There's nothing more fun that crafting your own easy DIY Halloween costume in October! It's lots of fun and you can really let your imagination run wild.


We've gathered up some of our favourite homemade Halloween costumes and sewing patterns for all ages. Click here to see our best easy DIY Halloween costumes for adults or scroll down to see our DIY kids Halloween costumes. We've included a mix of no-sew and easy-sewing projects, so there's something for everyone.

Many of these ideas are quick and easy to make – perfect for when you're looking for last-minute Halloween costume inspiration!

If you think we've forgotten to include a must-make blog post or tutorial, tell us about it and we'll add it to this round-up.

If you're planning to host a Halloween party this year, check out our list of 27 DIY Halloween decorations ideas to make at home or follow our how to carve a pumpkin for beginners guide. If you want to get the children involved then explore this selection of easy Halloween crafts for kids to find lots of spooky craft ideas. Crochet fans should also take a look at our Top 15 Free Halloween crochet patterns!

Read on to discover our favourite easy-to-make Halloween costumes…

DIY kids' Halloween costumes

1. DIY Kids' Cat Cape

Make this adorable homemade Halloween costume for kids with our free step by step guide by Kirsty Hartley

Kids cat costume pattern
Sew sweet for mini trick-or-treaters or adapt Kirsty Hartley’s design for big wannabe cats in the family

2. Quick-sew Monster Refashion

Add a patch to trousers to add a spooky update! This is a great project to make if you're looking for a last-minute Halloween costume. Our free tutorial by Jess Entwistle shows you how to stitch your own. Find out how to make the easy monster costume.


3. DIY No-Sew Felt Rainbow Unicorn Costume for Kids

Designed by John Lavelle. Unicorns + rainbows + so quick to sew, you don't even need to reach for your sewing kit? Tick, tick, tick! Find out how to make it over at hello, Wonderful.

Unicorn costume pattern
Oh what's that? Rainbows + unicorns? Let's go! Image ©

4. Homemade Halloween Costumes – Superheroes

We can't wait to get making these fun DIY kids Halloween costumes from Lia Griffith's website – perfect for your little superhero!

Super hero costume pattern
Image © Lia Griffith – find this DIY outfit tutorial over at

5. Easy Witch Halloween Costume

Looking for homemade fancy dress ideas for kids? Go back to basics and brush up simple sewing skills by making this charming witch homemade Halloween costume. Find the pattern and a step-by-step tutorial at

Little witch Halloween costume from Better Homes and Gardens
Image © This cute witch costume is easy to whip up in no time – even if you're a sewing beginner

6. DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume

This adorable outfit isn't just for Halloween! If you're looking for homemade fancy dress ideas for kids that can be worn on more than one occasion, you won't go wrong with this super sweet ice cream cone outfit. Learn how to make the DIY ice cream cone costume created by Lia Griffith.

Easy DIY Halloween costumes – ice cream cone

7. Easy Spider Crown Tutorial

This no-sew project is quick to create and looks really effective! Thanks for the creepy crawly inspo, Delia Creates!

Spider crown pattern
Image © Delia Creates. Find this easy spider crown DIY at

8. Snow White Apron

Use this sweet little Snow White apron as an instant costume! This is a good choice for younger children and a great option if you're searching for homemade fancy dress ideas for kids. Buy the Snow White apron pattern from QueenElizabethAprons on Etsy for £5.43. It's also available in teen and adult sizes.

Easy DIY Halloween costumes – Snow White Apron

9. No-Sew Felt Mermaid Headband

This gorgeous felt headband is the perfect finishing touch to add to any mermaid costume! Head over to Lia Griffith's website to find out how to make your own no-sew DIY mermaid headband.

DIY mermaid headband by Lia Griffith
Image © Lia Griffith. This headband is quick and easy to make for Halloween – find out how to make it at

10. Dazzling Dragon Costume

Add a little sparkle to your plans with our step-by-step guide to making this mask and dragon wings. Also a good option for sizing up for Game of Thrones parties (just sayin').

Dragon costume pattern

11. Pillowcase Pumpkin Dress

These sweet easy-to-make Halloween costumes are so simple – all you need is a couple of pillow cases and some basic sewing supplies! Tutorial by Sugar Bee Crafts.

Pumpkin costume pattern
Image © Sugar Bee Crafts, tutorial at

12. DIY Cat's Tail

A cat costume is a fun and easy homemade Halloween costume to put together. Use your crafting skills to make a felt cat mask and a soft fabric tail using this template and guide created by MollieMakes.

How to make a cat tail
Image © MollieMakes. Complete your cat costume with a curly tail!

13. DIY Octopus Costume

This under-the-sea costume is giving us all the Love Actually feels. Mariah over at shows you how to make it.

