You know by now that we love our craft TV shows here at Gathered so you can imagine our excitement when we heard that Channel 4's Britain's Best Woodworker is back!


Mel, Alex, and Helen are on a hunt to find Britain's best woodworker and nine woodworking enthusiasts have been selected to battle it out to be crowned the champion woodworker.

Millions of men and women in the UK have a passion for all things timber, and crafts like wood carving and pyrography are more popular than ever. If you're one of these talented makers, or you're just interested in this ancient craft, then Britain's Best Woodworker is the show for you.

We're going to share all the info you need about the show including when and where it's airing, along with judge and contestant profiles so you can get to know this year's cast. Grab a cuppa and learn about 2022's hottest creative show.

When is Britain's Best Woodworker on?

Britain's Best Woodworker is on every Wednesday from the 21st September. It will air at 8pm.

Mel and Tony in the wood working shop. Paul Groom / Channel 4

Where can I watch Britains's Best Woodworker?

Britain's Best Woodworker is shown on Channel 4 and is streamed on All 4. Channel 4 is fast becoming our go-to craft channel with shows like The Great Pottery Throwdown, All That Glitters, The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge, Kirstie's Handmade Christmas, and now Britain's Best Woodworker!

Where is Britain's Best Woodworker filmed?

Britain's Best Woodworker is filmed in the beautiful Glanusk Estate in the Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales. The contestants battle it out in a rustic, custom-built studio that's kitted out with all the wood and machinery a woodworker could dream of!

Glanusk forest Britians best woodworker
Photo credit: Glanusk Estate

Who presents Britain's Best Woodworker?

Britain's Best Woodworker is presented by everyone's favourite TV legend Mel Giedroyc. The comedian and former Bake Off presenter has joined the show to find Britain's most talented craftspeople. Mel spoke to the Radio Times expressing her love for the show and we're so glad she chose to join the hunt for Britain's best woodworker.

The woodworkers have got such grit. They’re a brilliant bunch of people and enjoyed all being together, because it is usually such a solitary activity. So for them to meet others who have the same passion was wonderful.
Mel Giedroyc for Radio Times
britain's best woodworker Mel
Paul Groom / Channel 4

Last year Mel was joined by two judges, Alex De Rijke and Helen Welch. This year the show is shaking things up with two new judges. Woodworking expert Sophie Sellu and design academic Tom Dyckhoff are more than qualified to judge this year's contestants.

Sophie Sellu

Sophie is the brains behind Grain & Knot. She creates beautiful wooden objects made from reclaimed timber. She's made and sold everything from wooden vases to brushes as well as a range of incredible kitchenware. Sophie has won many awards and is known in the industry for her creativity and passion for sustainability.

Tom Dyckhoff

Tom Dyckhoff is one knowledgeable man. Previously an architecture and design critic for The Times, deputy homes and design editor at The Guardian, Tom's accolades are endless. You might recognise him from shows like The Great Interior Design Challenge and The Secret Life of Buildings as he's been both a presenter and judge on a host of shows.

We can't wait to see what Sophie and Tom think of this year's contestants!

Pictured: (L-R) Judge Tom Dyckhoff, host Mel Giedroyc and judge Sophie Sellu. Paul Groom / Channel 4

Britain's Best Woodworker contestants 2022

2022's cast features the best Britain has to offer in both traditional and modern woodworking. The ten contestants have already blown us away with their creations but let's get to know them better. Meet the 2022 cast of Britain's Best Woodworker...

Paul Groom / Channel 4
  • Tony, a graphic designer from Liverpool
  • Sarah, a corporate consultant from Kent
  • Jacob, a caretaker from Great Yarmouth
  • Amina, an academic developer from Greater Manchester
  • Lauren, a technician from Kent
  • Chloe, a student from Brighton
  • Calum, a 3D designer from Glasgow
  • Dafydd, a civil servant from Bridgend
  • Russel, a kitchen fitter from Kent
  • Tanya, a product design teacher from London

Britain's Best Woodworker 2022 episode guide

Episode one: Dining tables & ornate panels

Sarah in the woodworking studio, Paul Groom / Channel 4

What a first episode that was! The builds are bigger, the talented better and Mel is as funny as ever.

