43 sustainable diy and crafts

We're all about those sustainable crafts that make the planet a better place. Here's 43 fab sustainable projects for you to make and use today.

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We’re all about living that eco-friendly life here at Mollie, which is why sustainable crafts are our favourite weekend projects. Not only do they help you create practical projects that use up your stash, but you can craft guilt-free knowing you’re not doing any harm to the world around you. We’ve gathered 43 sustainable crafts which cover everything from DIY cotton pads to milk cartons lanterns, and crochet shopping bags to woollen dryer balls.


Just click on the title of each project to be taken to the tutorial. Happy crafting!

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43 sustainable crafts


DIY denim patchwork quilt

sustainable diy and crafts 2

Use up all your old denim to create Maura Grace Ambrose of Folk Fibers patchwork quilt. It makes for a great picnic blanket too.

sustainable diy and crafts 3
Photo credit: www.silhouette101.com

Sihouette101 uses old plastic to make gorgeous floral plastic earrings – just think of all the different colour opportunities.


Shower curtain bean bag

sustainable diy and crafts 5

Anna Alicia’s tropical bean bag tutorial is in issue 103 of Mollie Makes and is made from an old shower curtain. Garden sustainable crafts have to be waterproof, especially if you live in the UK like us.

sustainable diy and crafts 4

Kitchen towel is super unsustainable, so luckily A Beautiful Mess shows you how to make your own washable towels. Practical kitchen sustainable crafts are the one.4. Shower curtain bean bag

sustainable diy and crafts 6
Photo credit: www.indulgy.com

Weave away with Indulgy’s newspaper basket tutorial.

sustainable diy and crafts 7
Photo credit: classyclutter.net

Keep your snacks safe and sustainable with Classy Clutter’s snack packs. Tinfoil and cling film is really bad for the planet!


Reusable popcorn bags

sustainable diy and crafts 43

Needed in the Home’s easy sew popcorn bags are a sustainable swap you need to make. Buy your corn loose to save even more plastic.

sustainable diy and crafts 8

Crochet makeup remover pads are a beauty essential. Lyndsey Haskell’s tutorial is the sustainable craft you’ve always needed.

sustainable diy and crafts 9

Who knew egg carton lanterns could be so funky? Handmade Charlotte’s tutorial is really simple and these lanterns would make a great addition to the garden.


T shirt yarn

sustainable diy and crafts 12

T-shirt yarn is really versatile and can be used for loads of projects like macramé. Learn how to make t shirt yarn in One Social Girl’s tutorial.

sustainable diy and crafts 44

We all seem to have some spare rope lying around in the shed right? Dove Cottage’s rope placemats with cardboard backing are a super quick sustainable craft.

sustainable diy and crafts 13

Head to the beach and use your found treasures to make a Monster Circus’ beautiful mobile.


Scrap yarn bookmarks

sustainable diy and crafts 14

We always end up with so many spare embroidery threads which are too short to make a project with! Lucy Rowan’s scrap yarn bookmarks from issue 103 are the perfect way to use them up. Get the Mollie Makes app to buy the digital version of the pattern.

sustainable diy and crafts 15

Swap the paint for old used tea bags for The House That Lars Built’s vintage garland.

sustainable diy and crafts 11

Weaving in between pieces of driftwood makes for fab home décor items as Free People’s blog post shows.


Visible mending

sustainable diy and crafts 18

Don’t throw away old clothes, just embroider over them or patch them up instead using Lana Red’s tutorial in issue 103!

Photo credit: papernstitchblog.com
Photo credit: papernstitchblog.com

Use old shampoo bottles as the moulds to make Paper n Stitches mini planters. A plant lover essential.


 Plastic garden wreath

sustainable diy and crafts 20

Use those plastic cartons and bags to make Christine Leech’s beautiful garden wreath. Best bit? It’ll never go mouldy. Tutorial in issue 103 of Mollie.

sustainable diy and crafts 21

This sustainable craft is one for the holidays. Use Minted’s tutorial to turn old cards into party or festive garlands.


