Macrame is an easy addition that will give any room a light and airy feel. Thanks to its soft colours and delicate knots, it will add a touch of sophistication to any space. There are many ways to incorporate macrame into your decor, from small additions like plant hangers to larges pieces like hanging chairs.


We’ve found a mixture of both premade and DIY macrame ideas for you to browse which will help to inspire your next macrame project or purchase!

Not sure whether to go pre-made or DIY? Buying ready-made macrame can be the best option if you are looking for a large item. A hanging chair, for example, is something that purchasing ready-made will ensure it’s not going to collapse or fall down when in use.

If you are more of a hands-on macrame fan, smaller decorative items like wall hangings and bunting can be fun to make yourself. They are a great way to create low-cost, yet stylish items easily (and they make great gifts too).

Macrame decor to buy

Browse our favourite pre-made macrame items below to help you add effortless beauty to your decor!

Macrame hanging chair

macrame hanging chair

Add a trendy statement piece to your home with this macrame hammock chair. What’s better than sinking into your own hanging chair with a good book and a cuppa?

This chair is as practical as it is stylish and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. We’re picturing a warm summer's day, swinging in the sun, sipping on a Sangria!

You can get this beautiful hanging chair from Amazon. It arrives fully assembled so you don’t need to do anything except find the perfect spot to hang it.

Macrame cat bed

macrame cat bed

Now you’ve settled yourself down in your new chair, why not give your furry friend a comfy lounge spot? If you’ve got a kitty that loves relaxing in the sun and feeling fancy (what cat doesn’t?) then this macrame cat bed is the answer.

Not only will your kitty love it, but it’s also a fun addition to your home. It’s a world away from dreary pet beds on the floor!

Macrame rug

macrame rug

We all love cosy rugs but making one by hand is no mean feat. If you want to fast-forward the complicated making process, this one is for you.

With its luxurious design, this rug from Dunlem would be a welcome addition to any room. It adds an effortless, airy feel to your space and is very on-trend.

Macrame storage

macrame storage

Storage is a must-have, so why not make it chic? This over-the-door hanging storage bag is the perfect way to gain a little extra space without comprising your aesthetic.

It comes in the classic off-white colour which complements any room. It can be used to store anything you like, working particularly well as a laundry basket or somewhere to store seasonal clothing.

Macrame backdrop

macrame backdrop for weddings

Weddings are expensive. If you’re looking for a low-cost decor option, without compromising on style, macrame is ideal! These macrame backdrops exude beach wedding vibes!

This curtain is pre-made, so can be hung up wherever works. Pop it behind the altar or use it as a beautiful backdrop for photos. It’s a timeless piece of decor and can easily be repurposed as home decor.

More like this

Macrame decor to make

We love the convenience of buying pre-made macrame but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of creating your own masterpiece. Check out these simple tutorials for macrame decor that will make you knot till you drop. If you want to start building your own macrame kit, make sure you check out our macrame supplies and tools guide.

Sun-inspired macrame mirror

DIY macrame mirror

This gorgeous mustard yellow macrame mirror by Hobbycraft will light up any room! The deep yellow cord, the intricate knots, and the fluffy tassels are brimming with delight.

Follow along with Hobbycraft’s easy step-by-step tutorial (which is suitable for beginners) and create your very own lovely piece of macrame decor.

Macrame pendant light

Make your own pendant light with this beginner-friendly tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens. This professional-looking project will have your guests wondering where you bought it!

It might look complex but it’s actually quite simple. It’s made up of a series of square knots which are easy to learn with our macrame knot guide.

Macrame bunting

diy party decorations - macrame

This versatile bunting pattern can be used to celebrate any occasion by changing the colour of the cord. This one is pink so would be perfect for baby showers (blue and yellow work too). You could also make it white for engagement parties or multicoloured for birthdays!

Macrame vegetable basket

macrame vegetable basket

Macrame is not only ideal for modern living spaces but it’s also practical! ! Designed by Lia Griffith, this vegetable basket is ideal for beginners.

The vegetable basket is versatile too. Use it to collect vegetables from your own garden or allotment and then store them in your kitchen in your new basket. It’s a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic and perfect for picking up loose veg at the supermarket. Ditch the plastic bags and opt for macrame instead!

Macrame hanging shelf

Macrame shelves are a fab way to display trailing plants, trinkets and small ornaments. This macrame shelf design by Uzliky is gorgeous!

It might look complex but even as a beginner, Uzliky's explanations of the steps will make you feel confident about this project.

Make your house a home with macrame

Adding homemade or bought macrame pieces to your space will make it feel more personal and homely. Macrame can work with any style, and you can change the colour of the cord in order to suit your interior design.


Your next macrame project awaits!

Now that you’ve decorated your home with macrame projects, you can continue your macrame journey with our other fun projects. Try out our macrame jewellery ideas to make the most of your new skills!


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