Hold on to your sleigh, we're off to a winter wonderland of kids craft ideas. From sparkly Santas to homemade snow globes, there are so many ways to get mini makers involved in crafts over the holiday season. When it comes to easy Christmas crafts for kids, we've found lots of brilliant ideas that any child is guaranteed to love.


This post includes over 50 easy Christmas crafts for kids, to suit all ages from toddlers to teens. Turn handprints into wreaths, whip up recycled reindeer, cut paper snowflakes or find inspiration for DIY gifts and kits to keep the whole family busy. We've got loads of kids Christmas crafts decorations to try too – from garlands to DIY tree ornaments. While we've included some really awesome craft kits to tempt you, most of the ideas in this guide can be made with basic craft supplies (best stock up on your glitter now) or using recycled household objects from lollypop sticks to loo rolls.

Looking for DIY elf hats? Handmade snowmen? Handmade gifts and stocking fillers that you can get the kids involved with? Read on to discover the best Christmas craft ideas for kids.

Best kids Christmas crafts

1. Turn old buttons into Christmas trees

We always knew that button jar would come in handy! Turn buttons from pre-loved garments into DIY Christmas tree decorations (or if you like this idea for your kids you can also buy some pretty inexpensive button packs online too!).

How to make Christmas tree decorations out of buttons

How to make Christmas tree decorations out of buttons

2. Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Decorations

Nothing beats recycled junk modelling Christmas crafts for kids - not only are the supplies cheap but it fires their imagination about how to convert everyday objects into creations to be proud of. One Little Project has this lovely tutorial for How to make lollypop stick tree decorations.

Lolly Pop Christmas Trees Decorations
© One Little Project

3. Handprint wreath

We've intentionally included ideas for all ages in this article and this is the first of many toddler Christmas craft ideas that we're bringing you. Turn simple handprints into a DIY paper wreath with The Best Ideas for Kids: How to make a handprint wreath – if you're feeling brave (and your little ones aren't still in the phase of wanting to eat or lick everything they touch), you could even reach for the PVA glue and let them decorate with ribbon bows, sticky gems or mini pom poms.

Handprint wreath
© The Best Ideas for Kids The Best Ideas for Kids

4. Easy paper tree decorations

Thanks to The Link Site for bringing this clever idea for inexpensive, simple but effective paper strip Christmas tree decorations - they're based on a free tutorial by How About Orange for DIY Paper Flower Ornaments: check it out here: How to make paper strip tree decorations

Paper Tree Decorations
© The Link Site

5. Reindeer headband

All you need for this oh-so-fun DIY from Simple Everyday Mom is some Kraft Paper, card and basic craft supplies. Kids will love it twice over – first for the crafting session and secondly for the dress-up potential! Free reindeer headband printable and DIY

Reindeer headband
© Simple Everyday Mom

6. Weave Christmas baskets

There is something essentially hypnotic about weaving - kids absolutely love it and many will be entertained for hours as they concentrate on watching their creations grow. If you want a starter kit, try these Basket Weaving Kits (£6.95 for a pack of 4) from Baker Ross.

Christmas basket weaving kits
© Baker Ross

7. Paint chip Christmas garland

Why buy expensive Christmas craft supplies when you can refashion DIY decorations using everyday items? Girl and a Glue Gun have come up with this nifty way to upcycle paint chip samples into colourful Christmas garlands. How to make a paint chip garland

Paint chip Christmas Garland
© Girl and a Glue Gun

8. Elf Hat Printable

You don't have to watch Elf the movie to make these DIY printable papercraft Elf hat templates from Kids' Craft Room, but we can't think of a better excuse to crack open Buddy the Elf on TV! Dressing up has to be one of our favourite types of projects when it comes to Christmas crafts for kids - try it tonight with this Free elf hat printable.

