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23 best Playmobil sets

From swashbuckling pirates to glittering fairy gardens and everything in between - discover the best Playmobil sets for 2022!

ship playmobil sets
Published: August 15, 2022 at 10:00 am
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Time to go on an adventure with Playmobil! You can be anything you want with Playmobil, an astronaut, a doctor, a fairy princess or even a Ghostbuster! If you can imagine it, Playmobil probably has it.


In this round-up, we've taken our favourite Playmobil sets to showcase to you (and yes it was extremely difficult to narrow it down). Below each kit, you'll find a quick view of the number of pieces in each kit and the suitable age range. Generally speaking the more pieces a kit has the longer it will take to put together and the more intricate that process might be (adult help may be needed). This isn't a downside though, as it can be a lovely bonding activity for you and your little ones to build together - it's all part of the fun.

Each kit is lovingly designed by Playmobil and every kit is aimed at children from the ages of four to twelve but can be fun for the whole family to get involved with. Time to bring out your inner big kid?

If you're looking for kits for older children, try these amazing big lego kits, ideal for adults and older kids alike!

Top Playmobil kits

  • Best for younger children: Aqua Park Playmobil, Buy it now, Amazon
  • Best for those who want a challenge: Playmobil house set, Buy it now, Amazon
  • Best value: Mars mission Playmobil set, Buy it now, Amazon
  • Best to give as a gift: Fire engine Playmobil set, Buy it now, Amazon

23 best Playmobil sets

1. Back to the Future Playmobil set

We're kicking off with this awesome Playmobil kit featuring 80s favourite Back to the Future! You'll find it all, the DeLorean, The Doc and Marty Mcfly! Just like in the original "Back to the Future" film, the doors of the DeLorean can be opened upwards too. The car features an illuminated exterior and flux capacitor, fold-out wheels and even a spot where plutonium can be inserted at the back of the car! If that's not enough for you, you can choose to pair up your purchase with another set, choose from Marty's hoverboard chase, Marty's pickup truck or action figures of Doc and Marty. This truly is a fan must-have!

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  • Pieces: 64
  • Suitable for ages: 6+

playmobil sets - back to the future

2. Family fun pool Playmobil set

Make a splash in this fun pool Playmobil set featuring actual water! The set has a fillable water basin and functioning pump for the whirlpool too. This little set is perfect for a warm summer's day to play with outside, fill up with water and watch them become captivated for hours! It's a lovely safe activity for even littler kids and thanks to its rounded edges.

  • Pieces: 64
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

playmobil sets - pool

3. Family fun camping Playmobil set

Do you and your kids love to camp? Sadly we can't camp every weekend (we would if we could) but in the meantime why not get your little ones one of these camping sets so they can relive fond memories of family holidays? This adorable kit features everything you'd have for your trip; a tent, folding camp furniture, cooking utensils and an electricity box. It doesn't stop there though this set is made up of 78 pieces, so the camping fun will keep little hands busy for a long time.

  • Pieces: 78
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

playmobil sets - camping

4. Ghostbusters Playmobil set

"Who you gonna call?" - I think we all know the answer to that! This Ghostbusters Playmobil set is one of the mega-fans or just anyone who loves busting ghosts and ghoulies. This set features Ghostbusters Firehouse which is the headquarters of the ghost hunters and is packed with ghost-hunting equipment. Scientists examine suspicious objects in the laboratory, while Janine, the secretary, takes calls in the office. The Ghost containment unit on the ground floor is waiting to house the captured ghosts. What other fun stories will the kids create?

  • Pieces:228
  • Suitable for ages: 6+

playmobil sets - ghostbusters

5. Mega castle Playmobil set

Take your building skills to the next level with this mega castle set! Although this set is suitable for ages 4+ we'd recommend it for slightly older kids as it will take longer and will be more challenging to build. Unless you're planning on building it yourself that is. This fun set features a castle gate, integrated catapult, ballista, slingshot, surprise trapdoor to transport intruders into the dungeon and much more.

  • Pieces: 374
  • Suitable for ages: 4-10

playmobil sets - castle

6. Playmobil pirate set

Discover the seven seas with this swashbuckling pirate Playmobil set! The most amazing thing about this set is the boat will actually float. So whether the kids want to take it into bathtime or into the swimming pool, we know they'll have lots of fun. (Wait isn't this the perfect way to make the kids love baths?!). In the set, there are lots of pirate accessories (128 to be exact) including cannons, maps, barrels and even rats! And we can't forget your crew, included are three pirates, but that's not to say you can't add more.

  • Pieces: 132
  • Suitable for ages: 5+

playmobil sets - pirates

7. Fairy island Playmobil set

Discover the magic of fairies with this beautiful fairy island Playmobil set. Featuring a light-up jewel fountain, whimsical willow tree and even a glow-in-the-dark flower lamp - your little ones will certainly feed their imagination with this beautiful set.

  • Pieces: 133
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

playmobil sets - fairy

8. Playmobil horse set

One for those little horse lovers! Ok, it's not quite a real pony but it will definitely go down a treat. This beautifully made farmhouse kit includes animals, stables, open-air enclosures and other accessories for detailed re-enactments. This impressive set will keep your little equestrians busy for hours as they look after ponies, feed them, brush them and take them out for rides.

