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Best diamond painting kits, accessories and supplies

Learn all about the hottest craft on the block diamond painting with our mini-guide. We've also rounded up the best diamond painting kits for both kids and adults so you can get creative!

diamond painting kits 3

Diamond painting is the hottest new craft and we love it! It’s been an emerging craft trend for a while so we thought it’s about time we explain to you what diamond painting is, where you can buy diamond painting supplies and give you a round-up our best diamond painting kits on the market. Buckle in because you’re about to learn all about the world of diamond painting…


What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is becoming increasingly popular in the craft world with both adults and kids. It was created in 2015 and gets crafters to apply mini resin rhinestones to a board by following a pattern. It’s similar to paint by numbers, where users create an image by filling in individual sections one at a time but instead of paint, it’s resin diamonds! It’s also similar to cross stitch (check out our modern cross stitch kits if you’re a fan) as the design is coded. Each symbol or number is related to a different coloured diamond which makes it really simple to follow.

Much like other crafts, diamond painting has been known to have a therapeutic effect (learn more about why crafting is good for mental health in our article) calming the mind and making you feel a sense of achievement once you’ve finished your piece! It’s a fab craft to try especially since there are so many diamond painting kits that come with everything you get started. Diamond painting kits come in a range of styles, skill levels and sizes meaning you can start simple and work your way up to huge canvas sized pieces.

There’s a few things to look out for if you’re new to diamond painting so we’ve created a mini-guide below to help you on your journey. We’ve also recommended 23 diamond painting kits (13 for adults and 10 for kids) below to help you choose your first creation. For all you advanced diamond painters, there’s plenty of additional accessories you can buy online to help you create your masterpiece and we’ve rounded up a few must-haves at the bottom of our article.

How to choose the best diamond painting kit

There’s several things to consider when buying your diamond painting kit. Every kit is different in terms of difficulty and with so many on the market, it can be a little overwhelming knowing which to choose. Here’s a few things to consider when selecting your kit or buying a kit for a loved one.

Square or round diamonds?

Diamond painting kits will either come with resin square diamonds or resin round diamonds. There’s no difference in terms of ease of use, application or price, simply decide which one you like the look of more.

diamond painting kits 25
Square diamonds image by I Love DIY Art

Square diamonds give a slightly more 3D effect and were the first type commonly found in diamond painting kits.

diamond painting kits
Round diamonds image by Joom

Round diamonds give a smoother, finished look.

You’ll often be able to tell just by the image on your kit which one it uses but if you’re buying your kit from an online retailer it’s worth checking the description to see which one is included. It’s worth noting that some diamond painting kits will include different sized diamonds and gems for texture but the standard round or square diamonds will make up the majority of your design.

Difficulty level

Many diamond painting kits come in a variety of sizes and bigger doesn’t always mean more complicated. While bigger designs will take you longer to complete, crafters with visual impairments or back problems may find it easier to choose a large design. Large designs can easily be propped up or rested on a stand (we’ve linked one below) which will save you crouching over a tiny design and allow you to stand back and see the overall image from afar.

If you’re a newbie to diamond painting then we recommend you choose a kit which uses only a few colours or uses blocks of colours. The fewer colours the easier it will be to find the right diamonds and the more blocks of colour mean you won’t have to keep swapping diamond colour. The mini kitty pillow we’ve linked below is a great starter project because it uses two colours in a simple but very adorable design.

Does it have everything you need?

The majority of diamond painting kits come with everything you need but it’s always worth checking, especially if you’re buying it as a gift. These are the following items you’ll need if you’re new to diamond painting:

  • Diamond dot picker pens (used to pick up and place your diamonds)
  • Glue Clay (you’ll dip your pen with the diamond attached into the glue before placing on your design)
  • Tray/Container (trays make it easier for you to pick up individual diamonds)
  • The design
  • The corresponding diamonds to each design

If your kit includes all of these items you’re ready to go! If you’re a more advanced diamond painter have a browse of our accessories to step up your crafting game.

Best diamond painting kits for adults

We’ve rounded up ten of the best diamond painting kits in a range of styles and skill levels so you can find your perfect one. If you’re after even more kits for adults then make sure you read through our best paint by numbers kits for adults.


