20 fun punch needle embroidery kits

Discover the beauty of punch needle with our roundup of the best punch needle kits. There are kits for both beginners and more advanced crafters.

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punch needle kits

Punch needle (otherwise know and needle punch) is the hottest craft on the block. Creating gorgeous textured designs, it’s a craft that anyone can do all you need is the correct equipment!


We’ve gathered some of the best punch needle kits for beginners and some more advanced kits so that you can embrace this craft. Before you buy your punch needle kit check out our needle punching for beginners post to learn all the basics.

What is punch needle embroidery?

Punch needle embroidery is the technique of using a punch needle tool to loop material (usually yarn) through a cloth base to create a design. Punch needle pushes the material down into the cloth to create a design whereas hooking pulls material up. It’s a craft that started in the 1800’s but has become increasingly popular in recent years because of its beautiful textured results.

Punch needle kits are a great way to get started and there are hundreds on the market to choose from. Many kits will come with the punch needle tool but some won’t. You can buy the tool separately from places like Amazon and Etsy.

Punch needle kits to get started


Love Max Design lion punch needle

punch needle kits 3

Etsy, £50

This beginners kit is super cute and comes with everything you need. It’s £50 including the punch needle tool and you even get to personalise what colour you’d like the lion’s mane to be!


Stitchonomy Fern punch needle kit

punch needle kit

Etsy, £24.50

Stitchonomy’s punch needle kit is a great price for a beautiful design. This affordable kit comes with easy to follow instructions and will ease you into the world of punch needle.


SUPVOX rainbow punch needle kit for beginners

punch needle kits

Amazon, £13.59

Amazon have a few affordable choices but this is our favourite. Who wouldn’t want to make a rainbow?


Studio Jepsen punch needle kit

punch needle kit

Etsy, £9.99

Rico Design is the home of needle punch and this kit by Studio Jepsen comes with their famous punch needle tool. The design itself is easy to follow and you can use Rico Design’s Youtube video for extra guidance.


For She Loved Wool’s lemon punch needle kit

punch needle

Etsy, £30.60

This fruity design comes with everything you need and will be delivered straight to your door, ready for you to make.


The Modern Crafter’s beginners punch needle kit

punch needle kit

Not on the High Street, £40

This is a punch needle kit for plant lovers! It even comes with a beautiful little bag to store all your equipment in.


Demine’s starry night punch needle kit

punch needle kits

Amazon, £15.99

Recreate Van Gough’s famous starry night with this easy beginner punch needle kit.


Saving Threads summer punch needle kit

nch needle kits

Etsy, £30

Make this summery design with Saving Thread’s beginners punch needle kit. Everyone needs colourful grapefruits hanging on their wall.


RISE Tailor Studio’s punch needle kit

punch needle kits

Etsy, £16.60

Choose from these three kits and get punch needling! This punch needle kit includes the tool, monk cloth, hoop, design
and enough yarn to complete the design.


Homeday Studio’s bunny punch needle kit

punch needle

Etsy, £100.64

This kit is on the more pricey side of our beginners punch needle round-up but it’s well worth it. Imagine how cute this little face would look on a nursery wall! The kit comes with a 55-page ebook containing all the tips, advice and instructions you’ll need.


Ful of Your Love’s DIY Alpaca hoop

punch needle embroidery kits

Etsy, £21.88

Share the llama love with this punch needle embroidery kit. We love his floral crown!


‘s floral beginner punch needle kit

punch needle kits

Etsy, £20.97

This mini punch needle hoop is a great pocket-sized craft that you can keep in your bag and practice on the go.

Best advanced punch needles to use


The Modern Crafter Sunset punch needle kit

punch needle kits

Etsy, £40

The Modern Crafter is an iconic punch needle brand and they have loads of gorgeous designs on their site. For those of you looking to work with multiple colours, this is the kit for you.


Lisa Angel’s punch needle

punch needle kits

Not on the High Street, £30

We love this punch needle hoop because of the different shapes, colours and textures. It a great one if you’re looking to challenge your skills.


Saving Threads sun punch cushion

punch needle kits

Etsy, £30

Branch out from punch needle hoops and make this gorgeous sunshine artwork. It would make a lovely gift for newbie mums – those pastel colours will look beautiful in a nursery.


Chaumiereoiseau’s colourful flower kit

punch needle kit 11

Etsy, £46.27

Test your punch needle skills with this abstract design. Learn how to punch circular shapes for a more dimensional print.


Bella Filato Studio’s celestial moon

punch needle kits

Etsy, £48.64

This complex punch needle kit has a beautiful overlapping design and gives a celestial vibe.


The Bee and Bear’s floral cushion kit

punch needle

Etsy, £26.84

Once you’ve mastered the art of punch needle in a hoop try this kit and turn your designs into pillows.


Myra and Jean’s shape punch needle kit

punch needle kit

Etsy, £50.32

This punch needle kit contains everything you need to start right after you open the box. It comes with an 11 x 14-inch frame with the fabric already stretched on to it making it ready for you to start on straight away.


BlankCreativeStudio’s coral and fish punch needle kit

punch needle kits

Etsy, £26.84

Explore the ocean with BlankCreativeStudio’s fishy designs. Choose between the fish or the coral and hang them on your walls to remind you of the deep blue.


We hope you’ve found a new punch needle kit to work on! If you try any of these kits tag us in a picture using #gatheredmakers and check out our embroidery kits round-up for more ready to make projects.