Nanoblock. Like Lego: but miniature. That’s the best way we can describe it. Small, intricate and immensely satisfying, Nanoblock sets represent a next-level challenge for fans of the versatility of Lego.


What is Nanoblock?

Nanoblock are miniature building blocks which can be clipped together, just like Lego. The smallest piece is just 4mm.

Nanoblock originated in Japan in 2008. Since then, Nanoblock sets have covered just about everything, from small animals to huge ships or highly detailed castles.

Thanks to the small size of the blocks, Nanoblocks are perfect for recreating small pixelated characters and icons, such as Pokemon and Pacman, combining nostalgia and detail to great effect. Completed Nanoblock projects are perfect for collectors looking to recreate their favourite heroes and icons.

Nanoblock is a great way to build larger-scale projects too. You’ll find a whole host of architectural marvels to build. Once finished, they’re small and light enough to be displayed on a shelf at home, giving a dose of personality to any home.

We’ve rounded up our favourite Nanoblock kits, including a range of difficulty levels. A great place to start is with a small figure like those included in the Pokemon range, which are quick and fairly easy to build.

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Are Nanoblock compatible with Lego?

No, they are not. Nanoblock, as the name suggests, are much smaller than Lego so they cannot be used together.

Nanoblock have a tonne of kits to choose from, so let’s get into it!

12 awesome Nanoblock kits

1. Nanoblock rocket

nanoblock rocket

Blast off miniature-style with the rocket Nanoblock. With over 500 blocks, completing this set is no mean feat. For adults and children over the age of 12, the Nanoblock rocket gives an opportunity to improve hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, and promote the virtue of patience. Plus, it’ll keep your hands busy for a good few hours,

Pieces: 580
Suitable for ages: 12+

2. Nanoblock beer

nanoblock beer

Create your own miniature beer! This cute Nanoblock kit contains just 180 pieces, making it one of the quicker projects to complete on this list. At only a few inches in height, this little beer glass makes the perfect addition to your shelf at home.

Pieces: 182
Suitable for ages: 18+

3. Nanoblock parrot

nanoblock parrot

Create this cute companion without the backchat! This miniature parrot is a great introduction to taking on an intricate Nanoblock project. The parrot stands approximately 5.31" tall and has 140 pieces.

Pieces: 140
Suitable for ages: 12+

4. Nanoblock London bus

nanoblock bus

Take a trip to the big smoke without leaving your home. Build an iconic red London bus from over 350 Nanoblock pieces. The ideal gift for kids over the age of 12, especially those who love to ride on the top of a double-decker.

Pieces: 360
Suitable for ages: 12+

5. Nanoblock Pokemon - Charmander

nanoblock charmander

If you love Pokemon, this Nanoblock Charmander is a must-have. Made up of 120 pieces, you can get your (literal) fire starter in record time with a very quick build. Additionally, Nanoblock features a huge collection of Pokemon characters which are beautifully rendered to capture the pixelated charm of the original game. It’s a great start to building up your collection! As the old saying goes, you “Gotta catch em’ all!”.

Pieces: 120
Suitable for ages: 10+

6. Nanoblock Stonehenge

This Stonehenge Model Building Kit is a unique 3D puzzle that represents the iconic and historic landmark and its surroundings. If you’re a big fan of landmarks and other historical monuments, this kit is a must-have!

Suitable for ages: 10+

7. Nanoblock LED plate

nanoblock LED

Okay, so you can’t exactly ‘build’ this one, but it is a necessity for any keen Nanoblock collector. Nanoblock models are often translucent, which means you can shine a light through them to make them glow.

The LED plate is an excellent way to show off your creations in style, especially if you’re collecting a whole set, like the Pokemon Nanoblock range.

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8. Nanoblock hamsters

nanoblock stone hamsters

Fill your cheeks! This adorable little duo is ideal for first-time Nanoblock builders. Easy to make and cute to look at, what more could you ask for?

Suitable for ages: 8+

9. Nanoblock peacock

nanoblock peacock

Creative, colourful and detailed! This lovely peacock Nanoblock kit is ideal for those builders who want a challenge. With its detailed feathers, it’ll certainly test your patience and steadiness of hand.

Pieces: 600
Suitable for ages: 10+

9. Nanoblock Titanic

nanoblock titanic

Now we’re talking. This mega Nanoblock version of the Titanic will be a challenge. And although mighty in detail, the complete model is only ‎2.89 x 25.4 x 21.59 cm. This means you can save space in your home without compromising on detail.

Pieces: 1777
Suitable for ages: 12+

10. Nanoblock Tower Bridge

nanoblock tower bridge

Build London’s iconic Tower Bridge with this gloriously detailed Nanoblock set. Made up of almost 2000 pieces it will keep you busy for quite some time. It’s a wonderful way to challenge yourself, plus you’ll create a detailed model which you can proudly display.

Pieces: 1700
Suitable for ages: 12+

11. Nanoblock Calico cat

nanoblock cat

This adorable Calico cat is a quick and easy build. Ideal for first-time builders, the Calico cat set would make an adorably cute stocking stuffer for tricky-to-buy-for family members. Nanoblock has a variety of cat breeds to choose from, so you can find your favourite.

Pieces: 140
Suitable for ages: 12+

12. Nanoblock Pokemon - Squirtle

nanoblock squirtle

Add Squirtle to your Pokemon collection with this cute Nanoblock. With only 120 pieces it’s super quick to build. A great little gift, for any big kid.

Pieces: 120
Suitable for ages: 12+

Starting your Nanoblock adventure

Start small, stay small! You can begin your journey with small models like the Pokemon collection, and move up to more detailed designs such as iconic landmarks once you’ve got a little more experience under your belt.

Nanoblock sets make for handy space-saving gifts, so collections can grow as big as your imagination.

Already a master Nanoblock builder?

It’s time to go big on Lego!


Perfect for those who want to build realistic monuments like the Colosseum or the Statue of Liberty, you can browse our round-up and start your big Lego adventure today.


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