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Macrame pot hanger tutorial

Create a summery display in your home with Stella Melgrati’s macrame pot hangers!

Macrame pot hanger tutorial

Create a real statement wall by mixing and matching colourful flowers inside these dip-dye effect macrame pot hangers. There’s a satisfying variety of techniques to get your teeth into here, such as crochet, felting and macramé.

When choosing yarn, you can go for any worsted weight wool not treated against shrinkage (if it’s labelled ‘superwash’ then it won’t work). Synthetic and vegetable fibres such as cotton won’t felt at all either, but 100% wool or wool blend with natural animal fibres (such as mohair or alpaca) will give great results. Enjoy!

These macrame pot hangers were created by Stella for Mollie Makes magazine – for more easy-make craft projects and creative inspiration, subscribe to Mollie or click here to find out more. We have more funky macrame projects including our macrame bunting and DIY garden chair projects.

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You Will Need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • String

Total time:

Crocheting the macrame pot hanger

Step 1

Macrame pot hanger tutorial step 1
Round 1 Using the first yarn colour, 5dc in magic ring, mark the last dc with a stitch marker, do not join but continue working in a spiral.
Macrame pot hanger tutorial step2
Round 2 2dc in each dc around, move stitch marker to last st. Rounds 3 to 7 1dc in each st around, moving stitch marker up each time.
Macrame pot hanger tutorial step3

Change colour of yarn on the last part of the last st on round 7. Work 15 more rounds of 1dc in each st around. Then work 3 ss and weave in the tail.

Felting your macrame pot hanger

Step 1

Macrame pot hanger tutorial step 5

Make a hole in the rubber hose, then insert it inside your macrame pot hanger.


Step 2

Using a needle, insert a cotton thread through the hole you just made. Tie a knot about 2cm (3⁄4″) from the vase.

Step 3

Macrame pot hanger tutorial step 6
Felt your macrame pot hanger using your washing machine. Put it on a 60° wash using a long programme plus spin dryer at the end, and add a little soap. You can always do some laundry at the same time if you want to save energy! Cut the cotton thread, remove the hose and insert the test tube. Shape the vase with your finger, stretching the felt if needed, and leave to dry.

Making the hanging for your macrame pot hanger

Step 1

For each vase, cut three lengths of twine measuring 135cm (1.4yrd) and one piece measuring 165cm (1.8yrd). Align all the ends and fold the three shorter pieces in half, leaving the longer one free. Now secure the lengths of twine – leaving the longest one out – with a clasp, two blocks of wood or even a heavy book.

Step 2

Macrame pot hanger tutorial step 8
Create the hanging loop by using the longer thread to tie 20 knots around the folded twines. Pull the knots tight. Remove the twines from the clasp.

Step 3

Macrame pot hanger tutorial step 9
Secure the loop in place under the clasp, this time with all the twines free. Use the two external ones to close the hanging loop. Take the twine on the far left-hand side and pass it under all the central pieces, then up through the loop and over the piece on the far right. Pull the knot tight. Repeat three times.

Step 4

Macrame pot hanger tutorial step10
Divide the threads into four groups of two, taking care not to cross them over each other. Tie a knot in each group 34cm down from the loop.

Step 5

Divide the groups again, grouping the twines with the ones on the other side. Tie a knot for each group 5cm (2″) below the first. First tie the three central groups, then the outer pieces. Repeat the process to create another two rows of knots.

Step 6

Macrame pot hanger tutorial step 11
Group the threads and block at the bottom by making a final three knots as described in Step 6.

Step 7

Macrame pot hanger tutorial step 12
Cut the tassel at your desired length and remove from the clasp. You macrame pot hanger is finished.

Ta-dah! Macrame pot hanger complete. Now you can hang yours up and show off both your macrame and crochet skills. For more fun crochet projects head to our crochet summer top patterns or our free granny square baby blanket crochet pattern and get creative.