  • Pieces: 358
  • Suitable for ages: 5+
playmobil sets - horses

9. Playmobil dinosaur set

This one takes less building than others so far, so perfect for little ones who want less building and more playing! Ideal for the adventurous and brave explorer, ready to discover and study dinosaurs: but wait, you've been ambushed and you need to escape, luckily you've got your trusty quad bike to make a speedy getaway. This robust set will have your little ones creating all sorts of incredible stories.

  • Pieces: 20
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

dinosaur playmobil sets

10. Large city zoo Playmobil set

You can take a trip to see lots of exotic animals and bring the family along too with this beautiful zoo Playmobil set. Featuring a lovely array of animals including penguins, pelicans and giraffes each with their own enclosures. The imagination whirls with the story possibilities, will your little one be a zoo keeper who takes care of the cute penguins, or maybe a visitor there to see all the fun animals talks and take a visit to the gift stand for a balloon?

  • Pieces: 213
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

zoo playmobil sets

11. Safari Playmobil set

Explore the open plains of the Savanna in your very own Safari truck, can you spot the lions having their dinner? This set is made up of 58 pieces, so it won't take too long to build, leaving lots more time for play. Did you know that you can also buy a remote controller that can be installed for the car?

  • Pieces: 58
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

safari playmobil sets

12. Playmobil house set

Now that's what we call a dolls house! This incredible 592-piece playset will certainly keep little hands busy day after day. Let their imagination run wild with various scenarios in different rooms of the house. Will, they be planting flowers on the terrace? Cooking a scrumptious dinner in the kitchen or cracking on with some DIY? Having visitors? The doorbell even rings with an authentic doorbell sound throughout the house!

  • Pieces: 592
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

house playmobil sets

13. Playmobil hospital set

Little doctors in the family? Nourish their spark with this incredible Playmobil hospital, you never know it might be the beginning of an inspiring career. This detailed set features a whole hospital scene including a waiting room, reception, operating room and recovery room. You'll also find an illuminated monitor, swivelling operating light and functional lift! Your little doc will have hours of fun with this set.

  • Pieces: 512
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

hosptial playmobil sets

14. Mars mission Playmobil set

Do your little ones dream of being an astronaut and exploring the corners of the universe? Get their imaginations whirling with this beautiful space rocket launch set. Get ready for blast off and help the engineers make sure the rocket ship is in tip-top condition and ready to go. This rocket also features light and sound effects for that extra level of fun!

  • Pieces: 512
  • Suitable for ages: 6+

space playmobil sets

15. Playmobil princess castle

Embrace your inner princess with this beautiful castle Playmobil set. Made up of beautiful pink, white and gold trim this castle is truly luxury! This set will be hours of fun thanks to its 7 magnificent rooms on 4 levels, which can be reached via the spiral staircase! What magical adventures will your little ones go on?

  • Pieces: 648
  • Suitable for ages: 4+
castle playmobil sets

16. Pyramid Playmobil set

Take a trip to ancient Egypt with this history-buffs paradise! Your little historians can discover 5 mysterious chambers, each with a puzzle or trap to make sure tomb raiders don't get their hands on the treasures! Made up of 98 pieces this kit won't take too long to assemble, leaving plenty of time for ancient adventures.

  • Pieces: 98
  • Suitable for ages: 6+
pryamid playmobil sets

17. Cruise shop Playmobil set

Cruise the seas in style with this luxury ship Playmobil set. In this fun set, you'll find a pull-out drawer with cabins, a removable roof insert, a floatable boat and even a fillable swimming pool. There is lots of fun to be had on board too including lounging beside the swimming pool and going for dinner on the deck, or relaxing in luxury cabins. This high-quality-made ship will keep the kids busy for hours and hours!

  • Pieces: 146
  • Suitable for ages: 6+
ship playmobil sets

18. Fire engine Playmobil set

Are your little ones ready for action? Save the day with this fun model fire engine equipped with working blue light sirens! A fire engine is always a winner with the kids, so if you're looking for a gift and you're not sure what they would like, it's unlikely you'll go wrong with this one!

  • Pieces: 138
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

fire engine playmobil sets

19. Helicopter chase Playmobil set

Take to the skies in this awesome police helicopter and catch the baddies! The fun twist is you'll be going after a guy escaping from a high-rise building using a parachute, will he make it or will the police catch him in time? This little set will be sure to have imaginations running wild with lots of fun hero vs villain scenarios. Made up of just 19 pieces this kit will be speedy to assemble meaning more time for exciting adventures.

  • Pieces: 19
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

helicopter playmobil sets

21. Magic sleigh Playmobil set

Bring the magic to life with this magic sleigh pulled by a shining white horse, ideal for little princes and princesses! Adventure through the snow with the noble steed to find a perfect place to stop for a picnic. With lots of enchanting accessories and elegant features, this kit is bound to ensure lots of magical fun for your little ones.

  • Pieces: 28
  • Suitable for ages: 4+

sleigh playmobil sets

22. Aqua park Playmobil set

Perfect for small hands this water-themed aqua park. Fill the bowl with water and let your little ones play (this toy might be best outside, it's called splish splash for a reason). The great thing about this set is that all the parts are nice and big so are suitable for smaller children.

  • Pieces: 16
  • Suitable for ages: 2+

waterpark playmobil sets

23. Volkswagon Playmobil set

It's time for adventure - campervan style! Take to the roads in this beautiful shiny red camper, complete with 71 amazing accessories. Where will the open road take you? With a removable roof, opening rear bonnet, folding rear seat and much more, it will get the kid's creativity blooming!

  • Pieces: 74
  • Suitable for ages: 5+
playmobil sets vw

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