Elf hat printable
© Kids' Craft Room

9. Thread beaded ornaments

Grab a handful of beads and some pipe cleaners and you've got all you need to thread and twist mini Christmas wreaths with these fabulous Christmas crafts for kids! Makes and Takes shows you how in their tutorial for How to bead your own ornaments

Threaded bead ornaments
© Makes and Takes

10. Instant-print Sloth Christmas cards

Slow down and beat the Christmas rush with our fun printable sheets of Christmas sloths! Give kids a pair of safety scissors and some pritt stick and card blanks and let them go to town making their own fun animal Christmas cards! Free Christmas sloths printables

Sloth Christmas cards - free patterned papers

11. Christmas Bauble Colouring page

Trail of Colours has got a set of free printable festive colouring sheets which will keep kids entertained for hours, including these fun baubles! Free Christmas Bauble Colouring page

Christmas baubles colouring sheet
© Trail of Colours

12. Snow slime in a jar

It's a fact of life that all kids love slime, right? No Time for Flash Cards shows you how to add a festive touch with their Snow Slime in a jar tutorial! How to make snow slime

Snowslime in a jar
© No Time for Flash Cards

13. DIY Plywood Christmas trees

We're loving this keepsake idea we found on Etsy –it's the perfect way of combining the chance to get children involved in some messy play with sequins and glue with the chance to make an heirloom decoration to gift to grandparents, friends and family members. Get started with a kit from Mezzy Creations Crafts on Etsy, £6.50.

How to make 3D Christmas trees

14. Paper ball reindeer

Oh ho ho this is one of our favourites in this collection – grab a few pieces of paper and cut them into strips to make your very own DIY Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Easy, Peasy and Fun shows you How to make paper ball reindeers

Paper Ball Reindeer Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids
© Easy, Peasy and Fun

15. Paper plate baubles

This lovely messy play idea lets children design their very own baubles using paper plates and few small scraps of tissue paper, felt or whatever other supplies you have lying around at home (try it with magazine pages or crisp packets if you don't have suitable art papers to hand). Thanks Arty Crafty Kids for the idea! How to make paper plate baubles

Paper plate baubles
© Arty Crafty Kids

16. Make Christmas jam jars / mason jars

DIY your gifts with this lovely idea for me-made Christmas presents and socking fillers. Fill them with everything from tasty coffee beans to cookie recipe ingredients, sweets or origami mini stars. This is an easy idea to whip up at home with store cupboard supplies or check out these Mason Jar Gift kits (£19.30 from Not on the High Street)

DIY Christmas mason jars

17. Easy paper plate angel

Another idea we remember fondly from our own childhoods was making mini angels from paper circles to place on top of the tree. Crafty Morning recreates this classic Christmas craft idea with their guide to How to make Paper plate angels.

Paper plate angels
© Crafty Morning

18. Sun catcher ornaments banner

DIY decorations double up as a fun way to keep kids busy while also letting them show off their work proudly when you use it to decorate the house! Playground Park Bench has got a lovely twist on hand crafted kids ornaments with this tutorial for How to make a suncatcher ornaments banner.

Suncatcher ornaments
© Playground Park Bench

19. Loo roll Christmas Elves

We've included a couple of their ideas in this round-up as we have a bit of a craft crush on Arty Crafty Kids (can we come round and play with you please?). Here they show to rescue loo rolls from the recycling bin with their guide to How to make cardboard tube Elf craft.

Toilet roll elves
© Arty Crafty Kids

20. Moveable Penguin

Crafty Morning brings you the ultimate in simple Christmas crafts for kids – snip simple paper shapes then combine them with pin hinges to make a happy penguin! How to make a moving part penguin

Kids craft penguin
© Crafty Morning

21. Turn wreaths into paper straws

We do love a Christmas craft idea which uses every day items rather than expensive stash! Turn paper straws into mini wreaths with this tutorial from Projects With KidsHow to make paper straw wreaths

Threaded bead ornaments
© Projects with kids

22. Mix pom poms and pine cones

Any Christmas craft idea that's an excuse to go for a wonder in the woods before you get cosy at the craft table gets our vote! One Little Project has combined both with this easy DIY for How to make pine cone ornaments

