25 Halloween crafts for toddlers

Get your little ones involved with some super cute and fun Halloween crafts, ideal for kids aged 1-3 years old.

Halloween crafts for toddlers

Keep your little monsters busy during the spooky season with this selection of fun and easy Halloween crafts for toddlers. Finding things for your very small children to do can be tricky (and messy) so we’ve added all kinds of crafts to this list, from games to help with their motor skills, to spooky sensory bags filled with slime! We’re sure there will be something on the list perfect for you and your little one.


Halloween is one of the best times to get creative, especially if your little ones love that time of year. Due to the recent pandemic, many families decide not to go trick or treating, so instead create your own fun at home, just don’t forget the fancy dress and the sweets, of course!

All of the below tutorials and crafts have been specially selected by our team from other trusted creators, all of which are free to access, and some even provide templates! If you are looking for even more crafty fun for the kids, try these crafts for toddlers or easy Halloween crafts for kids (better for older kids).

25 Halloween crafts for Toddlers


Halloween Sensory box

Now we all know toddlers LOVE to get messy, so make the mess more spooky this Halloween with these spaghetti-based sensory boxes, they’ll need setting up by the parents but then it’s down to the toddlers to get stuck in! This one uses spaghetti and orange food colouring, and then some Halloween webs. This awesome idea comes from the guys over at Fun with Mama, where you can find the full tutorial.

halloween crafts for toddlers


Cotton candy Halloween crafts for toddlers

Create ghouls, goblins, monsters, or any other Halloween character you can think of out of cotton candy! It can be molded with the help of your little ones (we can’t promise they won’t try to eat it though) and they can help to create these fun Halloween cupcakes! The full tutorial for these cotton candy Halloween crafts for toddlers can be found at Super Make it.

halloween crafts for toddlers


Handprint Pumpkin Halloween crafts for toddlers

Make adorable pumpkin handprints this Halloween, not only will it be a chance for the kids to get messy but also a cute keepsake for you at the end – remember how small their hands were?! These are a really fun and easy Halloween craft perfect for toddlers aged 1+, you can find the full tutorial and more spooktacular ideas over at Playing with Words 365.

halloween crafts for toddlers


Feed the ghost Halloween crafts for toddlers

Feed the ghost is a simple, yet creative game for your toddler to play, whilst improving their motor skills. All you need is a cylindrical container i.e a wet wipe container. A permanent marker to create a ghostly face (this doesn’t have to be scary) we don’t want to keep them up at night now do we? They just need to drop the pom-poms in the pot to keep the ghost full! This fab tutorial comes from Happy Toddler Play Time.

halloween crafts for toddlers


Eyeball drop Halloween crafts for toddlers

This fun game will help those little ones work on their motor skills, but also getting them ready for the Halloween season! All you need here is some eyeballs (either from a shop or make your own using ping pong balls), and some cardboard tubes. Find the full tutorial over at Happy Toddler Playtime.

halloween crafts for toddlers


Tissue paper pumpkins

This cute Halloween craft will keep your little ones entertained whilst also working on their motor skills, they’ll need to scrunch and place the tissue paper to create this fun picture. You can find a free pumpkin template and more instructions over at Arty Craft Kids.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Finger painting monsters Halloween crafts for toddlers

Looking for some messy, monster fun? Look no further, these fab finger paintings with be enough to keep your little ones busy during this Halloween season. This simple craft requires only some little hands, paint, and googly eyes, the rest is up to their imaginations! This idea comes from Toddler Approved, where you can find the full tutorial.

halloween crafts for toddlers


Ghost paper plates Halloween crafts for toddlers

Get ghoulish with these fun and easy paper plate ghosts, the streamers will be lots of fun for your little ones to stick to the plates and help create the scary faces! Once you are done, hang them up around the house for spooky decor. The full tutorial can be found over at Odd Socks and Lollipops.

halloween crafts for toddlers


Spider Halloween crafts for toddlers

This creepy activity will not only get the little monsters in the mood for the scary season but also help test their fine motor skills. The aim of the game is to pick the spiders out with tweezers or clips without getting them caught on the spider’s web, similar to the game operation! This fun game idea comes from Fun Learning for Kids.

halloween crafts for toddlers


Puffy ghosts Halloween crafts for toddlers

These cute ghosts are easy to make and a fun project to get your toddler involved in. This lovely idea comes from Thriving Home, where they also offer a free ghost template! So no need to bust out your art skills you can simply download and cut out. Then it’s down to your little ones to decorate with the cotton wool balls.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Toilet roll monsters Halloween crafts for toddlers

Make use of those cardboard tubes and make these colourful yarn monsters! Get the little ones to choose their favourite colours and get wrapping. Make a few and you’ll have a whole crew of these creepy creatures for your Halloween display. Find the full tutorial and top tips on Danya Banya.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Slime sensory bag Halloween crafts for toddlers

