15 of the most stylish paint by numbers kits for adults

Who says kids are the only ones who get to enjoy colour by numbers? Try one of the hottest craft trends of 2020 with our round-up of our favourite paint by numbers kits for grown ups.

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Paint by numbers kits for adults Girl relaxing

Discover the ultimate way to unwind and DIY your very own wall art! Paint by numbers for adults has swept the nation this year, as people everywhere embrace the calming powers of making art but in an accessible way that doesn’t require you to already be a painting pro.


If you haven’t already tried it, paint by numbers kits are a truly soothing way to relax and unwind – there’s something meditative about curling up with a kit and following the numbered sections with all the paints pre-mixed and set up for you. We already know that that crafting is officially good for us (see our article on Why crafting is good for your mental health) and now this beginner-friendly option is proving popular with brand new crafters as well as established makers.

With paint by numbers kits, not only can you dip your toe into the world of painting to see if it’s for you (without having to splash out on a full set of high end acrylic paints), but you get to watch a beautiful artwork spring to life in front of your eyes which is hugely satisfying. That’s perhaps the reason that paint by numbers for adults has emerged as one of the biggest craft trends of this year – we predict that these kits will be topping many a wish list for Christmas 2020.

In this round up we’ve focused on the best contemporary and stylish paint by numbers designs – we’ve thrown in a few of our favourite classic artworks for you to recreate at home, along with soothing scenes, illustrations and modern designs.

Featured image: Girl relaxing with plants kit © Paint at Home Store on Etsy

Paint by numbers for adults – the best kits to buy

Ok people, let’s dive into a few of our absolute favourite kits out there. Prepare to relax and unwind with these beautiful designs…


Pimpinella William Morris

Canvas By Numbers has made our year by releasing this easy-to-paint version of a William Morris classic Pimpernel design. These classic art deco Paint by Numbers kits feature real canvases with detailed line art to fill in. Each section is labeled with a small number to show you which colour to paint. You’ll also get a numbered acrylic-based paint set, 3 standard paint brushes and a hanging kit.

Paint by numbers kits for adults William Morris


Grow your own plants

Paint your own trio of cacti with this triple paint by numbers kit – it comes with 3 numbered designs printed onto A4 300gsm artist paper, acrylic paint pots (enough to complete all 3 paintings), 2 paint brushes and instructions.

Paint by numbers kits for adults cactuses


Coastline daisies

Paint by numbers kits often feature landscapes but we love one for it’s simple floral design – it’s a great way to capture some summer vibes over the winter season, with it’s coastal feel and summer blooms. The kit comes with a canvas, acrylic paint and brushes and your finished painting will be sized 40cm x 50cm.

Paint by numbers kits for adults daisies


Mood Board Boutique Beach huts

OK, we confess. We have fallen a little bit in love with Mood Board Boutique while researching our favourite paint by numbers for adults. This is one of the most contemporary artworks you can make in this round up. Your kit includes the design printed onto high quality A4 300gsm artist paper, acrylic paint pots, 2 paint brushes, instructions and a reference picture. You can also choose from sister designs of a Sunset tree, Pink trainers or Peonies

Paint by numbers kits beach huts


Van Gogh The Starry Night

Paint your very own masterpiece and recreate this classic painting kit by L’Aperature. This beautiful paint by numbers kit includes a printed 16×20 inch art canvas, 6 painting brushes, a set of acrylic paints and instructions. 

Paint by numbers kit Monet Starry night

DIY dragons!

One for all you Game of Thrones fans out there, we initially found these paint by numbers kits, by Crafts 4 Kids, aimed at junior makers on Not on the High Street, but we’re including them here as the collection includes some seriously stylish options for adults too. Each set actually comes with four paintings to complete, along with an art board that has a pre-printed picture with the faint outline created with a wax mask on top of high quality watercolour vellum paper. The wax acts as a barrier when painting, making artwork neat while the vellum paper soaks up the liquid paint making the vivid colours seem to appear as if by magic. With sets from Llamas to Enchanted Deers and Butterflies to choose from, you can pick your favourite from a beautiful range. And for fantasy fans, why not treat yourself to the Unicorns to paint alongside your Dragons?

Paint by numbers kits for adults dragon


Paint it with flowers

This Tenol DIY Paint by Numbers for Adults kit will guide you through painting a 16×20 inch picture of a flower on a windowsill. This kit comes with a pre-printed canvas with labelled colour blocks, ready for you to apply the paint, a set of acrylic paints, 1 finished picture to guide you and 3 paint brushes. Frame not included but this one is seriously relaxing to paint and watch the design grow in front of your eyes.

Paint by numbers kit for adults flower


Girl relaxing with plants

This beautiful design from the Paint at Home store on Etsy caught our eye immediately while we we were shopping for Paint by Numbers for adults. Make your own abstract-style painting of a girl relaxing with this beautiful modern kit. It ships from China so you’ll need to allow a few weeks for shipping – worth bearing in mind if you’re considering it for a Christmas gift.  Finished dimensions are 30×45 cm or 12×16 inches.

Paint by numbers kits for adults Girl relaxing


Ballet dancers by Vikmari

Capture the behind-the-scenes glimpse of dancers warming up with this beautiful paint by numbers kit by Vikmari. It comes with an easy-to-read numbered canvas, a set of paint brushes, pigments, magnifier and instructions. You’ll just need to find a frame to finish.

Paint by numbers kits Ballet dancers



This beautiful paint by numbers kit is the perfect way to get a dose of summer sun during the dark winter nights. It comes with a printed artist board, paint brush and 12 acrylic paint pots.

Paint by numbers kits sunflowers


Enjoy a city break

Escape to London from your home with this cityscape paint by numbers kit. It cones with eco-friendly acrylic paints, all mixed for you so all you have to do is the match the numbers of the paint and the figures on the pre-prepared canvas to fill in the picture. This kit comes with 3 brush shapes and sizes to help you perfect your painting process. Frame is not included so you’ll need to buy a frame separately to display your finished masterpiece.

Paint by numbers kits for Adults London city scene


Magpies and flowers

Paint some maximalist style with this boho-feel paint by numbers kit of beautiful birds and blossoms. It comes with numbered acrylic-based paints, a pre-printed numbered canvas, 3 paint brushes and a hanging kit.

Paint by numbers kits for adults Magpies


Calm Crafts Autumn stroll

Wind away the hours painting this beautiful Autumn river scene. This paint by numbers kit from Calm Crafts offers you the ultimate in Huge craft activities. It comes a hanging canvas, (40x50cm), 3 sizes of nylon brush, and a full set of pigment numbered paints.  It makes a great gift for family members who want to enjoy some mindful making too.

Paint by numbers kits for adults Paris in the Autumn


Modern style cactus

Paint At Home Store’s beautiful cactus paint by numbers kit is proving popular on Etsy, notching up almost a thousand kits sold so far. Your finished artwork will measure 40 x 60cm (12×16 inches). It does ship from China so make sure you leave a bit of extra time for delivery and it will be worth the wait.

Paint by numbers kits cactus painting


The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

Buy it now (Etsy, from £14.39)


Create your very own version of the famous Japanese print by Hokusai (one of our all time favourite artworks) with this timeless painting by numbers kit from Rarton on Etsy.  It comes with everything you need from the acrylic-based paints to a pre-printed and numbered canvas, 3 paint brushes (1x small, 1x medium, 1x large) and hooks for hanging. You can choose the number of colours when you buy (the more colours, the more in-depth your finished painting will appear) and whether to opt for a rolled canvas or framed version.

Paint by numbers kits for adults The Great Wave