Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! They can be used to add a sprinkle of spookiness to your doors in October too.


A Halloween wreath makes your home seem inviting to trick-or-treaters and gives you the chance to let your creativity shine.

Most DIY Halloween wreaths can be made cheaply using a few basic craft supplies, which you may already have in your home.

We’ve picked lots of exciting Halloween wreath ideas for you to make this autumn, ranging from a scary serpent wreath to a fun tulle monster wreath.

There are plenty of easy Halloween wreaths to craft and we’ve thrown in a few more challenging projects for ambitious crafters too!

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30 bewitching Halloween wreath ideas

1. Yarn raven wreath

Raven yarn wreath

Wreath projects don’t come much easier than this yarn raven wreath from A Beautiful Mess.

Simply wrap yarn in two different shades around a foam wreath base, then glue on a pair of sinister ravens to complete the look. This is a fantastic wreath to make if you have some yarn left over after finishing a knitting or crochet project.

2. Snake wreath

Snake wreath

Creep out your visitors by making Martha Stewart’s slithering snake wreath. Once they’ve been sprayed black, the toy snakes look unsettlingly realistic.

This is an intricate wreath that looks expensive, but it can be made with affordable craft supplies.

3. Boo embroidery hoop

Mini Halloween embroidery hoop

If you’re into embroidery, this little Halloween hoop makes a cute alternative to a traditional wreath.

It uses a couple of easy embroidery stitches, so it’s an ideal pattern for beginners to try.

4. Easy spider wreath

Spider wreath

Give your door an eerie, abandoned vibe with this DIY spider wreath by Pink Peppermint Design.

It’s surprising what you can do with some spider’s webs and a few plastic arachnids!

5. Paper wreath

Paper Halloween wreath

Use your papercraft skills to make this eye-catching paper wreath design, which features shadowy webs and 3D pumpkins.

Download the paper Halloween wreath templates and follow the tutorial.

6. Crochet skeleton wreath

Crochet skull wreath

Calling all crochet fans! Use your skills to whip up this quirky crochet skull wreath pattern created by Joann.

7. Skull wreath

Metallic skull Halloween wreath

Looking for contemporary wreath design? This metallic skull Halloween wreath by eighteen25.com looks striking from a distance and it’s straightforward to make.

Spray your wreath with your choice of metallic paint – moody grey, shimmering silver or dazzling gold all work well.

8. Black Halloween wreath

Black Halloween wreath

This black Halloween wreath project from Hobbycraft looks very natural, but it’s made using artificial foliage. That means it can be stored away after Halloween and reused next year too!

You could make this wreath using dried flowers for a more sustainable option.

9. Colourful Halloween wreath

Colourful Halloween wreath

Who says Halloween has to be gloomy? This colourful DIY Halloween wreath from lovelyindeed.com will spread seasonal joy this October.

Choose vibrant paints to make your own cheerful pumpkin wreath.

10. Floral skull wreath

Floral skull wreath

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with this bright floral skull wreath from Hobbycraft.

You can decorate the little sugar skull using paint, pens or acrylic paint markers. Add some glitter for extra glamour!

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11. Lace wreath

Black lace wreath

Go for a show-stopping monochrome look with this gorgeous black lace wreath designed by thehoneycombhome.com.

You only need lace, a wire hanger and some black and white ribbon to make this wreath at home!

12. Spider Halloween wreath

DIY spider web wreath

Spin your own intricate web to make this fun spider-themed wreath created by Better Homes & Gardens.

The centre of the wreath is filled with a delicate web made of white string and a dangling spider to complete the look.

13. Candy corn wreath

Candy corn wreath

Make a candy corn wreath in warm orange, yellow and white canvas fabric using this tutorial from thehouseofsmiths.com. The colours are very autumnal, so you could keep your wreath up until Thanksgiving!

This is the ideal project to make if you’re looking for a wreath that’s more stylish than scary.

14. Autumn wreath

Preserved leaf wreath

Looking for a wreath that can stay up from September to November? This pretty autumn wreath by Martha Stewart is made using preserved leaves for a natural finish.

If your local leaves are lacking in colour, you could cheat and use artificial leaves instead – or even paper ones.

15. Boo ribbon wreath

Boo ribbon wreath

This boo ribbon wreath from oldsaltfarm.com looks very professional, but it’s a lot easier to make than you might think.

The trickiest part is making the boo bunting, but you could buy felt letters as a shortcut if you want to keep it simple.

16. Haunted house wreath

Halloween village wreath

For more ambitious crafters, we’d recommend this spellbinding Halloween village wreath from bhg.com.

