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12 craft trends to watch out for in 2021

Fancy learning something new in 2021? Here's our predicted 2021 craft trends so you can stay up to date with all the latest trending crafts.

craft trends 2021 resin
2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year but it has introduced hundreds of people of all ages to the wonderful world of crafting. Since we all spent more time indoors we all had the opportunity to rediscover old passions or pick up a new hobby we never had time for before! Thanks to this there’s been loads of new craft trends in 2020 and we think that’s only set to grow in 2021. Based off emerging craft trends we’ve seen on Pinterest, Instagram and even Tik Tok, we’ve rounded up 12 of the hottest craft trends for 2021. From traditional painting to volume sewing, there’s such a wide range of crafts we predict that you’re bound to find something you love.

Here’s all the latest trending crafts so you can stay up to date on the world of craft!


12 of the latest craft trends for 2021



craft trends 2021 resin

Etsy, £6.99

Resin crafts have become increasingly popular over the last few months and we think it’s going to be huge in 2021. Tik Tok has become a hub for makers to share behind the scenes footage of their craft process. One of the most popular videos of this genre is how to make Spotify code keyrings which are made from, you guessed it, resin!

From bookmarks and keyrings to bowls and wall art, resin is a really diverse material and super durable. There’s plenty of resin kits and how-to video tutorials which make a great starting place for anyone wanting to try this craft. For more resin inspo head to our best resin crafts roundup where we’ve collected 39 ideas of things to make with resin.



craft trends 2021 pottery

Etsy, £32

The success of The Great Pottery Throwdown (you can read our interview with judge Keith Brymer-Jones and last years winner) has definitely sparked the nations interest in all things clay. Throughout 2020 we saw a rise in at-home pottery delivery kits which would include everything you need to make your own masterpieces at home. This kit by is designed to be a clay date! It comes with enough clay for 2 people and instructions on how to create this cute wall hanging.

Pottery is going to continue to grow in 2021 and we predict people of all ages getting involved. Whether you’re sculpting a plant pot, a pen pot or even an incense holder, pottery is great fun for everyone and even helps improve hand-eye coordination.


Volume sewing

craft trends 2021 volume sewing

Sew big or go home we always say. As 60’s/70’s fashion comes back into fashion so does volume sewing. Our favourite show on TV The Great British Sewing Bee featured volume sewing and we think this trend is just going to grow. Big oversized collars, custom cuffs, flared trousers and huge floaty sleeves are in fashion and so will be crafting fashion very soon. This rather extra Victorian collar tutorial is by lolaalbavintage and was featured in issue 124 of Mollie. It’s the very definition of volume sewing and will look 10/10 added to your 2021 outfits.


Polymer clay

craft trends 2021 polymer clayy

Etsy, £19.50+

Trending crafts often emerge through social media and polymer clay is one of these. Tik Tokers and Instagrammers are making very satisfying videos of polymer clay colours being rolled together to create gorgeous patterns and swirling designs. It’s an extremely versatile material and can be used to make all sorts of jewellery, figurines, cases and pots. Plus it’s super affordable meaning you can start making your own handmade jewellery cheaper than shop-bought pieces. 2021 say hello to the wonderful world of polymer clay! We’ve got a complete guide to polymer clay right here on Gathered so you can embrace this trending craft with open arms.



craft trends 2021 bargello

Bargello is needlepoint like you’ve never seen it before. Named after a set of chairs from the Bargello palace in Florence, Bargello is upright stitches which are laid out to make a certain pattern or motif (like this fab chevron pattern). It gives a beautifully textured look to your projects and can be embroidered onto wool or other materials for extra details. We’re starting to see more and more bargello crop up on Pinterest and other crafty sites. Plus we even featured this retro bargello plant pot tutorial in issue 124 by the queen of bargello herself, Nerrisa Pratt.

There’s lots of different ways bargello can be incorporated into craft so if cross-stitch isn’t really your thing don’t worry! Today’s Quilter has a fab how to make a bargello quilt tutorial here on Gathered so you can embrace this trend the quilting way.



craft trends 2021 painting

Etsy, £28

making painting accessible for everyone.

Since we loved this trending craft so much we decide to create a whole section for it on Gathered! Our Art section covers watercolour, abstract, portrait painting and much more. We’ve even rounded up the best paint by numbers kits for adults to keep you entertained all year long.


Textured embroidery

craft trends 2021 textured embroidery

Etsy, £28

Embroidery became more popular in 2020 (oh hello Love Embroidery magazine) but we think textured embroidery is going to be the star craft trend of 2021. There’s been lots of experimentation in embroidery with different beads and materials being added to give it a more 3D look. We love when roving is added to embroidery hoops to give movement to the design and blur the boundaries between multiple crafts. Who says embroidery can’t embrace aspects of macrame, weaving and jewellery making? have given their festive little lady a 3D element with her hair and added snow sparkle beads.


90’s crochet

craft trends 2021 90s crochet

Etsy, £24.99

90’s crochet is another 2020 craft trend which is going to get even bigger and better in 2021. A younger generation has discovered the fun of crochet and have bought colourful granny squares back into fashion. Bucket hats, matching two-piece skirts and crop tops and little funky bags are all the height of festival fashion and the love is going to continue into 2021. If you’re new to crochet then never fear, you can still join the trend. We’ve got a crochet guide for beginners which will teach you all the tips and tricks you need. 


Tie dying & ice dying

craft trends 2021 tie dying
Tutorial in issue 124 of Mollie Makes.

The 90’s influence doesn’t stop at crochet. Tie-dying has made a huge comeback and is set to grow even more in 2021. It’s taken a more eco-approach in recent years with natural dyes being used over chemical ones and tie-dying being marketed as a great way to upcycle old or stained garments. Ice dying is also on the rise which is the method of leaving ice on top of the design and waiting for it to melt to create the swirling effect. Whether it’s tie-dying or ice dying that takes your fancy, we’ve rounded up the top tie dye kits on the market so that you can purchase a kit and get making!



craft trends 2021 marbling

Etsy, £28

Craft trends often emerge over social media and marbling is certainly one of these trends. Towards the end of 2020, we saw multiple marbling workshops by big brands such as Bombay Saphire Gin with loads of top influencers discovering its beauty. Whether you’re upcycling old gin bottles, making your own cards and gift tags or giving an extra edge to old notebooks, marbling gives plain paper a 21st-century makeover. We think this is just the start of the marbling love because it’s a craft trend that’s as addictive as it is therapeutic.

We’ve got a whole marbling guide right here on Gathered if this trending craft has taken your fancy! Have a read through our how to do paper marbling post and start swirling.


Candle making

craft trends 2021 candle making

Etsy, £6

Our candle making kits round-up is a great way to start learning this craft because the kits come with everything you need inside. If you already have all the materials then our make your own candles tutorial will show you how to turn those materials into fab pink ombre candles!


craft trends 2021v

Etsy, £34.99

And finally, calligraphy is an emerging craft trend that’s all over Etsy and independent stores. Whether it’s calligraphy workshops or at-home kits like this one, we think more people will be picking up the pen in 2021. Letter writing has become even more special with the world in lockdown and there’s no reason why those handwritten notes can’t be extra beautiful. We’ve covered this trending craft right here on Gathered too! Our calligraphy for beginners guide is written by the experts at The Modern Calligraphy Co. and has all the information you need to start writing in your own beautiful script.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our 2021 craft trends and found one that you’d like to try. Let us know what trending crafts you’d like to try over on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you’re stuck for creative inspiration then check out our free daily craft patterns or if you’ve got the little ones with you then we have loads of craft ideas for kids too.