It’s been another tumultuous year, but we’ve loved seeing how you’re all-embracing new crafts and really honing your old favourites. While the outside world feels a little unpredictable, it’s been so fun to find out what’s caught everyone’s attention through 2021. Now, we’re looking to the year ahead to discover the new ways you can level up your making and stay on top of all the latest craft trends!


Here's all the latest trending crafts so you can stay up to date on the world of craft!


terrazzo craft trends 2022


We’ve seen this one getting really popular after the pottery craft trend through 2021, but this year, we think it’s really going to take off. Terrazzo is a little bit easier to work with than traditional clay as it’s just a case of pouring into your mould of choice, and the jesmonite has some more eco-friendly credentials, too. Plus, it’s a really easy one to get started on – there’s lots of different at-home kits that’ll give you everything you need to get going. You just have to choose your favourite colour combos. If you fancy giving this 2022 craft trend a go then head over to our DIY coasters tutorial.


paper flowers craft trends 2022

Etsy, £32

We’re saying goodbye to fresh flowers for 2022 and embracing the longer-lasting paper versions. Whether it be a traditional bunch for a vase, creating your own seasonal wreath or even going all out for a special occasion, we’re predicting these imitation blooms will be everywhere over the next year. Styles span from easy-to-make basic shapes to intricate crepe paper creations that’ll make you do a double-take when you realise they’re not the real thing. Browse our papercraft projects which include everything from origami for beginners to a DIY scrapbook album.

Fancy letters

Letters craft trends 2022

There’s nothing quite like getting a hand-written letter in the post from someone special, and after the past couple of years we’ve seen how vital keeping in touch with our nearest and dearest is. We’re expecting the humble snail mail to level-up – think letter-pressing, beautiful wax seals and handmade paper, as well as older favourites like calligraphy to make them extra fancy. We even show you how to make paper and how to make envelopes here on Gathered.

Recycled yarn

How to make tshirt yarn step 5

We’ve all had sustainability on our minds recently, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more sustainable craft trends at the moment. While there’s lots more on offer at our favourite craft stores, tutorials on how to make your own t-shirt yarn have started to pop up everywhere. It’s included old T-shirts, bedsheets and whatever bits of fabric are lying around in your collection. Whether you use it to weave, crochet or create something unique, it’s an amazing way of turning those scraps into something to treasure.

Vinyl printing

vinyl printing craft trends 2022

Persia Lou's vinyl stickers

With all of the clearouts and Marie-Kondoing we’ve been doing, personalising is really having a moment. Creating a place for everything in your home is super satisfying so customising and labelling it to suit you is the ideal craft trend. Plus it’s an amazing addition to a gift. Vinyl printing is super easy and gives a fancy finish that’ll make you feel like a pro. There’s sticker versions you can design and cut out yourself, or get to step it up a gear with a specialist machine.

Pom poms

pompom earrings craft trends 2022


They’re already one of our favourite decorations but for 2022 we’re expecting pom poms to take centre stage in the craft trends. We’re talking garlands, earrings, flowers, toys, –whatever you can dream up in fluffy form. They’re an absolute staple of our projects already and so versatile to add to your favourite makes, so this is one to master. You can learn how to make a pom pom here on Gathered.

Pen and ink

pen and ink craft trends 2022


It’s an ancient technique, but this year we’re expecting to see a lot more of the super detailed artwork in pen and ink on our feeds throughout 2022. This is a craft trend that’s ideal for calligraphers who’ll already have all the materials, but it’s also amazingly easy to get started on and can feel a little less daunting than going all out with paint. Check out our Art and Calligraphy section here on Gathered to practice this 2022 craft trend.

Homemade beauty

Cuticle Oil - Finished V3

There’s never a better time for enjoying self-care than with the new year rolling in, so this craft trend is one to embrace as part of your resolutions. From face masks and scrubs to body lotion and hair treatments, beauty fans can create their own versions at home and include all your favourite scents and ingredients. Bonus points if you use up coffee grounds or other things destined for the bin and make it zero-waste. Learn how to make your own cuticle oil, natural lip balm and lavender oil here on Gathered.

Upcycling clothes

upcycled clothes craft trends 2022

Tik Tok has been leading the way in some of the new craft trends that are going to take hold this year. Enter the thrift flip – taking lacklustre charity shop finds and turning them into an amazing new outfit with just a few tweaks and some imagination. Sewists, take note. This is such a good way of being more sustainable with clothes as well as creating completely unique pieces for your wardrobe that you can’t find anywhere else. If you love a challenge and want to up your stitching skills, this is one for you. We have a whole collection of upcycling clothes ideas here on Gathered.

Jewellery making

jewellerymaking craft trends 2022


There’s something about making your own jewellery that feels accomplished. Thanks to the success of shows like All That Glitters, we’re expecting to see more unusual materials making up our favourite accessories, like rings from fork metal, necklaces from glazed wood and bracelets from beach plastic. We can’t wait to see where your creativity goes with this craft trend. To help you master this 2022 craft trend we've got loads of jewellery making tutorials for you to try as well as guides on the best jewellery making supplies and DIY jewellery kits.

Fidget Toys

Fidget toys craft trends 2022

We all remember when fidget spinners became a huge thing, so anyone with a mind working on full-speed will enjoy the new surge of fidget-related crafts that can help with calming and concentration. This is a great one to do with kids to include their favourite textures. From squishy putty and zip bracelets to clever infinity cubes with dice, we’re predicting loads of new DIYs for busy hands. Learn how to make slime using our easy tutorial.


Amigurumi craft trends 2022


Crochet is always a favourite, but the Japanese craft of amigurumi steps it up a notch with some new techniques to create gorgeous stuffed makes. While we’ve had lots of cute toys for kids over the years, we’re starting to see more for adults popping up on our Insta and Pinterest. They’ll make such special keepsakes for pals and family, too. Check out our amigurumi crochet patterns to meet loads of cute characters including our free amigurumi Santa and our free amigurumi ghost pattern.


We hope you’re feeling inspired by our 2022 craft trends and have a few new ideas that you’d like to try. Let us know what trending crafts you’re giving a go over on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’ve got lots of free craft patterns for you to get stuck into in the new year, too.


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