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How to draw a reindeer

Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a reindeer for the Christmas season using colouring pencils.

how to draw a reindeer_Step8_C_FINISHED

Develop your drawing skills, and express your creativity with this fabulous reindeer drawing tutorial by Jesse Hodgson. Display your finished festive artwork in your home or give it to a loved one as a special gift.

Why draw a Reindeer this Christmas?

Reindeer are the perfect festive animal to draw during the Christmas season with their cute faces and wintery fur coats.

This ‘how to draw a reindeer’ tutorial is especially useful if you’re looking to learn new drawing skills and advance your colouring pencil techniques.

For this easy reindeer drawing, you will be taken through a step-by-step process starting with sketching the proportions. Then you will develop your sketch by adding colour, tone and texture with colouring pencils to bring your reindeer drawing to life.

Materials you’ll need for the Reindeer drawing


Use an A3 200 gsm cartridge paper, which you can get from any local art shop. Choose a cartridge paper with a smooth surface if possible.

Take a look at our guide to the best sketchbooks for drawing for even more choice.

Daler Rowney A3 pad

Colouring Pencils

I love Caran d’ache watercolour crayons, which are soft and blendable. The colours are also very vibrant and bright whilst still being natural.

I also love the Derwent ‘drawing’ range because they are so creamy and blendable, but these colours are much more muted. I use a combination of both sets to create my drawings.

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Caran D'ache watercolour pencils


I like to use a putty rubber that will lift colour off the page without smudging. I also use an electric rubber by Derwent to erase marks in small and intricate areas. An electric rubber will be needed to draw the snowy background of this reindeer drawing.

What species is the reindeer drawing?

Reindeer are found throughout the northern hemisphere in the tundra of Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, northern Europe, and northern Asia. There are many subspecies of reindeer which vary in size, colourings and antler appearance.

how to draw a reindeer_Step8_C_FINISHED

Clement Clarke Moore’s classic poem entitled “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” describes Santa’s sleigh being pulled by eight tiny reindeer. This reindeer drawing is of a Svalbard reindeer, which are the smallest subspecies of reindeer. Compared to other reindeer, their fur is lighter in colour and thicker during winter. Along with shorter legs, this gives them a rather endearing stocky appearance.

Interestingly, reindeer are a unique species of deer, in that both male and females can both grow antlers. Male reindeer, however, shed their antlers each winter – suggesting that Santa’s reindeer would have been female!

How to draw a reindeer


Sketch the layout and proportions - drawing the body, head and legs

Step 1

Start by drawing an oval shape for the body. I like to think of this like a bean shape.

how to draw a reindeer - step 1a

Step 2

Next, sketch two curved lines which will form the neck of the reindeer.

how to draw a reindeer - step 1b

Step 3

From these lines, start to map out the shape of the head, nose and jaw. Svalbard reindeer have broad noses – keep the face looking chunky!

how to draw a reindeer - step 1c

Step 4

Now, you can mark in the nostril, mouth and eye. Give the reindeer an oval shaped eye rather than a perfectly round one. Keep the corner of the line for the mouth softly upturned at the end, and this will give the impression of your reindeer being content.

I found my drawing looked a little bit like a sheep at this stage, because Svalbard reindeer have broad, rounded noses – don’t worry, it’ll get there!

how to draw a reindeer - step 1d

Step 5

Keep the legs short and stumpy. If you’re used to looking at images of red deer stags then you might be tempted to give your reindeer long, elegant legs.

But these cute reindeer are a bit stockier and shorter than red deer and other species of reindeer, so keep the legs on the stumpy side. Suggest the knee joints by drawing a slight bulge half way down the legs.

how to draw a reindeer - step 1e

Step 6

Hooves can be tricky to draw, so a little cheat is to avoid having to draw the hooves by hiding them underneath the snow.

Make the two legs that are furthest away slightly shorter. This will make your reindeer drawing look more 3D. Don’t forget to add a little tufty tail above the rear legs!

how to draw a reindeer - step 1e2

Drawing the antlers

Step 1

I like to think of the antlers like the branches of a tree. The antler starts growing just by the ear, and from there, let one shoot grow out to the left, and one to the right.

how to draw a reindeer_Step2_A

Step 2

Don’t forget to draw the second antler! I like to imagine this like a shadow, or copy of the other antler, sitting just behind the first one. Copy the same structure as the first antler to keep your reindeer drawing simple and effective.

how to draw a reindeer_Step2_B

Refine Your sketch

Now is the time to tidy up your sketch before you progress to adding colour. Rub the pencil markings out to give the illusion of the legs being forwards and back. Rub out the initial guide lines you drew for the body. Now you should have a good, strong reindeer! Amend any proportions if you need to.

how to draw a reindeer_Step3_A

Adding colour to your reindeer drawing

Step 1

Carefully observe the markings on the Svalbard deer: they have lighter fur on their body with brownish-grey flecks and darker legs. You will gradually build layers of colour to create rich tones of light grey and brown fur.

