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How to blow and paint eggs

Get ready for some Easter craft fun, with our tutorial for how to empty and decorate eggs for Easter. Follow our step-by-step guide for all the family to find out how to blow and paint eggs.

How to blow out eggs for easter

Let’s face it, nothing beats a spot of Easter egg decorating for the ultimate in feel-good Spring craft project. Kids absolutely love the drama of watching you empty and then paint real eggs – paint? on to food? what’s not to love? Emptied and painted eggs are a traditional craft project that also make lovely homespun Easter decorations for a fresh alternative to shop-brought or plastic decorations. Paint them in pastel shades for sweet Spring vibes or go bright or neon or metallic for a more modern finish.

We’ve put together this essential guide to how to blow and egg and how to paint eggs for Easter to show you how easy it is. We’ll talk you the few simple steps you need to try this family-friendly craft project in under an hour. This is a fun kids crafts project that mini makers will be fascinated by, but it’s also a lovely Easter DIY for grown ups too.

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How to decorate eggs for Easter


You Will Need

  • Eggs
  • Pin (You can also use a needle or sharp metal skewer)
  • Cocktail stick or wooden skewer
  • Bowl
  • Paint (We've used acrylic paints)
  • Paintbrush (to apply the paint)
  • Spounge (to apply the paint)

Total time:

How to blow an egg

Step 1

Take a pin or needle and poke a hole in the top and the bottom of the egg. Start with a pinprick (or we’ve used a thin metal skewer), then gently insert a cocktail stick or skewer into the hole, applying pressure gradually to increase the hole a bit. Be gentle with this bit – if you make it too big you’ll crack the egg, but you need the hole at the bottom of the egg to be big enough for the inside of the egg to pass through. We find a darning needle or thin metal skewer works well for this.

How to blow an egg step 2

Step 2

Holding the egg over a bowl, blow into one of the holes as hard as you can. You’ll start to see the egg contents come out the other end. You won’t be needing the inside of the egg so now’s a good point to set this aside and use it to use for cooking or baking.

How to blow an egg step 3

Step 3

Once all of the egg’s insides are emptied into the bowl, rinse the egg under a tap to wash any excess egg yolk or white away, then leave it to dry.

Step 4

Now your egg is ready to paint! Insert a cocktail stick or skewer into the bottom hole in the egg to hold it while you paint. We like poster paints or acrylic paints for best results. You do need quite a dense paint as some cheaper watercolour paints won’t give you a strong enough colour when painted on to egg shell. There are loads of other ways to decorate your eggs without painting too, including dying, and we’ve included lots of them in our guide to 40 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas.

How to paint eggs for easter step 1

You can apply your paint with a paintbrush or sponge. For a really bright finish, it’s sometimes worth letting the paint dry and applying a second coat.

How to decorate eggs for easter step 5

Leave it to dry by popping the skewer into a glass. Acrylic paints dry quite quickly so you should be ready to apply a second coat, or add spots or stripes for decorating, in about 20 minutes.


Step 5

Keep adding paint until you’re happy with your finished egg!

How to decorate eggs for easter step 6



We hope you enjoyed making your very own hand painted Easter eggs! For more beautiful Easter craft ideas, how about our free egg basket crochet pattern or guide to how to knit egg cosies?

How to decorate easter eggs