Simply Sewing pattern corrections

If you read Simply Sewing magazine and are working on our patterns, keep an eye on this page to stay up to date with any updates or corrections to the patterns we feature in the magazine.

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So you’re sewing a project from Simply Sewing magazine? Check this page before you begin – we keep it up to date with all of our latest pattern corrections.


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Sew Over It Tulip Skirt, issue 5

We are sorry we have printed an error in issue 5 of Simply Sewing for Sewalong with Lisa. Some information was missing on the size chart. Download the corrected chart here:

Simply Sewing Patterns issue 06 Tulip skirt sewing pattern

This error was made in sending the magazine to print (digital edition is correct) and was not in any way connected to Lisa Comfort.

Sew Over It Tulip Skirt

The Shirt Dress, issue 8

Whoops! We missed a pattern piece for the shirt dress project on the pattern sheet included with Simply Sewing magazine, issue 8. To make this garment you’ll need an additional piece of the pattern: Simply Sewing issue 8 The Shirt Dress Button Extension

  • The full pattern sheet and template pages for issue 8 can be downloaded here.
  • You will also need to cut 2 of the collar and band pattern pieces on the fold, rather than 1 as stated on the pattern.
Simply Sewing Issue 8 Shirt Dress Sewing Pattern

The Cat Cape, issue 9

In Simply Sewing magazine issue 9, there was an omission with the scale used for the hood of the cat cape pattern.

You will need to increase the scale of the template in the magazine by 140%.

For your ease we have also produced a new template, which you can download by clicking here and which can be used at 100%.

Cat Cape sewing pattern

The Daisy Dress, issue 15

In the instruction sheet for The Daisy Dress pattern from Simply Sewing issue 15, incorrect steps for attaching the all-in-one neckline and armhole facing were included.

Here is the correct instruction sheet in full to download.


The Pencil Skirt, issue 20

In Simply Sewing magazine issue 20, there was an error in the instructions for the patternless pencil skirt on page 50. On the diagram it states that the measurements should be divided by 2 – however, the measurements should instead be divided by 4 so that the pattern piece can be cut out on the fold.

Patternless Pencil Skirt

Baby shoes pattern, issue 29

Oops – it seems that our baby shoes project in issue 29 has tiptoed off the pull-out pattern sheet!

You can download the templates page featuring the baby shoes pattern, plus the template for issue 29’s embroidery hoop project, to print out at home here.

Baby Shoes sewing pattern

The Overnight Bag, issue 34

Oops – issue 34’s Overnight Bag pattern included an incorrect quantity for the foam interfacing. Sorry, stitchers!

You can download the amended version of The Overnight Bag materials list here

The Overnight Bag sewing pattern

Kangaroo Toy, issue 41

Whoops! You may have spotted that when we shared our sewing pattern for Jo Carter’s Kangaroo softie toy, the Side Body B template was uploaded at the wrong size. We have updated the original templates page so this is at the correct size. You can download the correct template here.

Kangaroo Toy Sewing Pattern

Hunter’s Star Patchwork Cushion, issue 42

Oops! We’ve spotted an error in issue 42’s hunter’s star patchwork cushion cutting out instructions.

Follow these amended instructions for cutting out your large block square and small block square pieces (all other instructions in the magazine are correct):

Step one Cut each of the print fabrics into:

  • Large block square: two pieces measuring 7x7cm (2¾x2¾in).
    6x6cm (238x238in).
  • Small block square: 6x6cm (238x238in).

Step two Cut the solid fabric into the following pieces:

  • Large block square: two pieces measuring 7x7cm (2¾x2¾in).
    6x6cm (238x238in).
Patchwork cushion sewing pattern

The Eden Set, issue 43

The cutting layout for the dress version shows the skirt back pattern piece cut as two pieces, but this needs to be cut as one piece on the fold.

The Eden Set Cutting Layout

We have updated this in the amended cutting layout above.

The Eden Set Simply Sewing

The Silk Cami, issue 43

The pattern envelope for issue 43’s The Silk Cami featured an incorrect version of the size chart. The correct size chart is on the instructions pages inside issue 43, and is also shown below.

The Silk Cami size guide
Sew Over It The Silk Cami

The Cami Top Hack, issue 46

Whoops! In Simply Sewing magazine issue 46, there was an error in the Cami top hack on page 44.

There is a sentence missing from the instructions advising you to extend the facing. This means that the facings will be slightly too short to reach the front bodice edge.

Once you have followed the instructions for ‘Preparing the pattern’ use your new left and right bodice pieces to trace facing pieces (use the Sew Over It Cami pattern facings as a guide for the lower edge shape if necessary).

In the Sewing the top section, we mention that the facing will stop short of the centre front (CF) edges. Our facing pieces were cut without the seam allowance at the CF edge allowing the edge to be neatly encased without adding unnecessary bulk.

The Cami Top Pattern Hack

Halloween set bunting, issue 47

Whoops! In Simply Sewing magazine issue 47, there was an error in the Halloween Set bunting instructions on page 76. The centimetre measurements are correct, but there some errors in the imperial conversions. For clarity we have rewritten the You will need and Step 2 of the Bunting: Cutting Out section below.