Cards diamond painting kit

diamond painting 12

Etsy, £4.99

Turn your diamond paintings into cards for your loved ones with this kit.


Bookmark diamond painting kit

diamond painting kits bookmarks

Etsy, £13

Use your love for reading and make two fabulous bookmarks with this diamond painting kit. Everything you need is included along with these funky tassels so you’ll never lose your page again.


Colourful animal diamond painting kits

diamond painting kits 13

Amazon, £4.99

CHARMDI sells a range of striking diamond painting kits including this bold lion design. This kit comes with the lion canvas, all the colourful round diamonds you need, a diamond pen, diamond tray and several zip lock bags to keep everything tidy. 


Lotus diamond painting kit

diamond painting kits 9

Etsy, £11.38+

This gorgeous design is by


Tree diamond painting kit

diamond painting 14

Amazon, £6.68

If you’re after an explosion of colour this is the diamond painting kit for you. Use every colour of the rainbow to create this tree in full spring bloom.


Personalised photo diamond painting kits

diamond painting kit 9
We love this concept by Craft Diamond Painting. Send in your favourite photo (family photos, pets, holidays, scenery) and they’ll turn it into a template with corresponding diamonds. The price goes up depending on which size you select but this would make a great Christmas gift for a loved one. Diamond painting kits for the whole family! For more festive projects check out our Christmas gift ideas for quilters and our Free Christmas decoration crochet patterns.

Abstract cactus diamond painting kit

diamond painting kit 10

Etsy, £10

This diamond painting kit is a favourite because of its textured, painted look. Go in and add the diamonds for extra sparkle then hang it proudly on your walls. There’s several diamond painting kits to choose from all of them cactus themed!

Koi Mosaic diamond painting kit

diamond painting 15

Hobbycraft, £30.00

This detailed diamond painting kit is perfect for fish lovers and more advanced diamond painters. Measuring at 41cm x 41cm this is a large piece that will give you a huge sense of satisfaction when you finish.


Starry Night diamond painting kit

diamond painting kit 11

Etsy, £16.28+

Recreate Vincent Van Gough’s famous Starry Night with this diamond painting kit. Everything you need comes in the kit allowing you to become an artist with ease.


Kitty Glow Mini Pillow diamond painting kit

diamond painting kits 14

Hobbycraft, £14.00

This adorable beginner diamond painting kit lets you turn your creation into a mini pillow! Everything you need is included apart from the pillow stuffing which you can also pick up at Hobbycraft. These ying-yang kitties would make a lovely gift or if you want to keep this kit all to yourself, check out our rug making kits for beginners which is full of creative kit ideas. 


Harry Potter diamond painting kit

Harry Potter diamond painting kit

Amazon, £12.99

This diamond painting kit is for all the Harry Potter fans out there. Make this beautiful picture of the Hogwarts crest to hang on your walls. It would make a brilliant gift for a potterhead!


Desert diamond painting kit

Desert diamond painting kit

Etsy, £16.99

We love this chic diamond painting kit for adults which makes a desert scene for your walls. This modern kit will give you hours of joy and can hang on your walls for years to come.


5D diamond painting kit

5D diamond painting kit

Amazon, £7.99

This pretty London bakery scene is perfect for pink-loving diamond painters. There’s a few different diamond painting kits to choose from in this selection including a sweet car bursting with flowers or a close up of the bicycle with a basket full of flowers.

Best diamond painting kits for kids

If you want to get the kids into diamond painting then here’s ten of the sweetest diamond painting kits money can buy. We also have a full round up of the best craft kits for kids right here on Gathered.


BeYumi diamond painting kit

diamond painting kits 2

Amazon, £10.99

This adorable 34 piece animal set is great for kids 3+ and includes a range of animal templates. It also comes with the corresponding diamonds, two diamond trays, two pen tools and two pieces of glue clay AKA everything they need to make their own animal kingdom.


Panda diamond painting kit

diamond painting kits panda

Amazon, £5.99

This diamond painting kit is ideal for your older kids. Aimed at ages 6+, it’s a kit that will keep the kids entertained for ages. For more crafty projects for your tweens check out the 42 best crafts for teens post.