For the first challenge, the woodworkers were challenged to build a dining room table inspired by a country of their choice. It must seat six and be complete with a unique centrepiece.

Then the woodworkers were given a lifeline in the skills challenge. If they create and design an ornate panel the judges love and they'll be saved from elimination. It was a week of creativity, friendship and wonderful, wonderful woodwork.

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Highlights: Tony the tool won the ornate panel challenge saving him from elimination. Jacob's wooden hairpin legs broke but he pulled it back and won woodworker of the week! A well-deserved win. As always we loved watching the woodworkers help and support one another – that's what craft is all about.

Lowlights: Tony didn't finish his table in time and Sarah's legs were slightly too short. Amina's table just wasn't neat enough and unfortunately, it sent her home this week.

Quote of the episode: "Just put some screws in it" – we're not sure how useful that advice is Calum but what do we know!

Episode two: Highly decorated clocks & wooden roses

Tony working outside, Paul Groom / Channel 4

This week it was the battle of the clocks and war of the roses. The woodworkers were challenged to build detailed clocks which told a story close to their hearts. For the immunity challenge, they were tasked with making delicate wooden roses which looked very, very fiddly. We were also introduced to a new member of the crew – Ashely. We can't wait to see what she makes.

Highlights: Tony discovered the world of measuring and Jacob made some beautiful roses. Tanya, Chloe and Dafydd's clocks impressed but it was Laurens's beautiful IVF clock that won her woodworker of the week.

Lowlights: Jacob and Rusell's clock wasn't refined enough for the judges. Tanya's roses were more dandelions but it was Tony's unfinished pieces which sent him home.

Quote of the episode: "I'm just winging it" – aren't we all Dafydd, aren't we all?

Episode three: Children's toys & Welsh love spoons

Tanya working outside, Paul Groom / Channel 4

This week in the woodworking studio it was all about three words – play, interactive and keepsake. For the main challenge, the woodworkers had to create luxurious toys which have fun, interactive elements. The immunity challenge was also tricky as the woodworkers were asked to carve beautiful, decorative Welsh love spoons. Despite all the stress and in some cases blood, the resulting toys and spoons were incredible. Is there anything these woodworkers can't do?

Highlights: Ashley's ice cream parlour was good enough to eat. Russel's wheel featured exceptional joinery and any child would love Lauren's moped. Chloe's beautiful spoon won her immunity but Jacob was the judge's favourite with his contrasting light and dark wood tool table.

Lowlights: Jacob's wood kept buckling, Lauren was strapped for time and Sarah's potion pantry made her stressed! For the love spoon challenge, Russ broke every tool in the shed and Dafydd got blood... everywhere... and then Tom broke Tanya's time machine!!!

Quote of the episode: "Please get yourself into a nice handmade horseshoe huddle" – We're calling our Monday morning meetings this from now on.

Episode four: Day beds & pyrography

The challenges just keep getting harder! This week the contestants were tasked with building huge day beds! For the immunity challenge, the woodworkers had to immortalise Mel in wood. Big builds and self-portraits? Sounds like our nightmare.

They used the fab technique of pyrography which we've covered here on Gathered! Head over to our beginners guide to pyrography if you fancy making your own Mel.

Highlights: Ashley nailed her traditional day bed and Jacob wowed the judges again with his mid-century day bed. There was some brilliant joinery and a bunch of day beds we'd be happy to take a nap on. But it was Rusell's incredible optical illusion bed that won him woodworker of the week.

Lowlights: Ashley was stressed out in the big build, plus Lauren and Dafydd didn't finish. Tanya gave herself way too much to do and got told off by Tom! There were some ermmm sketchy-looking Mel portraits which at least gave everyone a laugh. We said goodbye to Dafydd this week which is very sad.

