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How to make a spring wreath

Celebrate the season of life with Teri Muncey’s spring wreath tutorial and our collection of spring wreath ideas.

How to make a spring wreath close up

Put that vase back in the cupboard and give Teri Muncey’s seriously Insta-worthy spring wreath a go instead. Combining craft and flower arranging, this spring wreath will give you a beautiful addition to your home and won’t break the bank. Teri’s used just a few blooms in each, showing off the season’s finest to their full potential while keeping them purse-friendly.

We love spring wreaths so much that we’ve included a few extra spring wreath ideas at the bottom of this article so you can cover your home in the blooms of the season! For even more floral goodness why not make our paper daffodils and our spring cross stitch patterns?


How to make a spring wreath


You Will Need

  • Flowers
  • Florist wire
  • String
  • Metal hoop

Total time:

Step 1

How to make a spring wreath step 1

To make the macramé hanger, fold two lengths of string in half. Tuck the looped ends under the hoop and pull the ends through the loops, tying the string to the hoop.

Step 2

Position the four lengths so they’re hanging down from the hoop. Take the far left strand and lay it across the middle two strands and under the far right strand.

Step 3

How to make a spring wreath step 4
Take the far right strand under the two middle strands and over the far left strand. Pull both strands at either side tight to create a knot.

Step 4

How to make a spring wreath step 5

Repeat Steps 9-10 until you reach your desired length, then knot the ends, leaving a loop in between the macramé and the ends of the string for hanging.

Step 5

How to make a spring wreath step 6

Add some foliage to the bottom right of the hoop, using small lengths of wire. Next, add the gypsophila, building out from the centre of your foliage. Now your spring wreath will start to take shape.

Step 6

How to make a spring wreath step 8

Cut the stems from the flower heads, leaving just a small section holding the flower head together. Fold a length of wire in half, then push the ends through the centre of a flower, pulling them through at the back until the wire is no longer visible from the front.

Step 7

How to make a spring wreath close up

Use the ends of the wire to attach the flower to the hoop in the middle of the foliage. Add more flowers to your spring wreath in the same way (we used four in total), then hang to display.


And that’s how you make a spring wreath! We hope you’ve enjoyed Teri’s tutorial and make sure you share your spring wreaths with us on Instagram using #molliemakers and #gatheredmakers.

If you’ve caught the spring wreath making bug then we’ve collected five spring wreath ideas for you to make. Make sure you head over to our best spring craft ideas for more home craft inspiration.

5 spring wreath ideas

Amigurumi spring wreath

spring wreath ideas crochet

Hobbycraft is the place to go for spring wreath ideas. They have loads of different tutorials including this super cute amigurumi easter wreath by The Stitch Tower.

Baby’s breath spring wreath

spring wreath ideas

Spring wreath ideas don’t come simpler than Pretty Handy Girl’s faux flower wreath. Using faux baby’s breath to decorate a prebought wooden hoop, you’ll be able to knock this spring wreath up just in time for spring.

Paper spring wreath

spring wreath ideas papercraft

The House That Lars Built has a blog full of spring wreath ideas including this delicate paper flower one. This would look just lovely hanging in your home among the daffodils.

Wooden bead spring wreath

spring wreath ideas wooden beaded wreath

Go all rustic with Lolly Jane’s wooden bead spring wreath. This wreath will last you forever and look wonderful in your home for all the different occasions and seasons.

Spring wreath with paper

spring wreath ideas paper

We Are Scout shows you how to make a paper leaf spring wreath over on their blog! This wreath would be a great transitional one from Autumn to Spring because of the oranges and greens.

Now you’ve got all your spring wreath ideas why not head over to our free daily craft patterns and five minutes crafts round-up for a new project to start on?