What better way to keep the kids entertained over the Christmas holidays than with a bit of festive crafting? They'll go nuts for these exciting Christmas crafts for toddlers which are not only great fun, but you might even get a cute keepsake out of it! Bonus.

In this festive round-up, you'll find all sorts of crafts for little hands but they are all ideal for ages 2-3 years. Some of the crafts might require a little help from you, to get them set up then away they go. These are a great way to encourage your kid's creativity, and also help them with their motor skills.

If you're looking for more fun crafts to do with your little ones, check out our crafts for toddlers article for lots of inspiration.

Merry Christmas, and happy crafting!

22 exciting Christmas crafts for toddlers

1. Salt dough Christmas tree craft

Salt dough is easy, fun and inexpensive making it the perfect craft for little hands. All you need for the salt dough recipe is flour, salt and water (likely all items you have already). We have a fabulous tutorial for making salt dough if you want to check it out. Once you've got the basics down, it is time to get creative! This tutorial from Crafty Morning shows you how to make fingerprint tree ornaments, which once finished, make fabulous gifts for friends and family to hang from their trees.

Get the salt dough Christmas craft for toddlers, Crafty Morning

Christmas crafts for toddler salt dough xmas trees

2. Beads and pipe cleaner Christmas tree craft

If you're looking for a low cost, quick craft this one is for you! This craft is good for little ones to improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination but will require assistance from an adult (we don't want anyone swallowing any beads). All you need is some pipe cleaners and red and white beads. Then the little ones can thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner and you'll be left with a cute candy cane which can be hung on the tree. These make great keepsakes for family members too!

Get the candy cane tutorial from Parenting Chaos

candy cane toddler christmas crafts

3. Popsicle tree

This one is so easy to do! You'll need popsicle sticks, paints and decorations, plus a little glue. Once the tree is glued together, the little ones can go wild painting their trees, plus decorating with pom-poms, glitter and anything else that makes them feel magical!

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Get the popsicle tree tutorial from Happy Hooligans

popsicle tree christmas craft for toddlers

4. Jewelled popsicle stick ornament

Another fabulous idea from Happy Hooligans to use up those popsicle sticks! Make these glamourous jewel-encrusted stars! They will reflect the light and look so pretty hanging up on the wall or door.

Get the jewelled star tutorial from Happy Hooligans

popsicle star christmas craft for toddlers

5. Sun-catcher Christmas trees

If we're lucky enough to get some sun in December these trees will catch the light beautifully when hung against a window. The kids will love making these as they can arrange the colourful squares to create their very own patterns and style. Better yet they are cheap and easy to make!

Get the sun-catcher Christmas trees tutorial from Fantastic Fun and Learning

suncatcher christmas craft for toddlers

6. 3D paper plate Christmas tree

The kids will love making these! They're simple yet have a really fun result. Very few materials are needed for this activity, paper plates, paints, glue and pom-poms. If you don't have any pom poms to hand, the lights can be painted on, or they can add glitter or sequins with PVA glue.

Get the 3D paper plate Christmas tree tutorial by Creative Family Fun

paper plate tree christmas craft for toddlers

7. Reindeer hats (free printable template)

Oh, how absolutely adorable are these Rudolph hats? You can download a free template for the hats and build them together with your little ones. There is a handy video tutorial for you follow.

Get the reindeer hat printable by Simple Everyday Mom

reindeer hats christmas craft for toddlers

8. Reindeer food

Of course, Rudolph and his pals will need some snacks to keep them going on Christmas eve. This is where your little ones come in! Get them to create these imaginative reindeer food bags ready to leave out on Christmas night.

Get the reindeer food tutorial from A Mom's Impression

reindeer food christmas craft for toddlers

9. Potato masher Christmas printing

Another simple one on our list that can easily be created with a potato masher and some brightly coloured paints! Use the potato masher to print a bauble shape on some paper and then paint on a design using glitter. The kids will love getting messy with this one, so aprons at the ready!

Get the potato masher print tutorial from Happy Toddler PlayTime

potato masher print christmas craft for toddlers

10. Handprint wreath

This craft is not only a fun activity to get the little ones involved in, but a special keepsake to bring out every Christmas! Don't forget to sign the year on the back or the kids' ages on their handprints. How cute!

