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How to make a kite out of paper – easiest ever method

Get ready for the most fun kids craft activity ever. Whip up this easy paper kite DIY with our step by step instructions and then have fun out and about seeing whose kite can fly the highest!

How to make a kite out of paper for kids

All you need are a couple of simple supplies to make your own simple paper kite at home. While there are several different methods out there for how to make a kite at home (each of them as clever as the next). we have kept this tutorial as a very simple paper kite DIY for children to make.

The beauty of this fun kids craft idea is you’ll only need a few supplies that you should already have lying around at home – scissors, tape, paper and string. We’ve used a bamboo skewer to reinforce our kite but you can even swap this for a straw if you don’t have any skewers to hand.

We know you’ll love it as much as we do, so  once you catch the bug there are all sorts of other fun methods you can try too – turning wrapping paper into kites or making more traditional kites with more involved designs.  We’ve even included a few of our favourite kite making kits at the bottom in case you’re looking to stock up on supplies to keep your mini makers occupied in the coming summer holidays.

Of course paper kites aren’t going to be the most sturdy kite option. If you class yourself as a hardcore, adventure-loving, kite-flying family, you’ll still enjoy this paper kite activity but your kits may not survive being flown on top of a mountain! They should happily take to the skies in your local park or playground though, and let’s face it… half of the fun is in the making!

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How to make a kite out of paper You Will Need

How to make a paper kite


You Will Need

  • Paper (A4)
  • Scissors
  • bamboo skewer (or a straw)
  • Sellotape
  • String
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon ((optional))
  • Tissue paper ((optional))

Total time:

Step 1

Place the piece of paper (or you can use lightweight card) in front of you and fold in half (so the fold is halfway along the longest edge).

How to make a kite out of paper – fold the paper in half

Step 2

Mark a point with a pen along the top edge, about 3cm to the right of the folded edge (the top left corner). Then make a point along the bottom edge, about 3cm from the bottom right corner. Join up the lines. This is your first fold line.

How to make a kite out of paper draw a diagonal fold line

Step 3

Fold the top right corner down along the fold line you just marked.

How to make a kite out of paper fold the first top piece down

Step 4

Turn over your piece of paper over (flip it) and fold the other side to match the first (along the same fold line). The two corners should meet once you have folded this side

How to make a kite out of paper flip and fold again

Step 5

Unfold one of the flaps and lay your kite in front of you, flat, with one flap folded downwards. Tape all along the fold.

How to make a kite out of paper flip and tape

Step 6

Lay a wooden skewer across the kite, from corner to corner, and tape in place.

How to make a kite out of paper step 4A

How to make a kite out of paper step 4B

Step 7

Flip your kite upside down and mark a hole – a quarter of the way down the fold – from the top of the kite. Cover the hole with tape to reinforce it.

How to make a kite out of paper step 5A

How to make a kite out of paper step 5B


Step 8

Use a hole punch or scissors to punch a hole where you have marked. Tie the hole with string – knot the string several times to make sure it won’t come loose in the wind.

How to make a kite out of paper step 6B

At this stage, your kite is ready to fly. But now’s also a fun time to decorate it! You can paint or decorate the top of your kite with pens, paints or stickers. For our kite, we are going to show you how to add a tail of tissue paper bows. paper bows.

Make a paper bow tail

Step 1

Cut some small strips of tissue paper in all different colours. Pinch and twist each one in the middle to make a series of paper bows.

How to make a kite out of paper step 9A

Step 2

Take a length of string (we’ve just used cotton thread) and tie the bows to the string, one at a time, to make a string of bows. Punch a hole at the bottom of the kite and thread the bows to it.

How to make a kite out of paper step 10

If you prefer, you can simplify this step by just cutting several long thin lengths of tissue paper, or grab some ribbons, and stick them to the bottom of the kite instead.

How to make a kite out of paper for kids




Like the sound of making your own kite but don’t actually have many craft supplies to hand at home? Here are a few of kite making kits to try…

5 of the best kite making kits


The Twiddlers  – 3 Design your own kits

Kids will love colouring in their own pre-made kites – these kits make great birthday gifts or summer holiday craft projects.

The Twiddlers kite making kit


Children’s Kite making kit

We’re a bit in love with the homespun feel of these kids DIY kite kits from Cotton Reel Sunshine on Etsy. How will you decorate yours?

Childrens kite making kit



Painting kite kits

This 10 pack of diamond kite kits would make a great children’s party activity – get your party guests to make their own kite, then take them outside to fly them – weather allowing of course!

Painting kite making kits


Hanging kite craft kit

This two-pack of decorative kites are more for dressing up bedrooms and play rooms but they’ll still keep your mini makers busy creating their very own DIY home decor.

Hanging kite kit


Diamond kite making kits

This traditional kite making kit comes with everything you need to make 10 kites – so it’s handy to have at home for play dates and parties. The only plastic kit in our round up, they’re more durable than paper kites, lightweight and easy to fly.

Kite making kits