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Make a cute pal with our penguin sewing pattern

Lucy Ward's fluffy penguin toy is the perfect squishy cuddle partner. You could sew a whole colony!

Penguin sewing pattern

Is there anything more charming than a fluffy penguin? This adorable little penguin sewing pattern by Lucy Ward is the perfect Christmas sewing project.

Thispattern comes with a cosy scarf to keep your penguin pal warm throughout the winter. It’s made with super-soft plush fabric that’s made for cuddling.

There are a few tricky steps, so it’s suitable for intermediate sewers rather than absolute beginners.

Penguin toys make wonderful gifts for children and they’re guaranteed to brighten someone’s day! If you enjoyed stitching this penguin pattern, you could make a whole family of them!

Read on to discover how to make your own penguin plushie…

What you need to make this penguin sewing pattern

Looking for materials to make your own penguin toy? Check out our shopping list of recommended supplies.

Things to note for this penguin sewing pattern

  • Use 6mm (¼in) seam allowances unless otherwise indicated.
  • Download the penguin sewing pattern templates.
  • Fabric measurements are WxH.
  • Cut all plush pieces with the nap running downwards and running front to back for the Head Gusset piece. Arrows on the templates indicate the direction the fabric needs to stretch.
  • The finished size of the penguin is approximately 25cm (10in) tall.

How to make the penguin sewing pattern


You Will Need

  • Grey cuddle plush fabric (50x43cm (191/2x17in))
  • Black cuddle plush fabric (38x27cm (15x101/2in))
  • White cuddle plush fabric (18x10cm (7x4in))
  • Red cuddle plush fabric (52x7cm (201/2x23/4in))
  • Single button
  • Black stranded cotton thread
  • Polyester toy filling (200g)
  • Extra long pins
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

Cutting out your penguin shapes

Step 1

Download the penguin templates, then print and cut them out.

Step 2

Place and pin the pattern pieces onto the WS (wrong side) of the fabrics and draw around them. Cut out as follows and transfer all markings as indicated on the pattern templates.

Step 3

From the grey plush, cut:

  • Side Body: one pair
  • Front Body: one
  • Base: one Wing: two pairs

Step 4

From the black plush, cut:

  • Head Gusset: one
  • Side Head: one pair
  • Foot: two pairs
  • Beak: one pair

Step 5

From the white plush, cut:

  • Face: one pair

Step 6

From the red plush, cut:

  • Scarf: 52x7cm (20½x2¾in)

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Stitching your penguin’s body together

Step 1

Pin and sew the Front Body dart.

Penguin sewing pattern step 1

Step 2

Trim the excess fabric from the dart.

Step 3

Pin a pair of Wing pieces right side (RS) together and tack. Sew all around, leaving a gap in the outer side for turning. Trim the seams and turn RS out. Repeat for the second wing. Then stuff both wings firmly towards the bottom ends and more lightly in the middle.

Leave around one-third unstuffed towards the top of the wing, so it can flap when sewn on to the body.

Penguin sewing pattern step 2

Step 4

Ladder stitch the openings closed. Set both aside.

Step 5

Pin a pair of Foot pieces RS facing, tack and sew. Clip notches in the seam between the toes and turn RS out. Repeat for the other foot. Stuff each foot using a small stick, leaving an area of 1.5cm (⅝in) unstuffed at the open end.

Sew over the open edge quickly to close up the opening and keep the stuffing in place.

Penguin sewing pattern step 3

Step 6

Pin and tack the feet onto the RS of the Front Body piece, laying them next to one another on either side of the dart and facing in towards the body. Use a 3mm (⅛in) seam allowance here, so the stitches won’t show later when the body is sewn up.

Penguin sewing pattern step 4

Step 7

Pin, tack, and sew the Front Body piece to one of the Side Body pieces, RS together, joining points A to B. Ease the fabric so the pieces lie flat against one another.

Penguin sewing pattern step 5

Step 8

Repeat using the other Side Body. Then sew up the back of the body, from point C on the template to point D.

