Felt fox pattern

Felt fox pattern just for you so that you can make yourself a new Autumn pal.

Felt fox pattern

This sweet stitchable is the cutest project to cosy up with as the nights get cooler. Designed by Jenny Blair, this felt fox pattern comes with a spectacular autumnal cape and is ready to roam the woodland collecting acorns and pine cones. 

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  • Apricot felt, 20 x 30cm (77/8 x 117/8“)
  • Small square of cream felt
  • Different coloured scrap felt for acorns, leaves and cape
  • Soft toy filling
  • Erasable fabric marker
  • Fabric glue
  • Sewing needle
  • Coordinating sewing thread
  • Black embroidery thread
  • The felt fox pattern templates are from Mollie Makes issue 70

For a neat finish on your felt fox, sew your seams together with small whipstitches, using cotton sewing thread or a single strand of embroidery thread in a colour that coordinates with your felt. If you need a little help with the embroidery stitches mentioned in this blog post, head to our guide here.

Felt fox pattern


You Will Need

  • Toy stuffing
  • Thread
  • Felt

Total time:

Step 1

Felt fox pattern step 1

Felt fox pattern step 2

Cut out all felt fox pattern pieces from the templates. Line up the edge of the head gusset with one of the body sides and sew together, starting at the nose and working down towards the nape of the neck. Repeat with the other body side.

Step 2

Felt fox pattern step 2a

Use the erasable pen to mark the leg darts onto both underside pieces as per the template. Sew the pieces together along the top curved edge using whipstitch.

Step 3

Felt fox pattern step 3

Fold the felt under along the line marked and sew up the four leg darts along the curved dashed line using backstitch. Make sure to sew through both layers of felt.

Step 4

Felt fox pattern step 4

Line up the legs of the underside piece and the legs of the body side pieces with wrong sides (WS) together and pin in place.

Sew the edges together, leaving both the bottom of the front legs and the straight edge of the back open. The seam from the nose to the underside forms the fox’s chin.

Step 5

Felt fox pattern step 5

Gently push small pieces of stuffing into the furthest part of each piece, taking care to fill out the tip of the toes and nose. Use the opening at the bottom part of the front legs to fill these. Close up the open seams and sew the front foot pads to the bottom of each front leg using ladder stitch.

Step 6

Felt fox pattern step 6

Felt fox pattern step 7

Mark the placement line shown on the template onto the orange tail pieces with erasable marker, then backstitch the white tail tips onto both the tail pieces. Place the pieces with WS together and whip stitch around the curved edges, leaving an opening at the end. Stuff, making sure to fill the tip of the tail.

Step 7

Felt fox pattern step 8

Sew a simple running stitch around the edge of the tail piece. Pull it tight to gather the thread, then knot off to secure. Pin the tail to the body and sew in place with ladder stitch as shown.

Step 8

Felt fox pattern step 9

Glue the white and orange parts of the ear together and sew onto the fox’s head using ladder stitch. Making sure it’s sitting symmetrically, attach the white bib to the front of the fox using fabric glue or small stitches.

Mark on the fox’s eyes, nose, whiskers and fur detail as per the template. Using three strands of embroidery thread, add the nose using satin stitch, then add small stitches sewn on top of each other for the eyes. Use straight stitch to sew the mouth, whiskers and fur.

Making the accessories for your felt fox

Step 1

Felt fox pattern step 10

To make the cape, cut out the cape and 35-40 cape leaves from the templates here. Lay a row of leaves along the bottom edge, attaching with fabric glue. Add a row above that slightly overlaps, then repeat until the cape is covered. Sew a length of embroidery thread either side of the neck of the cape to create a tie.

Step 2

Felt fox pattern step 11

If you’d rather give your fox a leafy chest, cut out several small cape leaf shapes. Attach a row of leaves just up from the bottom of the white bib with fabric glue. Add a row above that slightly overlaps, then repeat until the bib is covered.

Step 3

Felt fox pattern step 12
Felt fox pattern step 12a

To make an acorn, cut out either the small or large acorn pieces from the templates. Sew the acorn body pieces together along the curved edge using whip stitch, leaving the top open. Stuff, then put to one side. Sew a running stitch around the edge of the acorn cap, then pull to gather it slightly.

Step 4

Felt fox pattern step 13

Place the gathered cap over the acorn body, then pull the thread until it sits snugly over the top. Stitch around the edge to secure.

Step 5

Felt fox pattern step 14

Roll the stalk piece along the length and sew using whipstitch to form the acorn stem. Attach to the centre of the acorn cap using ladder stitch.

Step 6

Felt fox pattern step 15

To make the layered leaves, cut out all three pieces of each leaf from the templates. Place on top of each other in size order with the smallest on top, then sew down the middle using running stitch. To create a stalk effect, leave a tail of thread at the bottom when cutting.


Once you’ve finished all the accessories you’re done. We hope you enjoy making your little felt fox pal and are feeling truly autumnal now. Share this felt fox pattern with your friends and tag us in a picture of your creations on Instagram using #molliemakers.

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Jenny Blair

Jenny Blair lives in rural Scotland with Mr Right and her two girls. A self-taught artist inspired by her scenic woodland surroundings, Jenny designs colourful nature-themed embroidery and sewing kits from her home studio. She’s the designer-maker behind your felt fox so go and show her some love!