Created in 1932, Lego has bought joy to thousands of people across the planet. Both the young and the old have loved constructed miniature worlds from Lego and it continues to be one of the most bought presents. There's plenty of lego sets for kids on the market but we believe Lego is for all age groups and the creativity it ignites isn't just for children. There's a meditative aspect to lego building – the ability to escape into another world and take a break from reality. There's also, of course, the nostalgic element with adults remembering the fun they had in childhood with Lego.


We've collected 21 of the best Lego sets for adults in a range of designs, difficulty levels, and price points to bring some inspiration into your Lego-loving life. There's everything from iconic landmarks to sweet treehouses in this round-up, all of them making a unique gift for you or a loved one. You're bound to find a set that sparks your imagination in this collection and we can't wait to see what world you build. Here's some of the best Lego sets for adults, we hope you find what you're looking for!

21 Lego sets for adults

Campervan lego set

Campervan best lego sets for adults

Hit the open road with this cool bright red campervan that's entirely made from lego, The van is over 5” high and 11” long and comes with all the signature details of a real VW campervan. There's the iconic logo, “V” shaped front, pop-up roof, and even the classic "boxer” engine. The inside of the van is just as detailed with sweet little textile curtains, tiny shelves, a folding dining room, and mini accessories like lamps. It has loads of working features too. You can open the doors, windscreen, and even the boot! This lego Volkswagen kit is the must-buy present for those adventure-loving people in your life. It would also make a great gift for petrol heads or anyone who has a passion for cars.

Trafalgar square lego set

Trafalgar Square Building Kit best lego sets for adults

This lego set for adults is simply beautiful and we just had to include it for all you London-lovers. It measures over 12cm high, 24cm wide, 20cm deep and contains 1197 pieces! This intricate replica of Trafalgar Square includes all the traditional London sights like big red buses, Nelson’s Column flanked by 4 lions, and black cabs. There's lots of lego sets for adults on the market and many of them are replicas of famous cities and landmarks. Have a browse through the different locations and choose one which is special to you. You could also gift your loved ones a kit, choosing a location which means a lot to them such as a place they went on holiday, their university, or their hometown.

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Gingerbread house lego set

Gingerbread House best lego set for adults

Festive lego sets for adults? Yes, please. This adorable gingerbread house is one of the more simple constructions in our round-up but we think it would make a lovely Christmas present for both teens and adults. The gingerbread house has frosted roofs, candy-cane decor, and even a glowing chimney, giving it a real traditional Christmas vibe. The little characters and toys that come with the set are also super cute. You could pop each accessory into a different pocket of a fabric advent calendar and give them the whole house to construct on Christmas eve (you could even place it in their Christmas eve box!).

Bonsai Tree lego set

Bonsai Tree best lego sets for adults

Buy it now from Amazon (the bonsai kit)

Buy it now from Amazon (the light-up add on kit)

You may have seen these beautiful bonsai tree lego sets before. They went viral on social media early in the year and we can totally see why. The original bonsai tree kit includes interchangeable pieces so you turn your bonsai tree from summer green to pink spring blossom. You might be able to spot the cute froggies in the bonsai leaves too! Once you've constructed your bonsai tree you can buy an add-on kit from Lego which includes LED lights that will make your leaves glow. Both kits make for a wonderful gift and plant-lovers will adore building their own bonsai tree (which is much less work than owning a real one!)

Grand Piano lego set

Grand Piano best lego sets for adults

Classic musical lovers this is the project for you. Build your own playable grand piano with Lego's latest set for adults. It has all the elements of a real piano, a playable 25-key keyboard, hammer, moving dampers and pedal, and even a motor. Once you've bought and constructed your piano download the free LEGO Powered Up app. Once connected you'll be able to play a tune on your piano, how cool is that!?

Lego's not just for Christmas...

..but it is the perfect time for a little festive treat, so why not spoil yourself with a fantastic Lego Advent Calendar!

The best lego advent calendar

Medieval Blacksmith lego set for adults

Medieval Blacksmith lego set for adults

Take a step back in history with this fun medieval blacksmith's workshop lego set. Construct an old working hat for the friendly little ginger blacksmith but beware of robin hood and the king's men lurking in the shadows. As well as the three-level building and pickable apples in the tree, this kit comes with has tools, coal, and armor. Press the bellows inside to make the blacksmith’s coal forge glow and enjoy building this medieval scene.

Adidas superstar sneakers lego set

LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers lego sets for adults

Trainer collectors, you need this lego set for adults. Lego partnered up with Adidas to create this buildable sneaker that's based on its classic superstar design. With realistic shoelaces and an authentic Adidas shoe box, this kit is the ultimate collector item and is a fun twist on gifting trainers. It's the ideal kit for Lego lovers who have built many of the classic sets and are wanting to construct something a bit different.

Jurassic World T-rex lego set

Jurassic World T-rex lego set for adults

Jurassic Park is a cult classic and we just know that brothers, mothers, and grandad's will love receiving this Jurassic Park-inspired lego set as a gift. Build the park's iconic gates complete with growing vines and foliage then move onto the beast himself, the T-rex! It's a tricky build and more complicated than some of the other sets which is why it's 16+ but this makes it a great challenge for more experienced builders. We love that it also comes with mini versions of the six main characters!

