21 free macrame patterns

Fall in love with the art of macrame using our free macrame patterns round up. There's everything from homeware to fashion so get your rope at the ready - it's time to knot!

Handmade macrame. 100% cotton wall decoration with wooden stick hanging on a white wall.   Macrame braiding and cotton threads.  Female hobby.  ECO friendly modern knitting DIY natural decoration concept in the interior

Ah, the wonderful world of macrame. It’s a craft that’s been around for centuries, saw a big boom in the hippie era of the 70’s and is now back and better than ever. Macrame has had a modern revival with easy projects popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram. There’s tons of different macrame patterns out there. There’s homeware macrame patterns, fashion macrame patterns, plant macrame patterns and even practical macrame patterns (think shelving, baskets and chairs!). We’ve rounded up all our favourite free macrame patterns from around the web in order for you to easily pick a new project. There’s a mixture of simple projects that are perfect for beginners and more challenging projects that are ideal for macrame veterans. Whether you want to make a simple keychain for a pal or give your lighting a macrame makeover, there’s bound to be a free macrame pattern for you. Oh and don’t worry about getting bored, we’re going to keep updating this article with new macrame patterns so make sure you keep this post bookmarked!


Before you get started on all these free macrame patterns though you need to learn the basics! Use our basic macrame knots guide along with our macrame tips post to swot up on all your macrame knowledge. We’ve even rounded up the best macrame books for you to geek out on too.


Macrame necklace pattern

How to make a macrame necklace

If you’re a true macrame lover then why not wear your work? Sally Wilson’s free macrame pattern is ready for you to make, wear and show off to all your friends. Use Sally’s macrame jewellery tutorial to make something a little different from your classic wall hanging.


Make your own macrame earrings

free macrame patterns DIY earrings

So you’ve got your macrame necklace now it’s time for some earrings. The free macrame pattern for these beautiful beachy earrings are by Cuckoo 4 Design. Julia has created an affordable beginner pattern that’s perfect if you want to upcycle some old hoops you never wear anymore. We love sustainable crafts!


Macrame air plant holders

free macrame patterns for air plants

We just adore this free macrame pattern and video by Crafted by Ceri because just look how cute it is! These mini macrame holders are designed for mini air plants and will look so pretty hanging around your home. They’d make a great present for any plant-lovers but are also just great storage. Take the plant out and you could fill yours with decorative items, toys, beauty items or even stationary.

Learn how to make these macrame air plant hangers below


Macrame heart bunting

how to make macrame bunting

Make your own adorable bunting with Mollie Makes‘ free macrame pattern right here on Gathered. They’ll teach you how to knot up your own macrame bunting using some simple pink cord. Once you’ve finished hang it around the garden, shed or your room for a decorative handmade touch.


Giant macrame rope lights

Giant macrame rope lights free macrame pattern

Mandi from Vintage Revivals has created the most amazing free macrame pattern that’s DIY from start to finish. She shows you how to create these cool macrame rope lights – she even shows you how to make the faux copper fixture too! These would look amazing hung in a cosy corner of your living room or hanging above your dining room table as a statement feature.


Free macrame bookmark pattern

free macrame bookmark patterns

Olga Vas is a macrame Youtuber who’s created hundreds of free macrame patterns. She has a Youtube video for each one of her free patterns including one for these lovely little bookmarks. They’re a quick project and could even double up as a bracelet if you tied one around your wrist!

Watch Olga’s free macrame bookmark tutorial below


Macrame coaster pattern

free coaster macrame patterns

Isabella’s blog Twome is an absolute hub for free macrame patterns. She has everything from Christmas projects to advanced macrame hangings but we especially love these simple macrame coasters. They’re really easy to make and would make such lovely handmade gifts to give to new homeowners.


Macrame garden chair

DIY garden chair

Give old deckchairs a makeover with Alison Allen’s free macrame pattern. Her DIY macrame chair project will give your garden furniture a funky upgrade making them summer party-ready.


