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28 arts and crafts ideas for toddlers of 2 and 3 years

We've gathered some of the most creative and cutest crafts for toddlers just for you. Get making with your little one today.

crafts for toddlers egg carton

Find the perfect project to make with your little ones in our round-up. We’ve also collected 42 craft ideas for kids and a list of crafts for teens so you can keep the whole family entertained throughout the summer holidays.


Crafts for toddlers



crafts for toddlers playdough

Make your own playdough for your toddlers to play with The Imagination Tree’s recipe.



mosaic crafts for toddlers

Amazon, £6.99

Crafts for 3 year olds don’t come simpler than this mosaic kit. It’s a step up from colouring in!


Egg carton flowers

crafts for toddlers egg carton

I Hearts and Craft’s egg carton flowers use materials from around the house to create something cute!


Sewing and colouring kits

crafts for toddlers sewing kits

Etsy, £8.50

Your toddler will love colouring in these friendly woodland creatures and with a little supervision, you can teach them to sew too! It comes with a plastic needle, colourful thread, pens – plus you can choose what woodland animal you’d like.




Get the kids glueing and sticking with our easy to follow sun catcher tutorial. It’s the perfect craft for toddlers.



painting kits crafts for toddlers

Etsy, £10.50

Painting is a great way for toddlers to practice coordination, ready for when they start to hold pens and pencils! This painting kit is made from eco materials so is completely safe for your little ones.



how to make a rubber stamp step 11

Stamps are a traditional yet fab craft for toddlers. You can buy stamp kits from all over the web or you can make some yourself using Mollie Makes’ tutorial. Turn old rubbers into your kids favourite animals and get creative.


Colouring pages

Mollie Makes colouring sheets

You can’t go wrong with colouring-in and Mollie Makes has some cute designs for free. Download and print them here.


Paper plate crafts

Paper-plate-bee-crafts for toddlers

There’s plenty of crafts for toddlers you that use just paper plates. Swans, elephants and even bees can be made from this household item! Not Toy Gifts have this lovely bumblebee tutorial up on their blog.


Flower printing

flower printing crafts for toddlers

Learning 4 Kids explain the benefits of flower printing on their blog but we love it because it’s such a simple activity that uses minimal equipment!


Handprint puppets


Follow Baker Ross’ tutorial to make these handprint sea life puppets. Use your little one’s hand to create their favourite animal.


Jewellery making

jewellery making crafts for toddlers

Amazon, £6.99

These easy thread wooden beads make for the cutest toddler jewellery set ever! Get them to practice shapes and colours as well as threading.


Sea themed mobile


Give your kids these aquatic pals to colouring in them string them up into a mobile! Tutorial here.


Natural collaging

crafts for toddlers nature collage

Head out in nature with this easy craft for toddlers. Collaging is a great way of letting your kids explore different textures and understand the natural world. Mother Nature has some great natural suggestions for your collage so you can skip all the sequins and glitter and pick a more eco-friendly approach.


Paper weaving

rainbow-fish-weaving-kits-crafts for toddlers

Baker Ross, £4.95

Practice weaving with the little ones using these colourful paper fish. The kit comes with everything you need to make these rainbow creatures.


DIY wind chimes

Petit-Fernand-Wind-Chimes-DIY crafts for toddlers

This is a fab craft if you have kids of multiple ages. Get the older ones covering the yoghurt pots with the tissue paper and threading the bells through and get the younger ones to paint the outside. Petit Fernand have loads of crafts for toddlers and older children on their blog.


Fire breathing dragon


Turn an old tube into a firebreathing dragon with Baker Ross’ tutorial.


Moving snail

crafts for toddlers snail

Colour in this friendly snail with your toddler then use Arty Crafty Kids’ tutorial to create this peek a boo snail.


Handprint ornament

Crafts for toddlers salt dough handprint

This glittery salt dough handprint would make a sweet keepsake gift for someone special. Follow 5 Minute Fun’s tutorial, which includes an easy recipe for salt dough.


Bubble painting

Crafts for toddlers bubble painting

Toddlers (and older siblings too) will love making these bubble prints using a mixture of washing-up liquid and paint. Find the tutorial at Happiness is Homemade.


Marbled paper

Crafts for toddlers marbled paper

Make beautiful marbled patterns using just shaving foam and paint. Alice and Lois explain how it’s done.


Superhero mask

Crafts for toddlers superhero mask

What kid doesn’t want to be a superhero? With these free printable mask templates from Itsy Bitsy Fun they can create their own costume.


Boredom buster jar

Crafts for toddlers boredom buster jar

The idea for when you’ve run out of ideas! Get your little one to decorate a jar, then fill it with strips of paper suggesting fun activities they can try. Great for rainy days – and you can tailor it to their age and interests too. Find the tutorial at 5 Minute Fun.


Palm printers

Crafts for toddlers palm printers

£3.00, Early Learning Centre

These paint printers have elastic strips on the back so toddlers can wear them on their hands – let the messy, crafty play begin!


Sticker book

Crafts for toddlers sticker book

Amazon, £3.99

When you’re on the go or need a quick no-prep creative activity, why not make fun farmyard scenes with this Usborne sticker book, which comes with more than 130 stickers?


Reindeer Christmas cards

Crafts for toddlers footprint reindeer

It’s never too early to start making handmade Christmas cards! We can’t resist this sweet footprint reindeer from Emma Owl.


Foam jewellery

Crafts for toddlers foam jewellery

£7.00, Early Learning Centre

Help older toddlers make their own bracelets, necklaces and more with this foam jewellery kit.



Crafts for toddlers oobleck

Part craft, part science… all fun! Little ones will enjoy creating this strange substance, colouring it with food dyes and exploring what happens when they give it a squish. Find the tutorial for making and painting with oobleck at Babble Dabble Do.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our arts and crafts for toddlers round up! Be sure to check out our free arts and crafts for adults too.