Unicorn key chains

diamond painting kits 3

Amazon, £9.99

Suitable for 5+ these unicorn keyrings make a cute, wearable project for your teens and tweens. This diamond painting kit comes with gem-shaped diamonds as well as the usual colourful diamonds to give your unicorns a more textured look.


Garden birds diamond painting kit

diamond painting 3

Etsy, £4.99

Replicate the natural world and teach your little one’s bird names with Scarlet Ribbons’ diamond painting kit. It’s suitable for ages 8+ can be turned into educational entertainment if you wish. If you’re looking for more kids crafts then check out craft ideas for kids round-up and our paper crafts for kids blog post.


Superheros diamond painting kit

diamond painting kits 15

Amazon, £11.99

This one is for all the superhero fans out there. If your little one is obsessed with the Marvel series pick up this kit which includes nine superhero templates and their corresponding diamonds. Hours of fun to be had!


Framed diamond painting kits

diamond painting kits 16

Etsy, £18.01

Diamond painting kits don’t come sweeter than ‘s sparkly designs. Choose between nine designs and order your kit in time for Christmas. Each kit comes with everything they’ll need and a white frame for the finishing touch.


Rainbow diamond painting kit

diamond painting kits 18

Amazon, £19.07

This easy to make rainbow kit is ideal for young kids who want to try diamond painting. It comes with a frame too so they can display their work proudly in their room once it’s finished.


Fruity diamond painting kits

diamond painting kits 19

Etsy, £10.74

Funky fruits always make the best diamond painting kits and this one is no exception. This kit comes with six designs and will teach your little ones all the different fruit names.


Diamond Dotz butterfly diamond painting kit

diamond painting kits 20

Hobbycraft, £6

This simple diamond painting kit is perfect for little kids and would make a great stocking filler.


Diamond painting night light kits

diamond painting kits 21

Amazon, £13.39

Turn their diamond painting skills into a practical project with these DIY night lamps. The plain lamp (complete with bulbs but not batteries) will come alongside the design. Diamond paint as normal following the pattern then stick the sheet onto your lamp and you’re done.

Where to buy diamond painting accessories and supplies

Diamond painting supplies can be picked up from a number of online retailers. We’ve mentioned some of these brands above but here’s a list of places you can pick up more diamonds, glue clay and any other extras you may need.

Once you’ve got all your supplies it’s time to level up your skills with some diamond painting accessories! There’s lots of different gadgets you can buy that’ll make your experience even more enjoyable so to help you out we’ve rounded up our top five diamond painting accessories. These would also make wonderful gifts for any diamond painting enthuses you know.

Diamond Painting Stand

diamond painting kits 5

Amazon, £8.90

Hunching over your diamond painting designs is a thing of the past with this nifty stand. It has a non-slip grip and six levels of tilt adjustment meaning you’ll be able to lift and lower your design depending on your needs. Plus it comes in a choice of black, pink or blue so you can find one that fits your colour scheme.

Diamond storage box and organiser

diamond painting 6

Amazon, £8.99

Keep all your diamonds neat and tidy with these colourful organisers. Each container has it’s own lid so there’s no chance of your colours spilling or mixing. This is a practical present for all those organised and on the go diamond painters.

Diamond painting roller pressing

diamond painting kits 7

Amazon, £6.98

Ensure all your diamonds are secured in place with this handy roller press. Once you’ve finished your piece simply roll firmly over the top to press all the diamonds into place.

Diamond painting multi-boat holder

diamond painting kits 22

Amazon, £8.99

Many diamonds painting kits will come with one tray to keep your diamonds in while working. If you have lots of different coloured diamonds one tray alone can be too small to hold all your colours. This is where these multi-organiser trays will save the day. Keep all your colours separate and easy to pick up with these bright green trays.

Diamond Painting ruler tools

diamond painting 24

Amazon, £8.93

It can be tricky to get all your diamonds into a perfectly straight line using only a diamond pen and tweezers which is why we’d recommend these diamond painting rulers. The circular holed ruler is for round diamonds and the cross holed ruler is for square diamonds. Place your chosen ruler on top of a section of your design, fill with diamonds then slowly peel away. The plastic ruler is for nudging any stray diamonds into place!


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about diamond painting and are all ready to buy your own diamond painting kit. For more crafty kits check out our craft subscription box round-up and our guide to the best punch needle kits on the market.