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Easter pom pom crafts

Looking for craft ideas for kids? Stephanie Dulieu of Frilly Pops has just the Easter pom poms craft for you.

Easter pom-pom crafts

We agree: mountains of chocolate treats is the business, but we have a soft spot for craft, too. This Easter, we’ll be setting up a craft area where youngsters can release some of that chocolate buzz and make rainbow Easter pom poms. Can you imagine the speed at which they’ll knock them up? We have half a mind to give them our WIPs.

Here’s Stephanie’s Easter pom-pom crafts using scraps of yarn…

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You’ll need

• Pen and pencil
• Sharp scissors
• A piece of thick cardboard, corrugated or a cereal box
• 2 large bulldog clips
• 1 small bulldog clip or paper clip
Assortment of coloured yarns

Easter pom-pom crafts


You Will Need

  • Yarn
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Bulldog clips

Total time:

Make the DIY Easter pom-pom maker

Step 1

Easter pom-pom crafts step 1

Make a DIY pom pom maker by cutting cut out four horseshoe shapes onto thick cardboard. You can make these as big as you like but for this tutorial we’ve created 1.5” across and 2’’ tall. Draw a guideline where the curved part looks like a half circle. If you are making pom poms with children, this helps to show them where to stop. Take two horseshoes and hold them back to back with the lines visible on both sides. Hold together with a small bulldog clip or paper clip. Do the same with the remaining two.

Making your Easter pom-pom

Step 1

Easter pom-pom crafts step 2

Now you need to wrap the yarn round the pom pom maker. To do this wrap blue yarn in the centre of your half circle. Then with yellow yarn ‘fill in’ the spaces either side of the blue to equal thickness, then wind a few layers of yellow yarn on top until the blue is fully covered. Wrap pink yarn on top until the yellow is covered and the inner curve looks flat.

Step 2

Easter pom-pom crafts step 3

Next you need to cut the yarns and tie them off with a simple knot. For the second horseshoe wind the yarn in the same way, but with the colours reversed: pink, yellow and blue.

Step 3

Easter pom-pom crafts step 4

Bend all of the horseshoe’s tabs outwards so the tabs align. Hold in place with two large bulldog clips. Gently pull back the yarn where the tabs meet, insert your scissors and carefully start cutting in between the two horseshoes.

Step 4

Easter pom-pom crafts step 5

Slide a 25cm length of yarn in between the two pieces of card, wrapping it around the entire pom. Tie with a simple knot and pull tight twice to secure.

Step 5

Easter pom-pom crafts step 6

Take off the bulldog clips and carefully pull out each cardboard horseshoe one at a time.

Step 6

Easter pom-pom crafts step 7

Your Easter pom pom should come out looking like an oval egg shape. Using the scissors, trim and neaten the shape until you’re happy with your egg!


Easter pom-pom craft complete!

Easter pom-pom crafts multicoloured

To learn how to make spotted and striped Easter egg patterns, Easter chicks and bunnies, download the rest of the guide at Frilly Pops’ and visit the Frilly Pops Facebook page. For even more Easter goodness check out our how to make felt easter eggs tutorial.

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