Get the handprint wreath tutorial from The Best Ideas for Kids

hand wreath christmas craft for toddlers

11. Paper strips craft for toddlers

A quick and easy make with minimal tools needed! You'll have to help with cutting the strips of paper but then you can leave the little ones to it to create the adorable reindeer or the sparkling Christmas tree.

Get the paper strips tutorial from The Keep of Cheerios

paper strips christmas craft for toddlers

12. Cotton ball snowman cards

The cotton balls and glue are a classic combo for making snow! So use them to create this adorable snowman card to give to friends or family.

Get the snowman card tutorial from A Little Pinch of Perfect

cotton ball christmas craft for toddlers

13. Peg snowman craft

These adorable little snowmen can be created with just some pegs and paint! Get your little one's painting the pegs and you can help with the details. Once they're finished they could use them to hang up cards on a string.

Get the peg snowman craft from Easy Peasy and Fun

peg christmas craft for toddlers

14. Snowman paper chain

Paper chains are another classic craft to get little ones involved with! Plus they can make them however they like, let's spark that creativity. We do adore these snowman chains though, so cute!

Get the snowman paper chain tutorial from ABC's to ACTs.

snowman paper chain christmas craft for toddlers

15. Elf cardboard tubes

These adorable little pals can be made up with paint and some toilet roll tubes (what a great way to make use of those!). An adult will need to help with the cutting but you can let the kids loose on the painting.

Get the elf tutorial from Arty Crafty Kids

elf christmas craft for toddlers

16. Paper plate snowman

Another fabulous use of paper plates here! Get your toddlers decorating these super cute snowman wreaths ready to hang up in your home. You can use cotton balls for the snow and buttons for the eyes.

Get the paper plate snowman tutorial from Kids Craft Room

snowman christmas craft for toddlers

17. Salt dough footprint reindeer

We do love a craft which doubles up to be a cute keepsake! These salt dough reindeer are just that. Once you've created your salt dough (which is super simple by the way) get your tots to stand in the dough to create their footprints. Then they can start to paint!

Get the Salt dough footprint reindeer tutorial from My Crafty Morning

salt dough footprintchristmas craft for toddlers

18. Scrunched paper tree

This one is great for touch and sound sensory play. The kids get to take the tissue paper and crunch and screw it up into balls, these can then be glued onto the Christmas tree. The best thing about this tutorial is a free template is included, so no need to get the art skills out!

Get the scrunched paper tree tutorial from Crafts on Sea

scrunched xmas trees christmas craft for toddlers

19. Confetti baubles

This craft is super simple! You'll need paper plates, a glue stick and some tissue paper confetti. The kids will enjoy sticking the colourful dots across the plates to create a fancy bauble. Once finished grab some ribbon and you can hang them up.

Get the confetti baubles tutorial from Mum in the Mad House

confetti baubles christmas craft for toddlers

20. Reindeer popsicle stick craft

These are so cute and do make lovely decorations! You don't need a lot to make these, popsicle sticks and paint! This tutorial also includes a free template for the reindeer face and antlers.

Get the Reindeer popsicle stick tutorial from Simple Everyday Mom

reindeer christmas craft for toddlers

21. Handprint bauble

Get messy and entertain the kids with these fun handprint baubles. Better yet the ornaments turn out so cute and make great decorations, gifts, and keepsakes.

Get the handprint bauble tutorial from A Little Pinch of Perfect

handprint christmas craft for toddlers

22. Pom pom bauble activity

This is a great activity for toddlers to improve their fine motor skills whilst feeling festive! All you need is some plastic baubles and glittery pom poms that they can put inside.

Get the pom pom bauble tutorial from Happy Toddler Club

pom pom christmas craft for toddlers

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of favourite Christmas crafts for toddlers. We have plenty more projects for smaller hands, try the Christmas crafts for kids. Keep them busy over the holidays with our fun arts and crafts to do at home.

If you are looking for more crafty Christmas fun for yourself try out these amazing projects. Try these eco-friendly Christmas decorations, to add a personal touch to your display. Find out how to make a Christmas wreath with our simple tutorial! Want a smaller project for yourself, try this mini Christmas crochet tree – so cute!


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