Penguin sewing pattern step 6

Step 9

Pin and tack the Base piece onto the body, RS facing. Start at point D at the back and pin and ease the fabric until the base edges lie smoothly with the side and front pieces.

Penguin sewing pattern step 7

Step 10

Sew in three separate sections, along each side first and then across the front, making sure not to catch the fabric of the body upper sides in the seams. Sewing from above is easiest. Sew slowly.

Step 11

Turn the body RS out. Stuff firmly using your fingers and a wooden stick to poke out the corners and push out the seams.

Once stuffed, slightly roll over the top raw edges and make a running stitch around the top, close to the edge, and gather up. Add more stuffing if required, before fastening off.

Penguin sewing pattern step 8

Step 12

Pin the wings in position on each side of the body. The top edges of each wing should be horizontal to the floor. Ladder stitch in place. Stitch around twice, to secure.

Stitching the penguin’s head

Step 1

Pin one Face piece to one Side Head piece, RS together, from point E to point G. The pieces here are opposing curves, so begin by pinning each end first, then gradually add pins and ease the fabrics so they lie flat together. Be sure to tack first to make sewing much easier. Repeat for the other side of the head.

Penguin sewing pattern step 9

Step 2

Pin then tack the Head Gusset piece to the top edge of one Side Head piece, from point E to point F, with RS facing. Ease the fabric as you work, making sure the two layers lie flat together and that the edges match.

Penguin sewing pattern step 10

Step 3

Stitch in place, being careful not to pucker the fabric underneath as you sew. Remove the tacking stitches and then pin the other side of the Head Gusset to the opposite Side Head piece. Tack and sew as with the first side. This seam should meet the previously sewn seam to form neat points.

Step 4

Pin, tack, and sew the Beak pieces, RS together. Trim the seams and turn RS out before adding a little stuffing into the end, leaving a gap of 1cm (⅜in) unstuffed at the open end. Tack the end to help keep the stuffing in place.

Lay the head pieces RS facing, sandwiching the beak in the layers, positioning it at the very top of the face pieces where they meet the black side head pieces. Tack in place.

Step 5

Pin, tack and sew up the remainder of the head, leaving the bottom end open.

Step 6

Stuff the head firmly. Then fold the raw edge under by 10mm (⅜in) and run a gathering stitch around the folded edge. Pull taut. Add more stuffing if required to round out the head before fastening off. Then pin the head to the body using extra long pins.

Ladder stitch it to the body, using double or extra strong thread. Sew around an extra time or two to firmly secure the head.

Penguin sewing pattern step 11

Step 7

Use pins to mark out the position where the eyes should sit. Leave the pins in place or draw the curve of the eye with a soft pencil. Make sure the eyes are correctly placed by checking their position from all angles. Backstitch the eye using four strands of the black stranded cotton.

Penguin sewing pattern step 12

Making a cosy scarf

Step 1

Fold the Scarf in half RS together along its length. Pin and sew, leaving a 3cm (1¼in) gap in the middle of the long side. Sew the short ends of the scarf in a curve, to give a nice, soft edge when turned RS out. Turn the scarf RS out and push out the seams. Sew up the turning gap using ladder stitch.

Step 2

Wrap the scarf around the penguin’s neck, and place a pin where you would like the button to be positioned.

Step 3

Sew on the button, through the layers of fabric, so the scarf is fastened together.


Shopping list

Penguin sewing pattern

Sew this penguin sewing pattern in time for Christmas!

Impress everyone with your sewing skills when you show them your finished penguin toy! This penguin sewing pattern couldn’t be sweeter, so it’s an ideal festive project to stitch.

Children will be thrilled to receive their own penguin toy this Christmas as this cute little chap is made for cuddles. A snuggly penguin is guaranteed to delight anyone who receives one as a gift.

Once you’ve perfected this penguin pattern, you could easily make a whole family of them in time for Christmas.

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