You will need

For the bunting:

  • Black felt: 40x35cm (16x14in)
  • Orange felt: 20x25cm (8x10in)
  • Glitter fabric: 35x15cm (14x6in)
  • Bondaweb: 80x43cm (32x17in)
  • Strong thread or fine ribbon: 3.5m (4yds), for hanging
  • Yarn, for the pom poms
  • Pom pom maker
  • Matching thread
  • Basic sewing kit

Bunting – Cutting out, Step two:

Cut this black felt piece into two pieces measuring 20×25 (8x10in) for the bats and 35x15cm (14x6in) for the stars. Now carefully peel off the paper backing.

Halloween sewing patterns

The Bowling Bag, issue 47

Whoops! In Simply Sewing magazine issue 47, there was an error in the bowling bag instructions on pages 52-54.

Cutting out: step one

This should say ‘Cut out the templates‘. There is no need to print any templates as they are included in the pattern envelope.

Making the top panel: step one

This should read ‘Draw a 61×1.5cm (24x58in) rectangle in the centre of the WS of the top panel lining.’ This is an error in the cm/inches conversions.

Making the outer bag: step one

Take one of the bag outer pieces and place an assembled outer pocket piece on top with the lining side of the outer pocket facing the right side (RS) of the bag outer. Then pin a body piping piece all around the edge of the two pieces with RS together. You will be pinning three layers together so work carefully to avoid missing any of the layers. As you pin the piping to the top edge fold the handbag handles down out of the way. At the bottom edge, cross the piping ends over each other with the ends pointing downwards.

Making the outer bag: step two

The first sentence of step two should read: Begin stitching the piping to the outer piece and outer pocket at the cross-over point.

The Bowling Bag pattern

Hooded bath towel, issue 52

Oops, we noticed that the hooded towel in issue 52 had a missing pattern piece. Follow the instructions below to create the hood pattern.

Making the hood template

Step one: Draw a rectangle measuring 22x32cm (9x13in).

Step two: Along the short edge make a mark 13cm (5in) in from the left-hand edge.

Step three: Along the right-hand side long edge measure 19cm (13in) up from the bottom and make a mark.

Step four: Join the marks with a smooth curve to create your pattern piece

Step five: Cut two on the fold from the hand towel

*Measurements can be adjusted based on the size of your child, we recommend drawing out your template and checking this against the size of their head.

Hooded bath towel pattern

The Pinafore Dress, issue 61

In Simply Sewing magazine issue 61, there was an error in the sizing on the pattern envelope for The Pinafore Dress – the pattern incorrectly stated that it included sizes UK 6-24, but the correct sizing for the pattern is UK 6-20.

We have therefore created a PDF download for The Pinafore Dress in UK sizes 22 and 24, available to download here:

Pinafore dress pattern

The Carmen Hoodie, issue 63

5 – Making the pocket bag

  • Lay the Pocket Bag wrong side up on top of the wrong side of the Lower front piece matching up the centre front edges
Simply Sewing Carmen Hoodie Pocket Bag guide
Lay the Pocket Bag wrong side up on top of the wrong side of the Lower front piece matching up the centre front edges
  • Pin and then sew the lower un-notched edge.
Simply Sewing Carmen Hoodie pocket bag illustration
Pin and sew the lower edge
  • Grade the seam allowance once stitched
  • Press the seam open.
Simply Sewing Carmen Hoodie how to make pockets
Press the seam open
  • Fold the pocket Bag section up onto the lower front so that the right side of both pieces now face up, and the seam is hidden inside.
  • Match the finished edges of the pocket mouth with the notches at the side and across the top. Then machine baste the layers together at the side seam and the top edge using the foot width as your guide (aprox 0.7mm)
  • Neaten the 2 centre front edges together, From now on this section will be used as one piece, the lower front.
Simply Sewing Carmen Hoodie Pocket Bag RS diagram

6 – Lower back section

  • With right sides together, pin and then sew the un-notched longer edges of the 2 lower back sections together.
  • Press the seam open.
  • Open out the lower back sections so they face right side up. Place one of the lower front sections over the top, aligning the finished bottom edges of fronts with the back seam-line, and the notches at the side. Pin in place at the side.
  • Pin the second lower front onto the opposite side, and then baste the side edges with a .7 mm seam allowance (note: the original pattern states “top and sides” here)
  • With the right sides facing, Fold the 2nd lower back piece over the top, sandwiching the 2 lower fronts between the 2 back pieces.
  • Pin and then sew the side seams through all the layers with a 1 cm seam allowance. trim and grade the corners to reduce bulk (the original pattern says “top and sides” here)
  • Turn through to the right side, and the front sections are now neatly encased inside the side seams
  • Press the hem edge. Pin in place and then twin needle stitch from the right side 2 cm from the edge.
  • Baste together the 2 layers of the lower back sections together along the un-stitched edge.
The Carmen Hoodie Sewing Pattern
The Carmen Hoodie Sewing Pattern

The Vivian Dress, issue 68

Oops! We’ve spotted a mistake in issue 68’s The Vivian dress the size chart on the back of the envelope is incorrect and should read:

Vivian Dress size chart

Don’t worry – the Finished Garment Measurements on the instruction sheet are just fine. We apologise for any confusion this has caused!

The Maxi Dress, issue 70


We’ve noticed that the back and front shoulder seams on the original pattern are marginally different. You’ll find the updated pattern sheet on this page. Sorry about that!