Start with the lightest colour first – cream – Lay down a base colour all over the reindeer, even though some areas will be darker later.

Keep in mind the direction you shade with your pencil and try to keep your marks going in the same direction as the contours of the body. Also, consider your pencil pressure (how hard you press).

Try to keep a light pencil pressure and gradually increase the intensity of the colour by going over the area several times.

how to draw a reindeer_Step4_A

Step 2

Now I like to erase as much of the sketching lines as possible. This is so that there is less risk of smudging, and also so that you can create a soft, fluffy edge to the reindeers coat, which will make your reindeer drawing look super cute.

how to draw a reindeer_Step4_B

Step 3

Next, colour over the top of the cream with the next layer of colour – pale grey. At this point, start to define the fur of the body by using a flicking motion with your pencil. This will create a fluffy fur-like texture and an edge that looks soft and hairy.

how to draw a reindeer_Step4_C

Step 4

Follow the same process to build the next layers of colour – warm greys, light greys, mid browns and greys – and gradually get darker into rich browns and deep greys.

Continue to use the flicking technique to create the fluffy fur texture, and carefully look at the markings on the reindeer’s coat. The top of the reindeer’s back is darker, and so are its legs, the brow of its nose and muzzle.

how to draw a reindeer_Step4_D

Adding Facial Details

Using a deep grey colouring pencil, simply draw over the top of the initial pencil marks you made earlier for the nostril, eye and mouth.

For the fur around the muzzle and nose, you can build soft layers of colour – dark greys and browns. You can blend these colours together and create a soft velvety texture by using small, smooth, circular motions with your pencil to apply the colour.

Leave two little white marks above and below the reindeer’s eye. You can use the tip on an electric rubber to achieve accuracy here.

how to draw a reindeer_Step5_A

Colouring the antlers

Step 1

In the same way as before, start by laying down a base layer of colour all over the surface of the first antler. Then, erase the initial pencil outline you drew as a guide. Leave the other antler for now.

how to draw a reindeer_Step6_A

Step 2

Start to build up layers of colour on the first antler, starting with the lightest first, to create depth and 3D form. Reindeer antlers are beautiful and velvety. To create this texture in your reindeer drawing, apply the colour with a smooth, circular motion with your pencil.

how to draw a reindeer_Step6_B

Step 3

After you’ve coloured the first antler to a deep brown, then colour the second antler afterwards, keeping the colour lighter so the antlers don’t merge together into one.

how to draw a reindeer_Step6_C

Grounding your reindeer

Step 1

To give the effect that your reindeer drawing is firmly stood on the ground, draw the snow beneath it. Use the edge of a light grey pencil to draw soft, snowy shadows, leaving areas of white paper uncoloured.

how to draw a reindeer_Step7_A

Step 2

Using a darker grey or blue pencil, soft shade in a darker area of shadow on the snow directly underneath the reindeer.

how to draw a reindeer_Step7_B

Drawing the Snowy Background - Optional

Step 1

You can choose to finish your drawing at this point. Or, you can choose to add a snowy sky background.

Drawing snow can be difficult because it’s white. The trick is to draw a blue sky and leave the contrasting white of the paper to suggest the falling snow. I use an electric rubber to lift spots of colour off the page and create a falling snow effect.

Softly shade several layers of light blue for the sky behind the reindeer. Keep your pencil shading smooth and even with the marks going in the same direction.

how to draw a reindeer_Step8_A

Step 2

Now use your electric rubber to lift off the layers of pencil and create a falling snow effect. Try to vary the sizes and scatter the spots randomly to make your drawing more convincing!

how to draw a reindeer_Step8_B

Drawing techniques: pencil drawing for beginners

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Pencil drawing techniques

Use these drawing techniques for your future artworks

Now that you have finished your reindeer drawing, you will have learned many new pencil drawing techniques. Finishing a drawing requires a lot of patience and perseverance as you spend time sketching the outlines first and amending proportions.

Applying layers of colour gradually to achieve the soft, fur-like texture can take a little longer, but it is well worth the dedication for the realistic and effective results at the end!

You can use these techniques you’ve learnt for drawing fur as you go on to draw more cute animals in the future. This drawing process is a useful skill to learn and master going forward in your creative journey.

Now you’re ready to frame your artwork and decorate your home, or gift it to a loved one as a personal present this Christmas.

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