Pumpkin carving can be sticky, messy and slippery. That is, unless you’ve got the right tools for the job!


Investing in a quality pumpkin carving kit is essential. It will allow you to enjoy your carving experience as opposed to wrestling with your pumpkins!

Sharp, strong tools are needed since the outer shell of a pumpkin is tough. We’ve rounded up our top pumpkin carving kits and tools that will make carving as easy as pie.

As a bare minimum, you’ll need a sharp serrated knife and a spoon. However, that seriously limits your design capabilities. If you want to take your pumpkin carving to a seriously spooky level, you'll need to invest in a variety of tool shapes and sizes.

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10 Spooktacular pumpkin carving kits and tools

1. 28-piece pumpkin carving kit

Buy now, Amazon (£25.98)

Best for: Families who want to carve together

pumpkin carving kits 1

If you’re looking for an all-in-one option for your pumpkin carving needs, this is the kit for you! There’s plenty of tools included so the whole family can carve their pumpkins together. You’ll also receive a neat carry case which keeps your tools organised.

Additionally, the kit includes a variety of templates and electric tealight candles to illuminate your creations.

2. Pumpkin carving tools + case

Buy now, Amazon (£9.99)

Best for: Those on a budget

pumpkin carving kits 2

Keep it simple with this cheap and cheerful pumpkin carving tool set. It contains all the necessary tools to create the pumpkin of your dreams! There’s also a spoon with serrated edges to scoop out the inner of the pumpkin.

The kit comes with a Halloween-themed orange case to keep your tools safe and sound.

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3. Professional pumpkin tool kit

Buy now, Amazon (£15.99)

Best for: Pumpkin pros

pumpkin carving kits 3

Are you taking part in a pumpkin carving contest? Well, you’re going to need the right tools for the job.

This pro-level toolset contains a variety of tools, from a scooper for the inner to tiny tools for carving intricate details. With these tools, no pumpkin design is out of reach!

The kit comes in a well-organised zip-up case, so you can take your tools on the go.

4. Basic pumpkin carving tool set

Buy now, Amazon (£5.99)

Best for: Kids’ first pumpkins

pumpkin carving kits

Scoop, carve and gouge your pumpkin into a perfectly ghoulish design with this simple pack of four tools.

The kit contains a scooper, a serrated knife, a curved blade and a thin pointed knife for smaller details.

The tools have black handles with a fun orange pumpkin design – ideal for kids!

5. Lino-cutting tools for pumpkin carving

Buy now, Amazon (£24.98)

Best for: Pumpkins with lots of detail

pumpkin carving kits lino

If you want your tools to last year after year, opt for lino-cutting tools! They’re strong, sturdy and make excellent pumpkin carving tools.

Thanks to their fine, sharp tips they’re excellent for creating pumpkins with plenty of detail.

They’re great if you also fancy dabbling in lino printing!

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6. Pumpkin carving stencils

Buy now, Amazon (£5.95)

Best for: Pumpkin design inspiration

pumpkin carving kits stencils

If you’ve got your tools already and you’re pondering what design your pumpkin should have, then this stencil book is for you!

With 50 fun designs, there’s plenty to choose from including an owl, a magic wand, an alien, a witch and much more!

7. Wood carving tools for pumpkin carving

Buy now, Amazon (£14.99)

Best for: Scarily serious pumpkin carvers

pumpkin carving kits wood carving tools

Yes, you can use wood carving tools to carve your pumpkins! They’re often a sturdier, longer-lasting alternative to tools made specifically for pumpkin carving.

The only thing you don’t get is the fun Halloween colours – so maybe not a top choice for kids.

If you're more concerned with practicality, these are the tools for you! They come in a set of 12 with a variety of blade shapes and sizes. You’ll also receive a neat case to store them in.

8. Clay sculpting tools for pumpkin carving

Buy now, Amazon (£17.99)

Best for: Creative pumpkin carvers

pumpkin carving kits clay tools

You may not have thought of clay and pumpkins as similar, but the sharp tools used to sculpt clay work perfectly for pumpkin carving. Since the blades are intricate, sharp and sturdy, you can create detailed designs easily.

More like this

This kit comes with 40 pieces! So enough variety in blades for any type of pumpkin carving.

Note: These tools are for carving the exterior of the pumpkin. You will need an additional serrated scoop to remove the pumpkin flesh and seeds.

9. Pumpkin carving scraper glove

Buy now, Amazon (£48.74)

Best for: Adventurous pumpkin carvers

pumpkin carving kits glove

We can bet you’ve never heard of a pumpkin glove! This unique tool is a long glove with a scraper attached to the finger part. It’s specifically designed for scraping the inside of the pumpkin quickly and easily.

It's a bit costly, but can you really put a price on not having sticky, slimy freezing-cold hands?

Bear in mind that it’s only for right-handed people – sorry lefties!

10. Pumpkin aprons

Buy now, Etsy (£4.99)

Best for: Family carving parties

pumpkin carving kits aprons

This one is not a tool, but it is an essential staple in any pumpkin carving kit! An apron is necessary to avoid getting you and your kids covered in pumpkin guts!

Etsy has a wonderful selection of pumpkin-themed aprons, but we couldn’t help but show you these ones! At under £5 each, they’re affordable enough to buy for the whole family.

They are available in three designs; a Grim Reaper, a pumpkin or a haunted house. They really add extra spice to your pumpkin parties.

Get the right tools for the pumpkin

Pumpkins have a tough outer shell that you need to easily cut into! That’s where these pumpkin carving tools come in. Sharp, strong and intricate, you’ll create pro pumpkins in no time with these toolsets.


How to carve a pumpkin

Now you’re stocked up with the tools - learn how to carve a pumpkin like the pros.

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