Pom POm pine cones
© One Little Project

23. Yarn wrapped tree ornaments

A lovely simple idea this one, cut cardboard triangles and reach for your yarn scraps to wrap them in wool to make mini Christmas trees! Decorate with pom poms, sequins or beads! Easy, Peasy and Fun brings you this guide to How to make yarn tree ornaments

Yarn wrapped Christmas trees
© Easy, Peasy and Fun

24. Build a no sew sock snowman

When we think about Christmas craft ideas for kids, snowmen are one of the first things we think of. Try this lovely tutorial from Easy, Peasy and Fun for How to make a sock snowman – no sewing required!

Sock snowman
© Easy, Peasy and Fun

25. Make your own Christmas rubber stamps

This idea is one for older kids - or for children to ask a grown-up to help with as it involves a blade! Get mini makers involved in designing their own Christmas stamps! Perfect for turning their designs into DIY festive wrapping paper, cards and tags. How to make a rubber stamp

how to make a rubber stamp step 10

26. Make a crafty advent calendar

Create your own DIY advent calendar (we've got a few tutorials here on Gathered but this How to make an advent calendar tutorial is a good one to start) and fill the days with different craft supplies, from sequins to glitter glue tubes, pom poms, tissue paper squares for mosaics or beads. Alternatively, if you want to splash out, we have got our sights set on this Craftvent Calendar by The Make Arcade (£55, John Lewis).

The Maker Arcade Craftvent Calendar
© The Make Arcade

27. Salt dough handprint ornaments

This one's for all those of you looking for Christmas crafts for toddlers - The Best Ideas for Kids brings you this easy tutorial for How to make salt dough ornaments. If you want to learn the basics of making salt dough, we've also got a video guide in our tutorial for How to make salt dough.

Salt dough glitter handprints
© The Best Ideas for Kids

28. Paper plate Christmas trees

Another lovely project if you're on the hunt for Christmas crafts for toddlers - Creative Family Fun show you how to make paper plates, add some glue and pom-poms. How to make paper plate Christmas trees

Paper plate Christmas trees
© Creative Family Fun

29. Reindeer gift bags

Get children involved in making your own gift wrapping as well as decorations with this fun DIY from Happy Go Lucky blog for how to turn Kraft gift bags into jolly reindeer! How to make reindeer gift bags

Reindeer gift bags
© Happy Go Lucky

30. My first festive embroidery

If you've got older children in the family who are keen to learn the magic of sewing and embroidery then the Holiday season is the perfect excuse to get cracking on these Christmas crafts for kids! Download our free Christmas embroidery motifs from Mollie Johanson and Mollie Makes magazine or check out this lovely Joy Wreath kit from £12 on Not on the High Street.

Christmas Embroidery Kits

31. Free Buddy the Elf printable

A personalised kids Christmas craft idea that the kids will adore, turn your family photos into a merry band of happy elves with Every Day Mom's Free Buddy The Elf Printable

Buddy the Elf Christmas craft printable
© Every Day Mom

32. How to cut paper snowflakes

We've included a lot of our own personal favourite Christmas crafts for kids that we remember fondly from our own childhood in this article, and It's Always Autumn have got a lovely DIY on their website for one of our all-time favourite festive makes. Snip and cut paper snowflakes with kaleidoscope effects with this guide to DIY Paper Snowflakes – free templates and tutorial

Paper snowflakes
© Its Always Autumn

33. Rudolf Christmas Craft

One of a few reindeer ideas in this round-up (we may even have enough to pull Santa's sleigh), The Inspiration Edit bring you this cute DIY for How to make Wooden Rudolf ornaments. Their version uses wood slices for the basic reindeer's face but you could also easily swap this out for a circle cut from a cardboard box.

Rudolf christmas crafts
© The Inspiration Edit

34. Sew easy felt gingerbread houses

Pre-teens and teenagers who are ready to have fun with needle and thread will love our DIY gingerbread houses made from felt and simple shapes!