Octopus costume pattern
image © Giggles Galore, tutorial at

14. Easy Homemade Mermaid Costume

Who says DIY kids' Halloween costumes have to be scary? Whip up this no-sew project in just an evening with Mama. Papa. Bubba. Glue guns at the ready!

Mermaid costume pattern
Image ©mamapapabubba - find out how it's done at

15. Trick or Treat Sweet Bags

Put the DIY in trick or treating with a me-made trick or treat bucket – we found this tutorial in issue 47 of Simply Sewing magazine. Designed by Kirsty Hartley.

Trick or treat pattern

16. Monster treat bag

If you want more trick or treat bag inspiration, try this cute monster treat bag designed by the talented Lia Griffith. It's a fun project that your kids are guaranteed to love.

Easy DIY Halloween costumes – monster bag

17. Kids' Cosplay Suit

This clever sewing pattern for kids aged up to 12 years includes several variations for the hood, so you can easily transform it into a unicorn outfit, lion costume and many more. Buy the kids' cosplay suit pattern from RadPatterns on Etsy for £9.06.

Easy DIY Halloween costumes – kids' cosplay suit

18. A DIY we can all relate to...

Short of time and finding the prospect of me-made makes for your children a little on the daunting side? Looking for homemade fancy dress ideas for kids to make in a hurry? This round-up wouldn't be complete without a shout out to the awesome Super Mom Hacks for this post about How to Make a Ghost Costume (It's Harder Than You'd Think!). Thank you for sharing possibly the most honest portrayal of how sewing up our little ones' Halloween outfits often goes (as opposed to how we THINK it will go!).

Halloween sewing patterns
Image © Super Mom Hacks, read more over at

19. Octopus Costume Sewing Pattern for Infants

Why should the big kids have all the fun? Transform your baby into a colourful octopus with this costume created by BonnieProjects. Download the pattern from Etsy for £6.34.

Infant octopus costume from BonnyDesigns on Etsy
©BonnyDesigns. Stitch your own baby octopus costume! Find the pattern download on Etsy to make your own

20. No-sew Baby Owl Costume

This cute owl costume by Lia Griffith is so quick and simple to make – and you don't need to be able to sew either! Find out how to make a baby owl Halloween costume.

Baby owl Halloween costume by Lia Griffith
Image © Lia Griffith. Cut out felt shapes and get sticking to make Lia's no-sew owl costume

21. Handmade Dress-Up Dinosaur Tail

These fun dinosaur tails are sure to delight your children long after Halloween! They're the perfect finishing touch for a child's dinosaur costume. Find the dino tail tutorial on the Andrea's Notebook website.

Kids' dinosaur tails
Image ©Andrea's Notebook. Find the free dino tail tutorial on

Best easy DIY Halloween costumes for adults

22. Easy T-shirt Mummy Halloween Costume

If you're not great at sewing, this simple easy-to-make Halloween costume idea could be the one for you. It's also a great way to reuse any old t-shirts that you might have hanging around. Find out how to make it on

Easy mummy DIY Halloween costume
© Popsugar. Recycle old t-shirts to make this clever Halloween costume! Go to to make it today.

23. DIY Flamingo Costume

Make a statement with this easy Halloween costume created by Stefanie Ziajka! Find out how to make it at

DIY pink flamingo costume
© Stefanie Ziajko – find out how to make this funky costume at

24. DIY Hot Chocolate Halloween Costume

This cute Halloween costume looks good enough to eat! The squishy-looking marshmallows have been cleverly made using foam rollers. Head over to to find the full project.

Hot chocolate DIY Halloween costume
©Studio DIY. This sweet costume is surprisingly easy to make – find the tutorial at

25. DIY Bat Bow Tie

If you're looking for a more understated Halloween look, have a go at making this charming DIY bat bow tie created by The Crafty Gentleman.

DIY bat bow tie by The Crafty Gentleman
©The Crafty Gentleman. Make this cute bat bow tie with the helpful tutorial on

26. DIY T-shirt Skeleton Costume

Looking for a last-minute homemade Halloween costume? This crafty skeleton costume from can be put together quickly, so it's perfect for when you're short of time. There's even a video to show you how to make your skeleton costume.

Martha Stewart skeleton t-shirt Halloween costume
Image © Get your scissors ready to make this spooky skeleton costume! Find it on

27. DIY Spider T-shirt

Give your t-shirts a creepy makeover by adding a contrasting spider's web! Visit to find out how to sew your own.

DIY spider web t-shirt from The Crafty Gentleman
©The Crafty Gentleman. Give your t-shirts a spooky look with this creative web idea from

28. DIY Cactus Costume

This easy no-sew cactus look designed by @laurdiy is perfect for when you want to make a last-minute Halloween costume at home. All you need is a green jumper, some white pipe cleaners and some pink flowers for your hair! If you don't want to risk jabbing anyone with the pipe cleaners, you could use a chunky yarn instead. Watch Lauren making her costume on YouTube.