This adorable village features spooky houses, little gravestones, rickety fences and a dash of tiny pumpkins. You can really get creative with this one and add whatever Halloween accessories you choose!

17. Mesh wreath

Halloween deco mesh wreath

This Halloween deco mesh by annsentitledlife.com is made using clusters of ribbons held together with pipe cleaners.

The ribbons are then attached to a wire frame and you just need to keep adding them until you’ve filled up every inch of space.

This would be a fantastic project for kids to get involved with and they’ll be very proud of their DIY Halloween wreath!

18. Crescent moon wreath

Crescent moon wreath

Summon up witchy vibes with this magical DIY crescent moon wreath from lifeisaparty.ca.

The crescent shape is made using half a wire wreath, so you could make a matching pair!

This wreath project is all about the accessories – they’ve used pompoms, butterflies, flowers, stars and even a tiny disco ball, but you can personalise it to suit your own style.

19. Cupcake liner wreath

Cupcake liner wreath

Make your own ruffles with this clever Halloween cupcake liner wreath from momdot.com.

Choose cupcake liners in Halloween colours such as orange, black, purple and green for best results.

If you love this technique, you could make one for Christmas too!

20. Spider web frame

Spider web picture frame

For a more unusual wreath, have a go at this spider web picture frame project from madeeveryday.com.

Hang this spooktacular wreath on your front door or use it inside as a fabulous Halloween decoration.

21. Tulle monster wreath

Tulle monster wreath

This child-friendly tulle monster wreath by babyrabies.com is guaranteed to raise a smile. The tulle fabric creates a fluffy look and a little bowtie is the perfect finishing touch.

It’s more sweet than spooky and will definitely be admired by passersby!

22. Halloween felt ghost wreath

Felt ghost wreath

Make a flock of phantoms to fill up this fantastic Halloween felt ghost wreath by tatertotsandjello.com.

Wrap your wreath in scalloped strips of felt to give it a textured effect. Finish the wreath by adding a felt bow to the top of the circle.

23. Crochet spider web wreath

Crochet spider web wreath

Show off your crochet skills with this spider web crochet wreath from leftinknots.com.

It’s a fabulous stashbuster project to use up yarn and create something cool at the same time.

24. Halloween ribbon wreath

Halloween ribbon wreath

This Halloween ribbon wreath by craftsbyamanda.com is striking yet simple to make. You just need to tie strips of ribbon around the wreath base until it’s completely covered.

This would be a great way to use up scraps of ribbon left over from other projects.

25. Eyeball wreath

Halloween eyeball wreath

There’s no hiding from this watchful eyeball Halloween wreath by crayonsandcravings.com.

You can buy ready-made eyeballs to decorate your wreath to save time, so this is a super speedy project to make when you’re in a hurry.

26. Black rose wreath

Black rose wreath

Ramp up the Gothic ambience with this enchantingly dark black rose wreath by thehowtomom.com.

Build up your wreath with black and purple roses and a few straggly twigs, then add a raven, spiders and a touch of spider webs for extra creepiness.

27. Hay wreath

Hay wreath

Fancy making a rustic-looking hay wreath? Thirtyhandmadedays.com has come up with three different designs, which can all be made in just 15 minutes.

This is a wonderful DIY Halloween wreath to make if you live out in the countryside, but still want to get into the spirit this October.

28. Black cat wreath

Black cat Halloween wreath

This one is purrfect for cat lovers! Go for a minimalist approach with this classic black cat wreath idea from shakentogetherlife.com.

When it comes to wreaths, sometimes less is more and this easy Halloween wreath will look spectacular on your door!

29. Mummy wreath

DIY mummy wreath

Get Halloween all wrapped up with this creative Halloween mummy wreath from prettyprovidence.com.

Swathe your wreath in strips of muslin or cheesecloth, then add a pair of comical googly eyes peeking out from between the bandages.

30. Sugar skull wreath

Sugar skull Halloween wreath

Bold black and white ribbons, multicoloured flowers and a decorative skull make this sugar skull wreath from thecraftedsparrow.com stand out from the crowd.

Its theatrical appearance will bring drama to your front porch throughout the spookiest time of year!

Raise your spirits with a DIY Halloween wreath

There are loads of amazing Halloween wreath ideas just waiting for you to make them, from unique crescents to scary spider webs.

You can choose to make a creepy haunted village wreath or whip up a fun monster wreath to delight visitors and trick-or-treaters.

Whatever you choose to make, the only limit is your imagination!

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