How to make Gingerbread tree decorations

How to make gingerbread tree decorations
Simply Sewing Magazine

35. DIY Christmas candles

Oh ho ho yes we DID say make your own candles. Kids and hot wax – what could go wrong? Luckily Baker Ross have got a starter set which children can use to mould warm wax into their very own festive candles. It's basically playdough but they get to set light to it! Once you've made these festive characters head over to our how to make balloon animals for beginners guide here on Gathered. Christmas Candle Kits – Baker Ross (£8.99 each or £25.75 for a pack of 3)

Christmas candle making kit

36. Paper chain advent calendar

Why have we never thought of this before?! Modge Podge Rocks takes paper chains up a level with this guide to How to make a paper chain advent countdown

Christmas Crafts for Kids Paper Chain Advent Countdown
© Modge Podge Rocks

37. Try festive needle punching

It's the trend that's taken the craft world by storm and now you can get kids in on the action with these super cute Christmas needle punching kits from Party Vale – £14.80 on Etsy. Choose between 5 designs and let the fun begin.

Christmas needle punching kits

38. Gingerbread House card

One for all you card making fans – a scrumptious tutorial from i Heart Crafty Things for DIY gingerbread house cards. How to make a Gingerbread House card

Christmas crafts for kids Gingerbread House Card
© i Heart Crafty Things

39. Easy paper origami Christmas wreath

For a unique twist on traditional Christmas wreaths, fold paper pieces into an origami version! A great one to get a group of kids together to make as they can watch their efforts grow into the finished wreath! Our example below uses spring colours but adapt it for a more festive feel by swapping the paper you use for dark greens with pops of red (or to match your Christmas colour scheme of choice!). If you want to let the kids take full control, give them some sequins or beads and PVA glue to add "berries" to finish it off!

More like this

How to make an origami wreath

Origami paper flower wreath

40. Pottery painting made easy

If you can't get to a pottery painting cafe, bring the experience to your how with these DIY Paint your own clay ornaments kits (£6 from Not on the High Street). It's the perfect way to try Christmas arts and crafts for kids with one simple kit (for all those of you who don't have a pre-stocked craft cupboard) plus these sweet decorations make lovely gifts for grandparents and family members.

Paint your own Christmas decorations kit
© Annette Rose Co via Not on The High Street

41. Make jumping elf puppets

Dive into this fun DIY project that kids can play with for hours after they've finished making it! Kids Craft Room bring you this guide to How to make elf puppets

Jumping elf puppets
© Kids Craft Room

42. Air drying fingerprint decorations

Another lovely toddler crafts idea but it would work well with older kids too! Make their fingerprints centre stage of me-made tree ornments with Mum in the Mad House's tutorial forHow to make clay fingerprint deocrations

Christmas Crafts for Kids Clay Kids Decorations
© Mum in the Mad House

43. Preschool craft idea – name a snowman

A lovely nursery-friendly make from Fun a Day – younger kids who are learning to write their names will love this guide for How to make easy named snowmen.

Name a snowman
© Fun a Day

44. Turn circles into candy canes

If you're short of time, why let that put you off when there are quick and easy kids' craft ideas out there like Fun EZ Crafts' DIY for How to make simple candy cane ornaments from simple punched circles.

Easy candy cane craft
© EZ Crafts

45. Waterless snow globes

Who says easy Christmas crafts for kids can't also be magical and pretty impressive? We love this tutorial from Tidy Mum for How to make waterless snow globes.

DIY snow globes
© Tidy Mum

46. Easy beaded candy cane ornaments

If you've found this post because you're searching for Christmas Crafts for Kids online, chances are candy canes will be topping your must-make list. We've found this cute tutorial from Foundation Avenue Kitchen for How to make beaded candy canes.