No sew cactus Halloween costume by @laurdiy
© Lauren Riihimaki. We love this quick no-sew Halloween costume – head over to Instagram to find more inspiration from @laurdiy

29. DIY Scarecrow Halloween Costume

Live out your Wizard of Oz dreams with this easy scarecrow costume from Brit+Co. Perhaps you could persuade your friends to dress up as the tin man and the lion too? In this tutorial, they've glued patches and leaves to a pair of dungarees, but if you'd like to be able to wear them again you can tack on the patches with loose stitches – or use safety pins!

Homemade scarecrow Halloween costume from Britt+Co
©Britt+Co. Make your own speedy scarecrow costume with this handy tutorial

30. Flying Bats Fascinator

Are you more into Halloween accessories than over-the-top costumes? We've got you covered. You can add just a touch of spookiness to your outfit with this bat fascinator project. Find out how to make your bat fascinator.

Spooky bat fascinator from
Image © This fun fascinator is the perfect Halloween accessory

31. DIY Sun and Moon Headbands

Make a more sophisticated Halloween costume by crafting your own sun or moon headband using this easy tutorial by Lia Griffith. Find out how to make your headbands.

Sun and moon headbands by Lia Griffith
Image © Lia Griffith. These stylish headbands are great for kids or grown-ups!

32. DIY Aquarium Costume

This wonderfully creative DIY Halloween costume from Damask Love is a great way to recycle any cardboard boxes that you might have lying around. This one doesn't require any sewing, but if you own a Cricut electronic cutting machine then you might find it useful! Find out how to make an aquarium costume.

DIY cardboard aquarium Halloween costume
Photo ©Damask Love. Find more amazing projects like this one on

33. Ziegfeld girl Costume

This DIY Halloween costume by Keiko Lynn requires a bit of extra effort, but the finished result is stunning! She's taken a pair of fairy wings and added thick steel wires to create this beautiful galaxy effect. Find out how to bring a little Hollywood glamour into your life and make your own Ziegfeld girl costume on

Ziegfeld girl Halloween costume
Photography © Keiko Lynn. Find out how to make your own sparkling Ziegfeld girl Halloween costume on her website

34. DIY Lighted Galaxy Skirt

Continuing with our space theme, we've completely fallen in love with this light-up skirt created by Dream a Little Bigger. There's very little sewing required, but you will need to do a bit of painting to add your own swirling galaxy. Find out how to make a DIY lighted galaxy skirt.

DIY lighted galaxy skirt from Dream a Little Bigger
Photography © This light-up skirt is sure to make you stand out at Halloween parties!

35. Head in the Clouds Halloween Costume

This charming idea from Damask Love is a quick and easy way to make a last-minute Halloween costume. She's used a Cricut machine to cut out the sun, but you could still make this outfit without one (a pair of scissors will do!). Find out how to make a Head in the Clouds costume over on her website.

Head in the clouds costume by Damask Love
Photography © Damask Love. Get your head in the sky with this fun costume idea – find out how to make it on

36. DIY Paper Doll Costume

Did you ever play with paper dolls as a child? They were so much fun! We spent hours carefully changing their outfits and folding over the tabs.

Relive those childhood games by becoming a paper doll yourself! The Merrythought has designed this inventive costume for you to try this Halloween – head over to to find out how to make your own DIY Paper Doll Costume.

DIY paper doll costume from The Merrythought
Photography © The Merrythought. Play dress-up with this fun costume idea!

37. DIY Picnic Table Costume

This quirky costume from Oh Yay Studio is so much fun! You'll need to be able to sew to make your own gingham t-shirt dress, but you might be able to substitute a floral dress to get a similar look. Find out how to make a DIY picnic table costume over on

Picnic table costume by
Photography © Oh Yay Studio. Designer Emily pays tribute to her creative mom with this DIY picnic table costume

38. Homemade Genie Costume

This inspired design by the Crafty Little Gnome requires a little skill to make, but the finished result is truly stunning. Head over to to find the tutorial.

39. Easy 10 Minute Bat Wing Halloween Costume

Why should children have all the fun? Fly away with this batwing DIY Halloween costume by Merrick White at It's a great last-minute Halloween costume to make when you don't have much time.

Bat costume pattern
Image © Delia Creates. Find this easy spider crown DIY at

40. Bat shoes

These bat shoes are the perfect finishing touch for any Halloween costume! Find out how to make them with this bat flats tutorial from the talented Damask Love.

Easy DIY Halloween costumes – bat flats
Damask Love

We hope you've enjoyed browsing through our easy DIY Halloween costumes! If you're looking for more Halloween DIY and craft ideas, take a look at our DIY Halloween banner, Halloween rock painting ideas and easy Halloween face paint ideas for more inspiration.


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