Getting the right supplies is the key to working easily and comfortably on your macrame projects. It doesn't take much to start a macrame project, if you want to strip it right back, you’ll just need a spool of macrame cord and your hands!


If you want a little more direction though, our guide to macrame supplies will help you on your way. We’ll take you through our top ten most useful macrame tools and where you can purchase them.

As we go through the tools, we will explain a little about why you might need each one. This will help you decide whether you need it for your current and future macrame projects.

If you want to have a project in mind before you start buying your tools, make sure you check out Gathered's favourite macrame ideas for beginners.

If you haven’t decided on your next project, the basic kit listed below includes everything you need to get started on most macrame projects.

The ultimate guide to macrame supplies and tools

What materials do you use for macrame?

  1. Macrame cord
  2. Metal S hooks
  3. Wooden hoops
  4. Wooden dowel
  5. Sharp scissors
  6. Tape measure
  7. Metal comb
  8. Wooden macrame board
  9. Macrame storage basket
  10. Macrame tool kit

Macrame cord

The first material (and most crucial) you'll need is a macrame cord. There’s a huge range of macrame cords available, ranging in thickness, colour, and style. There are plenty of online and in-store retailers which sell macrame cords.

We recommend beginners use a 3mm-4mm single-strand cotton macrame cord as it's pliable, easy to knot with but also easy to undo if you make a mistake. If you want a hand with the basic macrame knots, be sure to take a look over our guide.

Before choosing your cord make sure you check the requirements for your project. If you're making a large structure like a chair or hammock you'll need a much thicker cord compared to a smaller project like our macrame bracelet.

ZABLUE 3mm macrame cord

macrame cord

ZABLUE sells an easy-to-use macrame cord that's both eco-friendly and 100% cotton. This cord is 3mm thick which is perfect for basic macrame knots as it's thin enough to undo if you make mistakes but thick enough to hold a good knot!

Not the right cord for your project? We also rounded up more of the best macrame cords to buy.

Metal S hooks

s hooks for macrame

Metal S hooks are great as they allow you to hang your project while you're working on it. It can be difficult to create neat and ordered knots if your project is laying down. If you're working on a big project it's easier to work on if you have S hooks too. They're really affordable and you may even find some already in your home!

Wooden hoops

macrame wooden hoops

In order to hang macrame pieces like this macrame plant hanger or to add decorative elements (as in our macrame belt) you'll need hoops and beads. You can buy metal, plastic, glass or wooden hoops/beads. They can easily be painted to suit your project or left plain for a more rustic look.

Wooden dowels

macrame wooden dowel

A wooden dowel is a must-have if you want to make wall hangings. They give your project a sturdy base on which to start knotting. The dowels with beads on each end will stop your project from slipping off the sides. If you prefer a more rustic look, you can also use a tree branch.

Sharp macrame scissors

macrame sharp scissors

A sharp pair of scissors is essential to macrame. They are especially useful for trimming the ends of your cord into neat shapes, just like this macrame feather keyring.

It’s worth investing in a sturdy pair of scissors, like these fabulous rose gold macrame scissors by Bochiknot. They are super sharp so great for both cutting through all types of macrame cords and for precision trimming.

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This one is a real classic! Isabella Strambio shows you how to knot up your own chunky macrame rainbow in just a few simple steps.

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Measuring tape

macrame measuring tape

This one is pretty straightforward, and if you’re crafty or even do a little bit of DIY you’ve probably already got one! You’ll need a measuring tape to ensure you cut your lengths of macrame cord to the same size.

If you do need one to add to your tool kit, why not make it fun? Try these cute and colourful tape measures, that will slip nicely inside your kit.

Metal comb or brush

macrame metal brush

If you want the tails of your macrame cord to separate, you’ll need to brush them out. A metal brush works best for this, we actually think a pet brush works particularly well (unused of course).

This small brush will work perfectly for your macrame needs, it has metal bristles to separate strings and a smooth wooden handle for easy grip.

Wooden macrame board

macrame wooden board

A wooden macrame board is a helpful bit of kit if you are creating small macrame items, such as jewellery or keyrings. The slits around the edge of the board will hold your strings for you as you knot or bead. It’s a great way to ensure you have a sturdy, even surface and it can even be used on your lap. If you like the idea of creating your own jewellery, take a look at our macrame jewellery ideas to get inspired.

Macrame storage basket

macrame storage basket

A cute basket is a perfect way to store your macrame tools and it suits the rustic nature of this craft! It would look lovely sitting in the corner of a cosy living room.

The basket you need will depend on the number of macrame supplies you have. For those who have a small or medium kit, we’d recommend these lovely wicker baskets, which come in a set of four.

Macrame tool kit

macrame tool kit

If you want to start your macrame journey without the fuss of searching around, this macrame kit is the one for you! Created by Noah, this gorgeous kit comes with a pastel macrame cord, wooden dowels, beads, S hooks and much more. With this kit and a pair of sharp scissors, you’ll be able to start and finish multiple macrame projects.

Want to test your new macrame tools out? Check out our beginner macrame ideas.

Macrame tools for multiple projects

The great thing about macrame is that the same tools can be used for a wide variety of projects. Before you know it you’ll be using your tools to make everything from keyrings to hanging chairs!


Try a macrame kit

Macrame kits are also a great option for beginners as all the materials you need are included. We've rounded up the best macrame kits on the market to help you find a suitable one.


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