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Travel journal ideas to help you record your adventures

Designer and brush-lettering artist Becki Clark shares her top travel journal ideas to inspire you

Travel journal ideas

Making a travel journal can be a wonderful way to keep a record of your adventures.

Becki Clark says: “As much as I love Instagram, when it comes to making memories, I want more than just an image with a quick caption and a few emojis. I’ve started to scrapbook my holidays and special days, taking the time to print out photographs, being mindful to collect any tickets and bring back memories to jot down in my scrapbook, when I return home from my trips.”

Scrapbooking is a really relaxing way to spend an afternoon once you’re home. There are no rules to what can and can’t go in your book; anything that sparks joy or happiness! And, even if you don’t have physical tickets, you can still jot down favourite cafés, walks or moments, so they can be treasured forever. It’s also very similar to bullet journalling so if you fancy learning how to bullet journal make sure you check out our beginner’s guide.

Here’s a few ideas of things to look out for on your travels: flowers, leaves or plants to press, receipts, leaflets, travel tickets, entry tickets, shells. This travel journal ideas tutorial includes pressed flowers – learn how to do this yourself with our how to press flowers guide. If you’re not a confident painter, Becki has created some beautiful printable papers for you to use in your journal – download our free travel journal ideas printables.

If you’re looking for a journal like the one Becki has used here, we’d recommend this Daler Rowney hardback spiral sketchbook (Amazon, £7.50). You’ll also need some watercolour paints to decorate your journal – check out our best watercolor paints guide to find the right set for you.

Read on to explore Becki’s travel journal ideas…


You Will Need

  • Scrapbook
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Watercolour paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Washi tape
  • Black fineliner pens
  • Pressed flowers

Total time:

Step 1

Gather your photos, tickets and any art supplies you have – paints, pens, markers, washi tape all work well! Now create frames for each of your images using a fineliner pen. If you don’t feel confident drawing then use one of the illustrative frames included in our printable papers.

Travel journal ideas step 1

Step 2

I like to add details to the photos, for instance the image of the shells was taken when we found a secret cove. Shells are also great for creating patterns – dip them in paint, or take rubbings for beautiful textures.

Travel journal ideas step 2

Step 3

Add colour to your pages but take a moment to think about how the trip felt. My trip was warm, cosy and full of exploring and I wanted to create a warm look, so I used oranges, browns and terracotta tones to evoke that.

Travel journal ideas step 3

Step 4

If you gathered any leaves or flowers, you can press them between books to pop in your scrapbook. Just lay between two sheets of blotting paper and the florals and foliage will flatten to create everlasting memories of colour and moments!

Travel journal ideas step 4

Step 5

My scrapbook is also a memory book, which includes recipes. Adding things like this will help reignite your senses when you look back on the trip.

Travel journal ideas step 5

Step 6

If you didn’t manage to get tickets or you’ve lost them, then draw simple ticket shapes and fill them in, so that you still have a memory of the journey.

Travel journal ideas step 6

Step 7

Look at your images and see which colours jump out at you – use paint, pencil or crayon to recreate the tones or feelings. You can also create abstract marks and shapes. Looking at my images I saw warm tones, fire, sea and movement. Take a paintbrush and paint how the images make you feel – try not to think about it too much, just paint.

Travel journal ideas step 7

Step 8

Once the paint is dry, cut the paper into strips and shapes and glue back onto the page to create mesmerising abstract collages.

Travel journal ideas step 8

You’re finished! We hope you enjoyed trying out Becki’s travel journal ideas. If you’re looking for more ways to record your travels, take a look at our travel painting ideas for more inspiration! For more artistic inspiration, explore our watercolor painting ideas, art journal ideas and fall painting ideas.

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Travel journal ideas