Reusable tea bags

sustainable diy and crafts 58

Use Handmade Homelife’s tutorial to make your own reusable teabags.

sustainable diy and crafts 22

Use our tutorial to knit up a bunch of reusable dishcloths and ditch those dreaded sponge scrubbers.

sustainable diy and crafts 23
Photo credit: thisiscolossal.com

This beautiful tutorial is by This is Colossal and uses broken ceramics found on the beach to create chopstick, knife and fork rests.


Scrap fabric hand warmers

sustainable diy and crafts 24

Use up those spare pieces of material and leftover fat quarters to sew up a bunch of heat packs for winter.

sustainable diy and crafts 25

Another sustainable beach craft DIY is Fall for DIY’s clay driftwood spoons.


Reusable pillowcases

sustainable diy and crafts 57

Turn your old pillowcases into shoppers with Sew in Love’s tutorial.

sustainable diy and crafts 27

If you’ve got a bunch of plastic spoons left over from a summer BBQ, make Momtastic’s tea light holders and give them a new glowing lease of life.

sustainable diy and crafts 28

We love Makezine’s watercolour cloth lunch bags. Sustainable crafts have never looked so funky.

sustainable diy and crafts 29

Issue 108 of Mollie includes the RookieHooker’s tutorial for these crochet fruit washcloths.

sustainable diy and crafts 30

My Poppet’s blog shows you how to make this colourful twine from old fabric and we think it makes for essential sustainable gift wrapping.

sustainable diy and crafts 59

And speaking of gift wrapping, make your own naturally dyed wrapping cloths with Dream Factory’s simple tutorial. Then you can use the cloth to wrap up all your pressies.

sustainable diy and crafts 32

If you’ve got some denim leftover from your patchwork then use it up to make Instructables rope dog toys. They’re much better for the planet than buying more plastic.

sustainable diy and crafts 34

Make and Create Books’ blog includes the tutorial for these gorgeous scrap fabric pillowcases.


Plastic woven cover case

sustainable diy and crafts 35

Sustainable crafts can sometimes be tricky to make which is why we’ve provided a video for this one! Head to the Mollie Makes Youtube channel to learn how to turn plastic bags into yarn which can be turned into a case.

sustainable diy and crafts 36

Bye bye clingfilm, hello sustainable beeswax wrap, thanks to Steel and Stitch.


Lemon yellow water bottle

sustainable diy and crafts 37

We all know that water bottles are the way of the future but sometimes old ones can look a little dishevelled. Becki Clark shows you how to paint over yours and make it good as new in issue 103.

sustainable diy and crafts 38

Cut Out and Keep’s popsicle soap tray is by far the quickest sustainable craft in this blog post.


Scrap fabric baby bibs

sustainable diy and crafts 39

Issue 109 of Mollie includes Kirsten Lomakin’s baby bib tutorial. Plastic baby bibs are out and these ones can be made using spare fabric and be chucked in the wash.

sustainable diy and crafts 40
Photo credit: mydiyandcrafts.com

Another sustainable crochet craft for you. My DIY and Crafts show you how to crochet your very own loofah.

sustainable diy and crafts 41

Give tired old napkins a new lease of life with Caroline South’s natural dye tutorial.

sustainable diy and crafts 42

Monsters Circus are back with another sustainable home décor DIY and this time it’s these floral suncatchers.

sustainable diy and crafts 44

A Beautiful Mess’ woollen dryer balls are a double sustainable whammy. These can be made using spare yarn and will help you save water when washing.


Crochet shopper

sustainable diy and crafts 16

Plastic bags are a thing of the past, crochet yourself up a supermarket shopper instead to be the ultimate sustainable craft queen.


Upcycled wooden chandelier

sustainable diy and crafts 1

And finally, we have Christine Leech’s Scandi boho chandelier made from upcycled wooden beads and yarn. Her tutorial is in issue 109 of Mollie which you can find out more about here.


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