Do you have a plain glass surface you'd like to add a splash of colour to? Get inspired by these beautiful glass painting ideas. You'll find lots of ideas right here to spruce up glassware, jars, vases and much more! Painting glass is a soothing and fun activity for all ages, and it's definitely something we like to do as an adult!


There is plenty of inspiration you'll find from a variety of creators across the web. We've scooped our favourites into this post - so show them some love and get inspired by their creations! We will take you through the materials you'll need and the different paints you can use too.

Painting glass is an almost endless source of fun and there is no limit to your designs. We've chosen a range of styles, from delicate florals to bright bold designs. You'll find something to suit any taste. Painted glass also makes a wonderful homemade gift; it's inexpensive yet thoughtful!

If you need paint, brushes and other supplies, check out our round-up of the best glass painting kits you can buy. If you already have all the tools and are ready to paint, we do have a lovely beginner's guide to glass painting which includes a free floral template. Otherwise, read on for these fun glass painting sets and ideas.

Main image: KA Styles vintage mason jars

Glass painting kits

1. Glass painting diffuser kit

Try something a little different with this pretty glass diffuser kit. From House of Crafts, this high-quality kit contains the glass bottle, reeds, silver outline stickers, glass paints and a brush. Glass painting is easy with this kit as you can use the silver outline stickers to plan out your design and then you only need to paint inside the stencils. One thing to note is fragrance is not included, but fragrance refills are very easy to pick up from any supermarket or home store.

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glass painting kit with reed diffuser

2. Paint your own tumblers

Add a splash of colour to your tumblers with this lovely glass painting kit by Simply Make. Let your imagination run wild and create beautiful designs however you like. Create modern dots or stripes, or do something totally abstract. In the kit, you'll find four tumbler glasses, paints, a paintbrush, a mixing palette and a helpful guide.

glass painting kit with tumblers

3. Paint your own glass candle holders

Paint your own candle holders and add a touch of homemade to your living room. These fab candles would also make a thoughtful gift for someone special. The lovely kit contains two small glasses and all the kit to paint them. Once you have finished you'll also have a project book to flick through which contains nine other design ideas.

glass painting kit with candle holders

4. Wine glass painting kit

Choose from stemless wine glasses, champagne glasses, sangria glasses or mason jars for your glass painting project. In this kit you'll find everything you need including paints and brushes. These can be created in three easy steps: Clean the glass. Paint it. Bake it!

glass painting kit with wine tumblers

5. Glass paint pens kit

Instead of potted paints try pens for more intricate designs. In this kit, you can choose up to a huge 40 colours! They have a fine tip for are ideal for detailed drawing on glass. To set the paint you will need to bake. These pens are so versatile and can also be used on a number of other materials, why not let the kids try rock painting?

Glass painting pen selection

6. Glass painting kit with brushes

This fabulous little kit contains 24 vibrant paints plus three paintbrushes so you can get started right away! As the paints can be mixed, you are open to an unlimited range of colours for your projects. You will need to purchase your glass separately though, but in a way we quite like this as you have the freedom to be fully creative!

Glass painting pots selection

Glass painting ideas and inspiration

7. Psychedelic mushroom glass painting

Paint a psychedelic mushroom with this awesome tutorial from Now That's Peachy. In the tutorial, you'll see the design painted on a flat piece of glass, but it can be adapted to other glass surfaces. In this article, you'll find a step-by-step guide to creating the mushroom plus a free template!

mushroom glass painting

8. Floral glass painting

Of course, we had to include our own glass painting tutorial! This delightful tutorial designed by Holly Spanner features a step-by-step guide and template. In the tutorial, Holly shows you how to use the template, what paints to use and how to finish your creation.

A half pint glass decorated with painted floral flowers

9. Koi carp bowl

Decorate a fishbowl with these amazing koi carp designs and take your decor to the next level. These fishes might not move much but they are certainly a lot less hassle than real fish. The tutorial will guide you through the process, there is a video too if you prefer. Once you are finished you could fill it with pretty pebbles and foliage.

Glass bowl painted with koi carp

10. Marbled wine glasses

These marbled wine glasses look so sophisticated! They're easy to create too, and the colour possibilities are endless. We adore every colour they have done, but there is something special about the grey colours. You can find the full tutorial by Something Turquoise.

marbled wine glass design

11. Dotted wine tumblers

Follow along with the quick and simple tutorial to create these pretty dotted glasses. By adding this pattern in your chosen colours you'll be left with a totally unique collection of glasses! Get the tutorial from Pinterest.

multicoloured dotted wine glasses

12. Sharpie glass painting

This is a less traditional way of glass painting but no less effective. Grab three metallic Sharpie markers and get designing. Belle Vie provides us with a selection of pretty festive glasses to make your party shine!

glass painting using sharpies

13. Simple dotted glass

Keep things simple with this multicoloured dotted glass painting. Grab any colours you like and get dotty! This tutorial from Serendipity by Sara Lynn will work on any glass, wine tumblers and even vases. This article also includes a recipe for a delicious pear gin spritz, bonus!

multicoloured dotted wine glasses

14. Simple painted glass

Check out this lovely tutorial from Pantsuits and Pearls and get painting. It will teach you how to select a suitable pattern, what paint to use and how to cure your work.

simple glass painting tutorials

15. Cheers glass painting ideas

We love a cut out lettering project! This clever project from that's what Che Said uses paint dots in metallic shades to outline the word 'cheers'. Remember the joy of this project is you can personalise it with any word you like!

wine glasses with the word cheers

16. Pastel painted mason jars

Mason jars always make fabulous decorations and these beautiful pastel pink mason jars are just that! In this lovely tutorial from Ka Styles you'll find out how to create these in an easy tutorial. Once finished this would make the perfect decoration for a rustic wedding, or to brighten up your home.

mason jars painted in pink pastel

17. Metallic painted mason jar

Create these fun and shiny mason jars with your little ones. It's the perfect craft to get the kids involved. This lovely tutorial is from Hands on as we Grows.

mason jars painted in metallics

18. Sunflower painted glasses

Add a touch of summer to your drinks with this beautifully painted sunflower idea from Art in Context.

glass with sunflower

19. Light bulb painting

This one is a little different but by painting a lightbulb you can create some really magical colours that fill your room. As long as you are using glass paint that can be baked in the oven then you are good to go. Head over to eHow for more ideas and a full tutorial.

painted lightbulb

20. Glass bauble painting

Painting Christmas baubles is a classic! We like this tutorial from Skill Share who created these lovely colourful baubles. They also have lots of other glass painting tricks and tips to get you started.

glass bauble painting

21. Flower painting on recycled glass

What a wonderful way to reuse old glass jars and save our planet! Follow along with this fabulous video tutorial by Pamela Groppe and you'll have some pro jars in no time.

glass flower painting

More like the glass painting ideas

If you love glass painting we have a tonne of similar crafts for you to get stuck into. Have a go at these paint by number kits, latch hook rug kits or the lovely rug making kits. Take a look at this macrame wall hanging, or the macrame pot hangers for a lovely modern piece of decor! If you want to make a gift for a friend try these gorgeous DIY tassel earrings, or the how to make beeswax wraps - ideal for any occasion.


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