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DIY cuticle oil

Make your own DIY cuticle oil with Emilie Woodger-Smith's sustainable tutorial. Your nails will be looking beautiful in no time!

Cuticle Oil - Finished V3

Is there anything better than setting some self-care time in the evening aside, lighting a candle (learn how to make pink ombre candles), popping on your favourite podcast and really treating yourself to a good pamper? It’s such a lovely way to wind down and take some time for yourself. A good hand massage with your own DIY cuticle oil is the absolute best way to end a nail pampering session. This DIY cuticle oil is good for the planet & all made of natural ingredients, you couldn’t do better!

Emilie Woodger-Smith shows us how to make your own naturally nourishing DIY cuticle oil for a sustainable pamper at home. Emilie is on a mission to share sustainable alternatives to commercial beauty products and get people making their own at natural alternatives at home, reducing waste & starting a DIY beauty revolution. She shares recipes and sustainable living inspiration over on her Instagram account and blog Simply Sustainable Living. Her first book Simply Sustainable Beauty is due published in June 2021 and contains 50 DIY beauty recipes for you to try yourself at home. You can get pre-order from her website to be the first to get your hands on a copy!

But first Emilie is going to talk to you about why cuticle oil is so fab then show you how to make it. Once you’ve made your DIY cuticle oil look through our sustainable crafts blog post for even more eco-projects.

Cuticle Oil - Finished V2

What does cuticle oil do?

Cuticle oil is an essential part of your nail pampering routine. Your cuticles are your front line of protection for your nail beds, keeping them bacteria-free and healthy. Cuticle oil helps to keep them supple and soft, stopping them from splitting and drying out the edges of your fingers. It also helps to improve circulation to your nails as you massage it in, improving nail growth and strength.

How to use cuticle oil

You can use this DIY cuticle oil as a deeply nourishing treatment each week on bare nails, or as a repairing serum on your cuticles after removing nail polish or applying a new colour! The cuticle oil can help to increase the length of time your polish stays on your nails, as well as leaving a high shine finish.

Cuticle Oil - Being Applied V1

Simply place a drop onto the middle of your cuticle and massage around the nail bed and cuticle for around a minute per finger. This gives the oil time to penetrate your skin and the massaging will increase blood flow to the area, helping to improve nail growth and repair any damage. Repeat this process once a week and you will be repaid with soft, healthy cuticles and strong nails.

Cuticle Oil - Being Applied V2

What oils are used in cuticle oil?

This cuticle oil DIY is super quick to make and contains 3 fabulous natural oils that will leave your nails feeling moisturised, protected, and soft. You can chop and change the ratio of the oils used in this DIY cuticle oil to give you a slightly different consistency and focus on the different qualities of the oils.

Here’s the oils we will be using:

Olive Oil – Extremely moisturising, high in vitamin E and helps with the absorption of calcium in our bodies which leads to strong, healthy nails.

Jojoba Oil – A super fine oil that is easily absorbed into your skin, helping to deeply moisturise and protect your nails.

Sweet Almond Oil – Packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, this light oil helps to soften your cuticles, making them easier to care for and less likely to split.

Vitamin E – A natural preservative and like liquid gold on your skin, leaving it super moisturised.

The essential oils in this DIY cuticle oil all play a role in nourishing, strengthening, and healing your nails, but if you prefer a scent-free oil, you can always leave them out or change them to your preference.


DIY cuticle oil


You Will Need

  • Olive Oil (1 tsp)
  • Sweet Almond Oil (1 tsp)
  • Jojoba Oil (1 tsp)
  • Vit E Oil (¼ tsp)
  • Lavender EO (5 drops)
  • Lemon EO (2 drops)
  • Eucalyptus EO (1 drop)
  • Amber dropper bottle

Step 1

Cuticle Oil step 1

Start by measuring out all of your oils into a small bowl/jug.

Step 2

Cuticle Oil step 2

Stir them to combine them all together using a whisk of a fork.

Step 3

Cuticle Oil step 3

Pour your oil mixture into your chosen container.

Step 4

Cuticle Oil step 4

Add in your essential oils directly into the bottle.

Step 5

Cuticle Oil step 5

Put the lid on tightly and shake to disperse them evenly.

Cuticle Oil - Finished V2

And that’s it! You’ve officially learnt how to make DIY cuticle oil and now your nails will look beautiful all year long. For more beauty tutorials, Emilie has also taught us how to make natural lip balm and we have a guide on how to make bath bombs too.