridget Jones film.

We're all big admirers of Esme's incredible jewellery on the show and she says she finds many of her vintage necklaces in markets, particularly from Ridley Road Market in Dalston.

Read our Esme Young interview to get to know her better.

Great British Sewing Bee judge Esme Young

Who is the Sewing Bee presenter?

Comedian Sara Pascoe joined the Great British Sewing Bee as a presenter in 2022. You might recognise Sara from her past appearance on the Sewing Bee – she is a former celebrity stitcher on the show. She has a lot of sympathy for the contestants, having experienced the pressure of the sewing room for herself!

However, there's a new presenter on the block for the Sewing Bee Christmas Special 2023 and The Great British Sewing Bee 2024!

British actor Kiell Smith-Bynoe will be taking over presenter duties while Sara Pascoe is on maternity leave. We can't wait to see what he brings to the show.

Sara Pascoe from the Great British Sewing Bee

Why did Joe Lycett leave the Sewing Bee?

No specific reasons have been given for Joe leaving the Sewing Bee, but he has been very busy with other TV work. He's been busy presenting other shows such as Channel 4's Travel Man, which was previously hosted by the comedian Richard Ayoade.

How to apply for the Great British Sewing Bee 2024

apply for the sewing bee 2024

You can now apply to take part in series 10 of the Great British Sewing Bee. Before you apply, Esme and Patrick are on hand with have some useful advice. “You need a broad skill base,” says Patrick. “You should be able to sew zips, deal with elastic, and so on because we are testing all of it. We’ll always be testing all of those skills, along with many more.”

“When sewing at home, people often focus on a particular skill and they get very talented at it, but being confronted with something they've never done before can make contestants come unstuck,” comments Esme.

“Some people are good at following patterns and instructions, so if you want to apply, I’d suggest timing yourself doing patterns at home under pressure, as that’s a key part of the show,” says Patrick.

Applications close: 8pm Wednesday 17th May 2023

Apply for the next series of the Sewing Bee.

Get the latest Sewing Bee book

Great British Sewing Bee: the Skills book

A new book to accompany the series, The Great British Sewing Bee: The Skills - Beyond Basics: Advanced Tips and Tricks to Take Your Sewing Technique to the Next Level, goes on sale 13 April. This is a great way to predict that the hit show will almost certainly be airing on our TV screens around the same time!

Published by Quadrille, the 160-page techniques book, will help you find your confidence when tackling different sewing projects and achieve that perfect finish.

Why the Sewing Bee is one of our favourite craft TV shows

The Sewing Bee has got it all: kind contestants, beautiful clothes, loveable judges and lots of incredibly creative ideas. It's not surprising that it's one of the most popular craft TV shows out there.

The best part is that the Sewing Bee has inspired lots of people to take up sewing for themselves, with some of them even appearing as contestants on the show!

Start your sewing journey

If watching the show has inspired you to start sewing, you're probably wondering where to begin. We'd recommend starting with our best sewing machine guide, which is packed with expert tips and advice to help you enjoy this satisfying hobby!


All images from BBC/Love Productions.


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