Macrame market bag tutorial

free macrame patterns market bag

We’re always up for a free macrame pattern that’s both pretty and practical. Marching North shows you how to make this lovely market bag over on her blog. It’s fab for storing all the fruits and veggies while you’re shopping and would also make super cute storage for your kitchen.


Macrame Christmas star

diy christmas macrame full

Get festive with Isabella’s macrame star tutorial here on Gathered. Her free macrame pattern is easy to follow and will make a statement addition to your Christmas decor. Since they’re a rather neutral design you could keep these up all year round, we especially think they’d look lovely in a kid’s room.


Macrame plant hanger

macrame plant hanger

Plant-lovers this is the free macrame pattern for you. Hang all those plants around your home with our super simple project! We’ll teach you how to make a macrame plant hanger using just some wool and your hands. If you’re a more advanced macrame maker and are looking for a more complex pattern then our macrame pot hangers tutorial combines the art of macrame with crochet.


Free macrame mandala pattern

free macrame mandala pattern

Macrame mandalas are beautiful and can be used all over the home as decorative pieces. Macrame UK has uploaded this free macrame pattern to their blog and even created a video showing you how to make your own mandala. Make yours and use it as a potholder, table mat, or wall hanging.


Macrame table runner

Macrame table runner free macrame pattern

Upgrade your summer dining experience with A Beautiful Mess’s free macrame pattern. They show you how to make a table runner that will match your handmade home. We can just imagine this out and laden with BBQ food!


Macrame purse tutorial

Macrame purse

Take your macrame out on the town with Gem Tyler’s macrame purse tutorial. This striking pink number will add a pop of colour to any outfit and the best part is the pattern is completely free. Now you have no excuse not to make your own.


Macrame water bottle carrier

free macrame pattern for water bottles

Keep hydrated no matter where you are with RMC’s pattern for a macrame water bottle carrier. You can make yours in whatever colour you like and watch their Youtube video for a step by step tutorial. These would be super handy if you’re hiking, at a festival or just going out and about all day.


Macrame feather keyrings

free macrame patterns for feathers

Isabella is back again (is there anything she can’t make?) with a free macrame feather tutorial. This is a fab beginner macrame project and would even be suitable for teens and tweens. Grab your cord, get her free macrame pattern up on your laptop and spend a rainy afternoon knotting and brushing.


Simple macrame party decoration

Beginner macrame wall hanging

If you’re on the hunt for some cheap but pretty party decorations then this is the free macrame pattern for you. Using some dye and basic wool our macrame wall hanging tutorial will show you how to make your own decoration that can be hung along your walls or in the garden. Choose your favourite colours and start knotting!


Macrame wall hanging pattern

free macrame wall hanging pattern

The lovely Crystal from Marching North has uploaded this gorgeous free macrame pattern to her blog and we think you just have to make it! It looks so striking even though it’s only using a few basic knots and a whole load of cord. Head over to her blog for the free pattern and watch her video tutorial for extra help.


Macrame camera strap pattern

free macrame pattens for camera straps

Give your old camera straps a little edge with A Beautiful Messes DIY macrame strap pattern. Aren’t they pretty! You can adjust the pattern and colour to suit your camera then go about your adventures snapping away safe in the knowledge that your camera is firmly around your neck.


Macrame baskets

free macrame patterns for baskets

Keep your craft stash safe with Macrame School’s free macrame tutorial. They show you how to turn your cord into useful baskets in their video below. Whip up a bunch and use them as storage around your home.


Macrame swing chair

macrame swing chair free macrame pattern

If you’re up for a challenge then Hanging Chairs Net (very aptly named) has a free macrame pattern for you. They show you how to make a gorgeous swing chair using very basic materials. The pattern is actually quite simple but it’s time-consuming so make sure you block out a few weeks to complete this project!


Now you’ve got a whole bunch of free macrame patterns to make it’s time to show them off. Post them over on Instagram using #gatheredmakers and use our hashtags for macrame to get them the exposure they deserve. Oh and for even more craft goodness check out our free craft patterns which is constantly updated with all the latest projects and craft trends.