Quote of the episode: "It's not the size of wood that matters it's what you do with it" – truer words were never spoken.

Episode five: Wood sculptures & spinning tops

The judge's motto for this week is beautiful, unique and bespoke. The woodworkers had an exhausting time in the studio, chiseling out under the sea-inspired sculptures. We were tired just watching them! There was also a spinning top challenge which produced some not-so-spinning results. After this week we're down to five contestants, where has the time gone?

Highlights: Ashely's spinning top won over the judges and there were some truly incredible sculptures. Lauren's emperor penguin, Russell's seahorses and Jacobs's oyster shell were beautiful. Lauren snatched the title of woodworker of the week!

Lowlights: Ashley struggled with the heavy wood and Jacob's spinning top was just a tad on the small side. Chloe, Ashley and Tanya's sculptures didn't quite meet the judge's standards. We said goodbye to Tanya and wish her all the best.

Quote of the episode: "His technique is just whacking it" – Us too Russel

Episode six: Rocking chair & bird boxes

Week six in the woodworking studio and the competition is hotting up. The woodworkers were tasked with designing an iconic piece of furniture – the rocking chair. A tricky build especially as the designs needed to be modern and unique. To win immunity, the contestant's joinery skills were challenged as they were asked to create a mini bird box!

Highlights: Chloe's curved chair and Lauren's modern chair impressed us and the judges. This week also saw a first for Britain's Best Woodworker as Lauren won both woodworker of the week and the immunity challenge. A slam dunk victory!

Lowlights: Lauren struggled with her tools and Chloe had a crisis of confidence. Ashley, Jacob, and Russel's chairs weren't quite up to scratch. Sadly Russel's chair was just too uncomfortable and it sent him home.

Quote of the episode: "Russel had to decide whether size matters" – the less said about Mel's narrating the better!

Episode seven: Desks & wooden vases

It's semi-final week! The woodworkers were tasked with making desks. Their desks needed to spark creativity and be comfortable to work at. Not only did they have to build a huge desk, but they also had to make an accessory that goes alongside it. Then the contestants were challenged to turn scrap wood from previous builds into a wooden vase. No wood is wasted on this show!

Highlights: There were some beautiful vases, especially Ashley's art deco one. Jacob won the skills challenge which sent him straight through to the final. Every single desk was completely unique but our favourite has to be Lauren's plywood beauty. It won her woodworker of the week!

Lowlights: Tensions were high as Lauren worried about her design, Chloe's draw caused her grief and there were a few tears. It was Ashley who was sent home this week as her joinery just wasn't up to scratch. She's incredibly talented though and has inspired a generation of women to get woodworking.

Quote of the episode: "I'm over wEALMed" – Mel cracking the wood jokes as per usual.

The final: Bars & bespoke signs

Chloe, Jacob, and Lauren battled it out to become Britain's Best Woodworker! They created amazing cocktails bars fit for function (and drinking!). We'd be honored to sit at any of those beautiful bars. For the skills challenge, they had to create bespoke bar signs to go with their big build. It was a wonderful final and we're just sad we have to wait a whole year for series 3!

Highlights: The highlight has to be those three incredible bars! Chloe's beach-like bar, Jacob's modern design, and Lauren's art deco feel were all distinctly unique. It was tight competition but Lauren was crowned Britain's Best Woodworker 2022. Very well deserved, she's been consistently brilliant and we hope she makes more furniture in the future.

Lowlights: Lauren struggled with finger joints and had to resort to plan C. Everyone felt the time pressure but they all pulled through in the end.

Quote of the episode: "We couldn't be more behind all three of you" – Exactly how we feel Mel!


We hope you love Britain's Best Woodworker as much as we do. If the show has left you feeling creative then you've come to the right place. Gathered is full of the latest craft trends and craft hobbies, just head over to our free craft patterns to see some of the lovely projects we have.


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