Flower bouquet lego kit

Flower Bouquet lego sets for adults

Another lego set for adults that have gone viral on social media is this bouquet. We love the images we've seen of people gifting these bouquets or the kit as it's a present that will never die! This pretty kit is inspired by real flowers and can be customized just like real bouquets. Arrange and rearrange where you position the flowers and their leaves and adjust the stems to make them different heights. You'll feel like a real florist after making this kit!

Crocodile Locomotive lego kit

Crocodile Locomotive lego set for adults

There really is a lego set for everyone and this one is for all the train lovers out there. This kit allows you to build a replica of the iconic Crocodile Locomotive, a classic style of train originally from the 1920s. The complex kit is full of intricate pieces which resemble the train's true features making it perfect for adults that want to unwind and tackle a big project. The stand makes this train a beautiful and practical piece to display after you've finished building so you can show everyone your Lego building skills!

Steamboat Willie lego set

Steamboat Willie lego set for adults

Lego is inherently nostalgic but this lego set for adults brings back even more waves of emotions and memories! Recreate the original Disney characters Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse and their steamboat Willie with this kit. The kit was designed in celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary and we think loads of parents, grandparents, and adults will love receiving this kit for the nostalgic factor. The boat has working steam pipes, paddle wheels, and a crane along with everyone's two favourite characters.

Harley-Davidson motorbike lego kit

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorbike lego sets for adults

Become a member of the Sons of Anarchy with this Harley-Davidson lego kit. Build your own motorbike in the famous style and shape of the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and fulfill all your rock n roll dreams. The bike is a near-exact replica of the real thing with a teardrop fuel tank, an inbuilt speedometer, and dual exhaust pipes! There's also the famous Lakester wheels and red-and-black paint colour scheme to make it feel truly authentic. It's the ideal gift for adults who can't have a real bike.

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet lego kit for adults

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet lego sets for adults

Feel like the most powerful human in the universe with this Infinity Gauntlet kit. Taken from the Avengers universe and in collaboration with Marvel, this Infinity Gauntlet kit is a collector's item and not for the faint-hearted! This 590-piece model is full of intricate parts but don't worry, it comes with complete instructions on how to assemble it. A great gift for superhero fans, this lego set for adults is a special one.

Titanic lego set

Titanic lego sets for adults

This beast of a lego set contains 9090 pieces and is new to Lego. It'll be able to it's now available to pre-order making it a really special gift if you manage to get your hands on it. You can turn the propellers to watch the piston engines move, raise the anchor and adjust tension lines. The cross-section of the boat is just as impressive with the grand staircase, boiler room, smoking lounge, and more fully visible. This is the project for long-time Lego lovers who need a challenge.

Treehouse lego set for adults

Tree House lego set for adults

Become a big kid again with this gorgeous green tree house kit. This lego set for adults fully captures the spirit of childhood with its crane, swing, and treasure chest. It comes with a four-member family and has three cabins to construct alongside interchangeable leaves so you can turn your treehouse from summer to fall.

The Mandalorian lego set

The Mandalorian The Child lego sets for adults

Disney's hit show The Mandalorian collaborated with every brand out there to create The Child merchandise and Lego is no different. This 1,073 piece baby Yoda stands at 19cm high and 21cm wide making it a huge structural feat. There's plenty of Star Wars lego sets for adults but this one is great if you want something a little different from the traditional spaceship kit. He has a posable head, movable ears, and an adjustable mouth so you can give him different expressions and comes with the gearshift head that he broke off in the show!

Taj Mahal Lego set

Taj Mahal lego set for adults

Another landscape lego set for adults is this magnificent Taj Mahal kit. Standing at 43cm high and 51cm wide it's an eye-catching piece that is only suitable for experienced lego builders. There are over 10,000 pieces included that are needed to replicate the rich details of the Taj Mahal such as the ornate arches, domes, and minarets.

Dinosaur fossils lego set

Dinosaur Fossils lego set for adults

Create your own mini Naural History Museum with this lego set for adults. You'll be living the paleontologist lifestyle when building this posable Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and Pteranodon skeleton and you'll feel like a true fossil hunter. These lego skeletons would make cool room decor and we can imagine them nestled on bookshelves and pride of place on mantelpieces once finished.

Pickup truck lego set for adults

Pickup Truck lego set for adults

If trains and boats aren't your thing, then why not make your own vintage 1950s farm pickup? This lego set for adults is a nod to the old-school farm life with its produce, tools, and mini flowers. This realistic design is a classic collectible model and has working doors, a tailgate, and removable wooden side railings. You can even lift up the hood to see the engine underneath!

Haunted House lego set

Haunted House lego set for adults

Give a spooky edge to your lego building with this haunted house kit. It's a kit that will bring the kid out in any adult with its free-fall ride, haunted doors, and cursed painting features! There's innocent characters as well as some spooky ghosts and creepy butlers. Plus you can buy add ons (LEGO Powered Up components and download the app) to make the elevator fully functioning. Suitable for 18+ because of its complex design, this haunted house will make the ideal gift for horror lovers who want their own mini-mansion to play with.


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