We simply had to include slime on the list because we know just how much kids love it, however, it’s probably not the best thing to give your toddlers free rein on, so putting it sealed tightly inside a plastic bag creates a fun sensory play toy for the kids to enjoy, without all the mess. Find a variety of sensory bag tutorials on Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Pumpkin handprint Halloween crafts for toddlers

This is certainly more one for the parents, but the little ones will enjoy helping make the salt dough and putting their handprints in. This lovely pumpkin will be a great keepsake and provide Halloween fun, you can even add a photograph from the year it was made, maybe one of them in their Halloween costumes?! This cute tutorial comes from Teach Me Mommy.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Footprint Halloween crafts for toddlers

Get your little ones to put their best foot forward right into this fun Halloween craft for toddlers! This fun design means painting the foot white and creating a ghost, but if they have something else in mind the possibilities are endless, ghosts, ghouls, monsters, Frankenstein! This fun tutorial comes from Made With Happy.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Sticker wreath Halloween crafts for toddlers

This Halloween wreath is nice and easy for even the littlest hands, if mum or dad can help cut out the plate and fix the ribbon, the little ones will just be left with the fun part, decorating with stickers! Then once finished they can be hung up on the door. Find the full tutorial over at My Bored Toddler.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Apple printing Halloween crafts for toddlers

Forget apple bobbing, you’ll be using your apples in a slightly different way this Halloween. Cut them in half and use them to create these fun pumpkin stamps! This is the perfect activity to keep your toddler busy and creative. Find the full guide on Frugal Mom Eh.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Lego Halloween crafts for toddlers

We just can’t get enough of all the fun ways to decorate a pumpkin! This one uses lego, and what household containing kids doesn’t have lego stashed somewhere?! All you’ll need is some paper, paint and of course, lego! Then mum or dad will need to cut out the pumpkin shape afterward. Find the full tutorial on Crafty Mornings.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Glittery pumpkins Halloween crafts for toddlers

We know glitter isn’t for everyone, and we’re forever finding it in our rugs and down the sides of the sofa, but if your little ones can’t get enough of the sequins then this may be the perfect activity. Decorating pumpkins! You don’t have to use glitter though, you could use strips of paper, or simply just paint – all great to spice up your pumpkins. This idea comes from the fab Life with My Littles.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Pumpkin shape movement game

The adults will need to get involved in the setup of this one, actually, you’ll be doing most of the crafting! However once you are done this is a fun game for the toddlers to play, they can rearrange and make the faces on the pumpkins, simply stick up on the wall and watch them create. Get the tutorial and a free pumpkin template over at Toddler Approved.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Candy corn Halloween crafts for toddlers

You can download a free candy corn template with Thriving Home, then all you’ll need is some scrap paper and you can leave the little ones to get gluing! They’ll be able to create these fun candy corn collages, ready to hang up on the wall as part of your Halloween decor.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Fingerprint bats Halloween crafts for toddlers

We know little ones love to get messy so hone that skill into these amazing bat fingerprint crafts. Crafty Morning supply a free bat template too so all you need is some little hands, black paper, and Halloween coloured paints!

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Pumpkin window display Halloween crafts for toddlers

This window display doesn’t just look amazing it is also very inexpensive to create and will keep your little ones busy for hours! You’ll need some self-adhesive paper which you can buy from most craft shops or online. Get the tutorial and more info over at How We Learn.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Frankenstein’s monster Halloween crafts for toddlers

Using both hands and feet create these funny prints of the infamous monster! We love both the big hair and the use of toes, so whatever your little ones prefer there’s plenty of chance to be scary. Get the full tutorial on Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Skeleton handprint Halloween crafts for toddlers

We just had to include another handprint craft! This skeleton handprint is so fun and unique, it starts with your usual handprint (including arm) and then uses cotton buds to create the bones, this one is great fun for the little ones who can also help with creating the skeleton. Find the easy tutorial at Crafty Morning.

Halloween crafts for toddlers


Pumpkin plate Halloween crafts for toddlers

It’s a classic! Get painting on paper plates and create this cool pumpkin. It doesn’t end there though, there is so much you can do with the humble paper plate; ghosts, monsters, goblins, masks, whatever your little ones can come up with. Get the tutorial at Mom Brite.

Halloween crafts for toddlers

We hope you found something to keep your little monsters busy over the Halloween season, if you need more ideas then we have plenty more Halloween craft inspiration. Try these Halloween crafts for kids, which would be suited to older children rather than toddlers. If you are thinking of making your own Halloween costumes this year, make sure you check out this helpful guide on easy DIY Halloween costumes. Now you’ve got the kids busy, you might want something to entertain yourself? Why not try these Halloween knitting patterns. If knitting isn’t really your thing we also have this fab tutorial on how to make a paper mache pumpkin, either make them for your own display or get the kids involved. Need more for your display this year? Make your own Halloween bunting