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How to make a doodled vase

This beautiful doodled vase project by Esther Curtis is created using paint pens and a little creativity!

How to make a doodled vase

These wonderful vases are inspired by the line drawings of Pablo Picasso. Using paint pens on a simple ceramic vase, Esther has layered the drawings over each other to create an intriguing abstract pattern full of simplicity and beauty. Choose colours to suit your décor, then add your favourite flowers.

Paint pens are a fun medium to work with and can be used to make lots of fantastic DIY projects, but please note that you shouldn’t use them on plates or cups if you plan on eating or drinking from them.

For this project, Esther has used Uni Posca Paint pens, which come in a variety of vibrant colours. You can buy them as chunky markers, but finer paint pens are available.

Here are a couple of sets to get you started:

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You Will Need

  • Scrap paper
  • Pencil
  • Uni Posca pens
  • Ceramic vase, we've used a Ikea Livesverk vase
  • Clear spray varnish

Total time:

Step 1

Practice drawing abstract faces on scrap paper. Keeping your pen on the paper will encourage you to be creative about how you draw the features.

How to make a doodled vase step 1

Step 2

There’s no need to draw two eyes, a nose and a mouth for every face. This is about getting interesting shapes and lines that offer an impression.

How to make a doodled vase step 2

Step 3

Clean your vase with a cloth and ensure it’s dry. Now prop up the vase on a roll of tape, so that it’s easier to draw on. Use the lighter coloured pen to draw the larger faces on the vase.

How to make a doodled vase step 3

Step 4

Once the lighter colour is dry, draw slightly smaller faces with the darker pen.

How to make a doodled vase step 4

Step 5

Wait until the paint is dry, then fix the design by spraying the vase with a clear water-based varnish.

How to make a doodled vase step 5

Step 6

Experiment with different styles and colours!


You’re done! We hope you enjoy using your doodled vase.


How to make a doodled vase