Floristry supplies are not hard to come by – if you are a florist. But what if you are an enthusiastic amateur looking for cheap floristry supplies? Lots of flower markets and manufacturers will only let you register for an account if you have LTD business or an accredited florist shop. So what is the best way for you to get hold of your floristry supplies if you are a hobbyist, or just getting started as a florist so don't have a LTD company yet?


The very best way for everyone to get hold of cheap floristry supplies is to always buy in bulk where you can. Obviously this means that you then need space to store your floristry supplies, which is not always available, but if you are lucky to have a shed or workroom where you do your flower arranging with space to store and organise floristry supplies, and will ultimatly use all the floristry supplies you purchase, this is the number one way to get hold of cheap floristry supplies. Of course, if you are never going to use it, buying in bulk wont get you any cheap floristry supplies at all! So what other methods can you employ to get hold of cheap floristry supplies?

Ebay is a great place to get hold of cheap floristry supplies – In fact, buying in bulk and selling spares on eBay or Etsy is a fine strategy for getting cheap floristry supplies without having to store large quantities. But if you don't have the time or inclination to be an eBay or Etsy seller, look out for cheap floristry supplies listed on eBay. Combining postage on Ebay is another good way to save money on your floristry supplies. Or you might be able to get hold up a big batch of second hand materials from a former florist looking to sell on their floristry supplies at a massive saving on what they would costs to purchase separately and brand new.

We hope you have found some ideas on how to get hold of cheap floristry supplies, as well as our pick of places online to purchase floristry supplies in the UK. Which strategy is the best option for you?

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Floristry tape supplies

cheap floristry supplies uk tape

If you are crafting buttonholes or bouquets, you'll need to have florists tape in your floristry supplies. This is one of the easiest floristry supplies to buy in bulk as it is small and sturdy, so easy to store. Try this option from DiamateDesigns, where buying five rolls or more halves the cost of the tape as opposed to buying a single roll for your floristry supplies.

Find on the DiamanteDesigns Etsy store

Wreath frame floristry supplies

cheap floristry supplies UK wreath

Hnadcrafterd Christmas wreaths have been big business in the UK in the last few years, and combining foraged foliage with a wreath frame is a great way to add value – especially if you wreath frame is a counts as cheap floristry supplies. This wreath frame is pefect for wrapping with moss as a base for you Christmas wreath, and is available in a choice of 3 sizes with big reductions for buying 5 frames together against the single frame price.

Find on the SallyWelchFlowers Etsy store

Silver wire floristry supplies

floristry supplies uk wire

You can get 100 pre-cut lengths of finer silver wire, perfect for adding foliage to wreaths, supporting and wrapping buttonholes and bouquets or even for adding decorative gems to your floristry creations, all easy to use and shape with a delicate and refined finish.

Find on TheWreathProjectUK Etsy page

Cellophane wrap floristry supplies

cheap floristry supplies uk film

If you are making bouquets, adding cellophane wrap to your floristry supplies really helps your creations look so much more professional. If you are making bouquets for an event, such as Mother's Day, make sure you have a large roll on hand so you have enough for bulk orders. You can purchase a 3m roll for £2.99 including 8 different coloured ribbons for tying, or save money buy buying multiples of 3m if you need longer lengths for your floristry supplies.

Find on the UniqueClubFabrics Etsy store

Floristry string supplies

cheap floristry supplies uk

Need floristry string in your floristry supplies? You can choose between natural or green in this oh-so-appealing floristry string spool from SallyWelchFlowers. Green is better for blending in if you want to secure foliage into a wreath, say, but the natural finish works better for dried flowers and grasses, and just looks ever so much classier, we think.

Find on the SallyWelchFlowers Etsy store

Floristry thorn and leaf stripper

cheap floristry supplies uk stripper

Stripping thorns and leaves off the flowers in your bouquet is a quick way to raise the value of what you make, but it can be a fiddly and thorny job. Protect your digits and speed things up with a proper stripper tool. These come in set of 2 for £8.66, or get discounts if you buy more than one pair for your floristry supplies.

Find on Ebay

Oasis floristry supplies

cheap floristry supplies uk oasis

Many a magnificent floral display has a green brick of oasis at its heart – not that you would ever know once it is rich with blooms and foliage! If you are working on centrepieces and floral displays, floral arches or freestanding displays, oasis bricks that you can cut and trim to shape should be front and centre in your floristry supplies. You can get a box of 20 floristry bricks for £12.99 from TheFloristrySupplier's Ebay store.

Find on TheFloristrySupplier's Ebay store

Flower liquid feed for oasis floristry supplies

cheap floristry supplies UK crystal

The key to keeping flowers fresh once they are arranged in oasis is including the right flower food to feed them within your floristry supplies. Chrysal clear cut flower food is designed to sit within the oasis to prolong the life and vibrancy of your arrangements. Buying three bottles from Riverside Floral Sundries Supplies on Ebay save you 40 percent on the individual bottle price.

Find on the Riverside Floral Sundries Supplies Ebay store

Waterproof floristry adhesive

cheap floristry supplies uk glue

You can't just use a regular superglue to fix your floristry arrangements in place. Even if if is waterproof, you can't be sure it won't leach chemicals into the water to spoil the flowers. Instead, include a dedicated flower-safe adhesive in your floristry supplies, that will work even on damp oasis and secure shapes and arrangements together without any possibility of flower damage. Buying 3 or more tubes together saves you 10 percent to help towards you cheap floristry supplies.

Find on the Riverside Floral Sundries Supplies Ebay store

Floristry scissors

cheap floristry supplies UK scissors

Having dedicated florist scissors in your floristry supplies will help you prolong the life of your arrangements. Floristry scissors are designed to be tough enough to handle the most fibrous flower stem, but give a clean cut on softer stems to make them still able to take up water. You can save up to 10 percent with multi buys on the Riverside Floral Sundries Supplies Ebay store.

Find on the Riverside Floral Sundries Supplies Ebay store

Floral foam spheres

cheap floristry supplies uk spheres

Fancy including some floral balls in your flower arrangements? They certainly look impressive, whether they are hanging balls or suspected on a stand as a floral topiary. All you need to master this look is a few floral foam sphere in your floristry supplies. These can be wet or dry foam, depending on if you are using real or artificial flowers, and you can save up to 15 percent on the individual price with the multibuy options on both wet and dry foam sphere own the Direct Florist Supplies Ebay store.

Find on the Direct Florist Supplies Ebay store


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