A good light pad should be a staple of every crafter's stash. They can be used for a whole host of crafty activities including calligraphy, stained glass, tracing patterns…the list is endless!


They’re a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re fond of diamond painting. Not only do they illuminate the miniature grids and numbers on your piece but they give you a steady, secure surface to work on. The LED light will allow you to place your diamonds more accurately and while away the dark winter evenings.

Getting started depends on finding the right size light pad, so let’s get into it!

What size light pad is best for diamond painting?

The size of the light pad you need will depend on the size of your piece. Diamond painting kits come vary hugely from tiny 15x15 canvases to massive 100x160cm pieces.
It’s easier to get a sense of scale by categorising your pieces into A5, A4, A3, or A2. Measure your self-adhesive canvases against different paper sizes to get a rough idea (use our paper scale guide for more help).
Once you’ve worked out your measurements you can find a corresponding light pad. Generally speaking, it’s better to go bigger, as it’ll give you more room.
Small light pads still do the job, but it can be annoying to move your canvas around, targeting one little area at a time.

What size do light boards come in?

Light pads come in a range of sizes that follow the standard A5, A4 measurements. This is because light pads are traditionally used for drawing and sketching!
The smallest light pad we’ve found is A5 sized and the largest is A2. We’d recommend going for an A3 light pad but your decision should be based on the size of your diamond painting canvas.

Seven of the best light pads for diamond painting

All these light pads for diamond painting are all portable, durable and adjustable. They’re designed to enhance your diamond painting experience and increase your comfort, letting you focus on your craft.

No more squinting and hunching over your work. Pick the right light pad and you’ll be sitting up straight and increasing your accuracy in no time!

1. LAifu’s light pad for diamond painting

Best for portability

Perfect for crafting on the go, LAifu’s A3 light pad is a must-buy machine for diamond painters. This LED light pad uses a USB port for power, allowing you to plug it into laptops, power banks and adapters. You don’t need access to plug sockets, so you can craft wherever, whenever.

We also love how adjustable the LAifu A3 light pad is. You can adapt the height, angle, and brightness to suit you. The touch sensors change the brightness and plastic hinges allow you to move the frame. Plug it into your laptop and you can start diamond painting straight away.

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2. ARTDOT’s A3 light pad for diamond painting

Best for beginners

If you’re a keen diamond painter you’ve probably heard of ArtDot. Specialising in equipment and kits, they’re one of the top diamond painting brands so we were excited to find out more about their own light pad.

It has all the features we look for in a great light pad. Adjustable brightness and height, a no-glare screen, and a slim, portable design. One of the best things about this light pad is it’s available in four different sizes. Their range goes from A4 all the way up to A1, so you can find a scale that suits your needs.

It's also a great buy for newbies. Alongside the light pad, you’ll receive a range of essential diamond painting tools. It even comes with a box for organising your diamonds! All you need to buy is your canvas and you’re ready to start diamond painting.

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3. SanerDirect’s light pad for diamond painting

Best for large diamond painting

If you enjoy working on large diamond painting artwork then this is the light pad for you. Measuring at ‎65 x 45 x 7 cm, this A2 light pad is big and sturdy enough for most diamond painting pieces. It’s worth noting that due to its size, it’ll need to be plugged into the mains.

SanerDirect’s light pad comes with a rotary switch, allowing you to adjust its brightness levels. You’ll also receive clips and magnets to ensure your picture doesn’t slip as you’re working.

It’s on the pricier end of our light pads for diamond painting collection but well worth the money for committed crafters. Especially if you like big projects!

4. MYMM's LED light pad for diamond painting

Best for those on a budget

Simple, small and lightweight – MYMM’s light pad for diamond painting is a budget-friendly winner. This handy little light pad measures at ‎39.6 x 27 cm making it one of the smallest in our round-up.

It makes the perfect travel companion and will easily slot into bags and suitcases. It also promises 50000 hours of LED brightness. Not bad for a light pad costing only £16!

5. DONPODER A3 light pad for diamond painting

Best for durability

DONPODER have improved on its trusty light pad, creating a follow-up to one of the best machines out there. Made from solid metal and vinyl, this light pad won't wobble or flicker, making diamond painting a much more enjoyable experience.

Both the screen and stand are designed to help you craft safely. There’s ten levels of brightness and nine height levels, allowing you to personalise the light pad to you. The stand also has an anti-skid design, keeping your picture firmly in place.

6. Elice’s light pad for diamond painting

Best for gifting to a friend!

Creative pals will love receiving this diamond painting light pad kit from Elice. Not only can it be used on the go, but it comes with diamond painting equipment included.

Stored neatly in a plastic pouch, you’ll receive tools, tweezers, trays, rubber, and more alongside your light pad.

Elice’s light pad also features unique LED settings. Alongside six different levels of brightness, you can also choose from three screen temperatures for optimal mood lighting. Choose between white, normal, and warm to find the glow which works best for you. Elice’s light pad is especially handy when you’re crafting in the evening and want a warmer light.

7. Skyyue's complete diamond painting kit

Best for value for money

When we say this kit includes everything, we mean it! Complete with a full diamond painting kit, you’ll be able to use your light pad to recreate Van Gough’s iconic Starry Night. As well as the Starry Night sheet, you’ll receive all the tools, trays, boxes and bags you need to start diamond painting.

The light pad is top-quality too. Its A3 dimensions, two meter USB cable, and adjustable settings make Skyyue’s complete kit ideal for 5D diamond painting. It’s brilliant value for money and will get you hooked on diamond painting immediately.

Find your perfect light pad for diamond painting

There’s plenty of light pads for diamond painting on the market. They come in a huge range of sizes, designs and price points.

The size of your diamond painting canvases will narrow your search down but it’s important to look at the individual functions of each light pad too. By choosing a light pad that is both adjustable and portable, you’ll give yourself the widest range of options when crafting your next diamond painting masterpiece.

Once you’ve found your perfect light pad there’s only one thing left to do: get started!

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