Christmas Crafts for Kids Beaded candy canes
© Foundation Avenue Kitchen

47. Paper plate Santa Claus

Arty Crafty Kids are the complete pros when it comes to Christmas arts and crafts for kids – this How to make a Paper plate Santa Claus brings back memories of our own pre-school craft early memories. The beauty of this one is that all you need is a paper plate, some paints, cotton wool and glue to make your on Father Christmas and your mini makers will love showing it off as they get excited about Christmas Eve.

Paper plate santa claus
© Arty Crafty Kids

48. Decorate Christmas jumpers

This is a lovely example of simple Christmas crafts for kids where young crafters get to be in charge of what they do with it and you can sit back and leave them to it (if you can resist joining in too!). Fun Learning With Kids have shared this idea to make a DIY collage kit – fill a tray with different accessories, cut out some Christmas Sweater shapes and leave them to do the rest! How to make a DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters collage kit for kids.

Christmas Crafts for Kids Ugly Christmas Sweater collage
© Fun Learning with Kids

49. Make fabric paper chains

Paper chains have to be the ultimate in Christmas craft ideas for kids but why not add fabric into the mix with our step by step tutorial? Not only will they make decorations that you can keep for years and years, but you'll get to teach them to sew too!

How to make fabric paper chains

How to make fabric paper chains

50. Make lolly pop stick snowflakes

Our second lolly pop stick upcycling idea in this article (because they're both so cute we couldn't pick one over the other) – Toddler Approved shows you How to make sparkly snowflake decorations

Lolly Pop Stick snowflakes
© Toddler Approved

51. Decorate fingerprint Christmas trees

There are a few different ways you can use fingerprints as a central part of your kid's crafts this Christmas (and mini makers love the messy element of dipping their mitts in glue), but we really like the way A Dab of Glue Will Do adds the unique element of masking to turn negative space into an easy hand-painted Christmas art project. Make these into cards, gift wrap or tags! How to do Christmas Tree fingerprint craft

Fingerprint Christmas trees
© A Dab of Glue Will Do

52. Make sweet button Christmas trees

We found this idea on Not on The High Street (where you can snag a kit from just £2.75) but you can easily recreate this lovely Christmas crafts for kids idea with a few buttons and some thread. They make lovely little Christmas gifts for teachers and stocking fillers.

Make a button Christmas Tree

53. Melted bead ornaments

How massively cute is this tutorial from One Little Project? (We're officially hooked on this website). Check out their beautiful but easy to try DIY melted bead ornaments tutorial

Melted bead ornaments
© One Little Project

54. How to make a snowglobe

Find out how to make a snow globe with our easy to follow video tutorial. Using supplies you'll be able to find around your home you can make these magical Christmas scenes!

Find out how to make a snow globe

how to make a snow globe

55. How to make Christmas crackers

Add a bang to your Christmas DIY this year with our super quick and easy Christmas crackers. You'll only need a few materials, and you can use up any old wrapping paper whilst you are at it!

Find out How to make Christmas crackers

new years eve party supplies - cracker

56. How to make paper snowflakes

Learn how to make paper snowflakes in this step-by-step tutorial. Making snowflakes out of paper is a fun activity for any age and only requires basic supplies that you will have around the house. To make 3D paper snowflakes, all you need is some white paper (copy paper is ideal), scissors, tape and a stapler. And for 2D paper snowflakes, you need even less! Just white paper and some scissors. Follow along with our video tutorial.

Find out How to make paper snowflakes

How to make a paper snowflake - step 8

Keep little hands busy with Gathered's easy Christmas crafts for kids

It can be challenging to keep children entertained over the holidays, so festive craft activities can be a great way to prevent boredom – and keep them away from screens for a little while. Children will love making dazzling decorations to hang on the tree, crafting their own gifts or getting stuck into some colouring.

There's something for children of all ages to enjoy, from younger kids to pre-teens. Grown-ups can even get involved too!

Fun Christmas crafts for toddlers

Looking for something easy to make with a toddler? We have lots of wonderful craft ideas for two and three year olds to try, from salt dough decorations to confetti baubles.


Get making with Gathered's exciting Christmas crafts for toddlers.


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