One tumbler, jar or vase is usually pretty similar to the next, so decorating it with glass paint is a fun way to add a bit of personality. For anyone who loves to be one of a kind, getting a glass painting set is a perfect way to embrace uniqueness and spruce up your cabinets at the same time.


Below, we’ve rounded up some of the internet’s best glass painting kits and supplies, from single-colour pots to larger sets with paint brushes and storage boxes included.

What is glass painting?

Glass painting involves preparing a glass surface and decorating it using a brush or pen. The process is simpler than you might think, and with the help of stencils, you can create fantastic designs without much effort at all! Just make sure you thoroughly clean and dry the glass before you start painting.

You can use specialist glass paints to decorate tumblers, vases, tea light holders and mason jars, and many are also suitable for other materials like ceramics, wood and fabric.

Check out our full beginner’s guide to glass painting to get started.

The best glass painting kits

Decola Porcelain Colours Set

Decola Porcelain Colours Paint Set on a white background

Pros: Non-toxic, vegan, odourless, child-safe

Cons: Relatively small set

What’s in the kit?

  • 9 x 20ml acrylic paints

With nine coloured paints, this set is a great choice for beginners or anyone starting a collection of glass painting supplies.

Decolas Porcelain paints are vegan, odourless and non-toxic, so they’re suitable for children as young as three years old. Use them to paint on porcelain, ceramics and plastic, as well as glass and paper.

While some paints can be watery, the Decola range should have good coverage even on dark surfaces, thanks to their high-pigment intensity.

The pack includes all the primary colours, as well as white, black, brown and pink, and you can blend them together to create specific shades. After 72 hours, the paint should be dry and water-resistant to keep your design intact.

More like this

Stationery Island Acrylic Paint Set

Stationery Island Acrylic Paint Set on a white background

Pros: Lots of different colours, comes with three paint brushes, squeezy tubes

Cons: Doubles up on some paint colours

What’s in the kit?

  • 24 x 12ml paint colours
  • Three nylon brushes

If you’re after a big glass painting kit with lots of supplies, this is the set for you. It comes with 24 coloured paints, including metallic options with silver and gold. Plus, there are three paint brushes inside, each with a differently shaped head.

Like lots of the best glass painting kits, the paints come in soft tubes, making it easy to squeeze out every last bit. They’re also non-toxic and suitable for different surfaces, including ceramics, metal and plastic. You can even use it for rock painting.

Elements Acrylic Paint Set

Elements Acrylic Paint Set on a white background

Pros: Suitable for fabrics, quick drying, squeezy tubes

Cons: Only 12ml per tube

What’s in the kit?

  • 12 x 12ml paint colours

The quick drying time is one of the key benefits of this glass painting kit, according to Elements. It’s also a versatile choice, as the paints should stick to metal, wood and fabrics, so it’s a great option if you’re into crafting with different materials.

The makers describe the consistency of these non-toxic paints as smooth and buttery, which is useful if you want to create different textures and keep your brush strokes visible.

Pebeo Vitrail Glass Painting Set

Pebeo Vitrail Glass Painting Set on a white background

Pros: Lots of colours including gold, includes paint brush and storage box

Cons: Not ideal for those with existing supplies

What’s in the kit?

  • 9 x 45ml paint colours
  • 1 x 45ml Vitrail Lightening Medium
  • 2 x 20ml Cerne Relief (White & Gold)
  • One paintbrush
  • Leaflet
  • Box with two drawers for storing paints and accessories

Complete with 12 paints, a paintbrush and a heavy-duty storage box with two drawers, this is a comprehensive kit - perfect if you’re just starting out with glass painting or want to give your collection a bit of an overhaul.

The colours include white and gold, and the makers have added Vitrail Lightening Medium too. Pebeo Vitrail's Glass Painting set is comprised of solvent-based paints designed to be used on glass, acetate and polyester, and should give a sleek, glossy finish.

The makers say it should dry within 10 hours, so make sure you have somewhere you can keep your creation safe in that time!

Lumiere Multi-Surface Acrylics

Lumiere Multi-Surface Acrylics on a white background

Pros: Large pots, metallic finish, suitable for fabric and leather, weather-resistant

Cons: Doesn’t come as a set

For pearlescent, metallic shades, try these glorious paints from Lumiere. They’re sold in individual pots, so they’re perfect if you know which colours you want to use.

Each pot comes with 66.5ml of paint, which is more than you’d get in the average multipack tube.

These are smooth, light-bodied paints, and should work well on a wide range of surfaces, including wood, rubber and vinyl. In fact, they’re designed not to peel, even on fabrics like leather and canvas.

Once the paint is dry, it should be weather-resistant too.

Draw Ease Acrylic Paint Pen Set

Draw Ease Acrylic Paint Pen Set on a white background

Pros: Easy to use, fast drying, suitable for fabric, odourless, leak-proof, come with spare nibs

Cons: Not traditional paints

What’s in the kit?

  • 4, 12 or 18 acrylic pens
  • One or two spare nibs

Creating precise designs with a paintbrush on glass can be tricky, so why not start with an acrylic pen? This set contains a range of 0.7mm-tipped markers, which dry fast and stay in place permanently on most materials.

Choose between the set of four, 12 or 18, alongside the pack of six spare nibs. You’ll also get two spares in the packs of 12 and 18, and one spare in the four-pack.

These pens are water-based, quick-drying and completely odourless.

Drawlish Acrylic Paints Set

Drawlish Acrylic Paints Set on a white background

Pros: Suitable for fabric and leather, comes with three paint brushes, squeezy tubes

Cons: Only 12ml per tube

What’s in the kit?

  • 12 x 12ml paint colours
  • Three different brushes

According to the makers, these acrylic paints have impressive durability and fade-resistance, so they should stay looking good for longer than others on the market.

As these aren’t specific glass paints, you can use them on various materials, including wood, metal and terracotta. They should even work well on fabrics and leather.

This is one of the best glass painting kits for anyone just starting out, as it comes with three brushes in different sizes and shapes. As for the paints themselves, you’ll get 12 colours in convenient squeezy tubes.

Upgrade everyday household items with a glass painting kit

Glass painting is a great way to instantly upgrade boring household items and glassware. Some of the best glass paints also work well on a range of other materials, including ceramics and wood, so they’re a versatile option.

If you’re low on supplies, look out for kits with added extras like paintbrushes and storage boxes too.

Get glass painting with free ideas on Gathered

Ready to get stuck in and start painting? Or looking for some ideas on what to create before you buy your glass painting set?


See our list of glass painting ideas for inspiration ahead of your next crafting session. The guide covers projects as diverse as Christmas baubles, marbled wine glasses and psychedelic artwork, so whoever you are we'll have something to spark your imagination.


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